Principled Geopolitical Leadership
Is Antithetical to Pragmatism
and The Game of Realpolitik

Why? Simple! There are 2 primary reasons:

1) Your adversary expects you to be pragmatic when provoked: a condition which automatically grants him a License to provoke you in the first place and put The Game in motion.

2) Once "The Game" starts, the outcome will require a Winner and a Loser :: and, as we all know, any game can be rigged and All Is Fair in Love and War.

Therefore, being a Principled Geopolitical Leader automatically strips your adversary, and ALL other potential adversaries and enemies, of the License to provoke you, thus restricting their ability to put The Game in motion.

A situation which leaves your adversary with only one remaining weapon:

The calculus that, however remote that may be, YOUR FEAR of the consequences of your response and actions:: when presented to you in very clear, stark, unambiguous and apocalyptic terms:: could cause you to wobble and become pragmatic.

And, in the absence of any concrete or palpable evidence of such fear, any kind of sign or signal that, push come to shove, you just might be willing to entertain weighing the costs and benefits of your actions. A signal which will certainly be interpreted by your adversary that you might choose to become rational, pragmatic, develop such FEAR and seek reasonable alternatives. A situation which would then place you right back in the ranks of today's primitive, barbaric and savage leaders.

Of course, the minute you would even begin to entertain such notion, that would automatically strip you of your Principled Geopolitical Leader status and jeopardize the dignity, peace, tranquility and lives of every single human being who have been entrusted in your care.

The bottom line is this: Respect and Dignity is NOT something that you can expect and request or bargain for :: it's something that you must demand through your own conduct and be willing to pay for with your own life - if need be.

Hence the reason why, only a Principled Geopolitical Leader is deserving of such respect and dignity. And what does it take to be a Principled Geopolitical Leader? See A Global Need for Principled Geopolitical Leaders ::

Pierre Coupet
:: Otherworldly Futurist and Architect of
:: Futuristic City-State Enclave based on a
:: Civilized World Financial System
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