Become an AGENT for
Official Global Ambassadors Worldwide
If You Are a VISIONARY And
Accustomed to Earning a 6-8 Figure
Annual Compensation Package ($USD)

You now have an opportunity to INNOVATE in the Global Executive Search space. Think about becoming an Official Global Ambassador AGENT for Retired, Partly Retired and current C-Level Corporate Executives and Influential Leaders, Pioneers and Icons.

A position very similar to a Talent AGENT for Leading Movie Stars, including the method of compensation. That means, instead of receiving a one-time fee for the referral of an Official Global Ambassador, you will receive a perpetual lifetime income based on a percentage of the revenues earned by such global ambassador during their tenure.

To answer your three (3) most important questions: What is an Official Global Ambassador? Which organizations have a need for them? How big is the market? :: Go directly to :: ::

As to your final question, "How do I go about becoming an Official Global Ambassador Agent?" you can form your own Official Global Ambassador Agency or you can contact VOMI Global Think Tank directly at :: :: for detailed info on how to become an Official Global Ambassador AGENT in a non-employee, third-party "Collaborator" capacity.

Pierre Coupet
:: Otherworldly Futurist and Architect of
:: Futuristic City-State Enclave based on a
:: Civilized World Financial System
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