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Official Global Ambassador AGENT
For Official Global Ambassadors WORLDWIDE

If you are a current or former :: or RETIRED :: Influential Icon, Pioneer, C-Level Business Executive, World Leader, Cabinet Member, Government Official, Diplomat, Ambassador or Public Policy Executive, you now have a splendid and lucrative opportunity to become The Ultimate Global Collaborator in The New Virtual Organization World:: It's a New Principled and Civilized World, It's Virtual, and It's Organized!

Think about becoming an Official Global Ambassador AGENT for Retired, Partly Retired and current C-Level Corporate Executives and other Influential Leaders, Pioneers and Icons who are interested in representing their own country on VOMI Global Think Tank as an Official Global Ambassador (e.g., Official Global Ambassador, China etc.).

A prestigious and lucrative position very similar to an Influential and very Powerful Talent AGENT for Leading Movie Stars, including the method of compensation. That means, instead of receiving a one-time remuneration for the referral of an Official Global Ambassador to VOMI Global Think Tank, you will receive perpetual compensation based on a percentage of the revenues earned by such global ambassador during their tenure on the think tank.

To answer your three (3) most important questions:

(1) What is an Official Global Ambassador? Go directly to :: ::

(2) What is the difference between an Official Global Ambassador and Official Global Ambassador AGENT? Go to ::

(3) As to your final question, "How do I go about becoming an Official Global Ambassador AGENT?" you can contact VOMI Global Think Tank directly at :: :: for detailed info on how to become an Official Global Ambassador AGENT in a non-employee, third-party Ultimate Global Collaborator capacity.

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:: Otherworldly Futurist and Architect of
:: Futuristic City-State Enclave based on a
:: Civilized World Financial System
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