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Well, when you put it that way...

Seriously, watch it.
Must watch till the end.

Amazing that anyone would take this job. 
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didn't see that coming. Very good, very clever.
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Pierre Far

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A couple of awesome things went global this week:

1. App Indexing is now available worldwide for English language content:

2. The in-depth articles is making its way around the world. Fellow users will get to see it soon:
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Are there any rough estimates when to expect those features worldwide or in Germany? More like summer or the end of the year?
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Pierre Far

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+Dan Petrovic
They also forgot to turn the brightness up a lot and de-saturate the colours slightly, lol!
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Pierre Far

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Do this search. Seriously.

OK Google.
Up up down down left right left right

:D :D
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Pierre Far

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As if we needed yet another data point to say mobile is important...

"In Q4 2013, the mobile data revenues also eclipsed the 50% mark meaning that more than 50% of the mobile services revenues is now coming from data services"

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I want to follow ur site always but some times my english language is not perfect b/c my english is minimem 
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Pierre Far

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Whether it's A capella or ZZ Top [*], if you know someone with a website for a band / group of musicians , point them to our information on adding event markup to thier website. There are three ways to do it, so there's almost always a variation that'll work for them.

[*] I tried finding an A capelle ZZ Top cover, who knows of some good ones?
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That what tremendous't it!
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Pierre Far

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Very excited to share this with the world: If you have business website, whether it's a national chain or a local business, we're announcing support for structured data markup to help us surface the correct business info in Google search.

What kind of info? A selection:
- Customer service (and other) phone numbers
- Business opening hours, locations
- Restaurant menus (yummy)

This info tends to be on what's called a "location page" like a store locator for a chain or the contact us page for a small business. To help you build the best user- and search-friendly location pages, we're also publishing detailed guidelines along with our code examples:

And for corporate phone numbers:

We have a nice overview on the Webmaster Central blog:
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+Pierre Far Thank you for the excellent advices. We will optimize the places pages of our clients. But one question: those places pages are done years ago. When G+ startet we told everybody to publish a G+ business page. Now they have 2 pages for 1 purpuse: to be found... That means duplicate work ending in duplicate content. How to merge those pages? 
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Pierre Far

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More detailed (and, therefore, accurate) index status numbers! 
Google Webmaster Tools News : You can now see index status data for your HTTPS sites and subdirectories.

#webmastertools   #indexing   #https  
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Pierre Far

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Custom search engine for specific types

Here is a 10-second challenge: Create a search engine of all pages on the web that have markup. Or

Now you can:

1. Go to
2. Expand the advanced section near the bottom
3. In type restriction field, start typing the Type you're interested in. The auto-complete helps you.
4. Click create. Done. You have a volcano search engine.

It gets better: you can restrict by both language and country. The possibilities are endless.
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Nice, I made one for volcanos and recipes :)
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Pierre Far

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This might take up more of my time than 2048... 
Seattle math teacher Dan Finkel is in the New York Times with a cute puzzle: "Consider this simple game: flip a fair coin twice. You win if you get two heads, and lose otherwise. It’s not hard to calculate that the chances of winning are 1/4.  Your challenge is to design a game, using only a fair coin, that you have a 1/3 chance of winning."
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Here's an alternative formulation of my "repeat with two extra flips" rules above:

Flip a coin until you get heads. If the number of flips required was even, you win.

Still not guaranteed to terminate, but it's a much simpler formulation using the same mathematical underpinnings. Since you stop when you get to heads, the probabilities are:

H - 50%, lose
TH - 25%, win
TTH - 12.5%, lose
TTTH - 6.25%, win
TTTTH - 3.125%, lose

So the odds of winning are still 1/4 + 1/16 + 1/64 + ... = 1/3.
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