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Zombie Peeps Bunny hopes you all had a great Easter.  
Enjoy more Peeps Carnage at Makezine's Annual Peeps Crafts Roundup, where creative folks show off their Peeps Abuse -

(disclaimer: many Peeps were harmed in the making of these photos and crafts. All for our amusement.)

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We have a tradition here at MAKE of celebrating the arrival of Spring (and Easter Sunday) with a survey of the latest and greatest in Peeps use (and abuse). People seem more interested in doing sil...
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+Dan Pawlak mmmmm, Peep braaaainsssss
Because nothings says Easter like a bunny's butt scurrying down the rabbit hole...

Down the Bunny Hole PushUp Cake Pops and Recipe here:  Because it's CakerDay

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These are so cool
Finally, a book about Hodor
"A sneak peek into the next installment of George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series:"

via +ThinkGeek 

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Godzilla, shmodzilla..... this Spring, it's all about PEEPZILLA!  Hippity, Hoppity, Peep Carnage is on it's way....

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+Mike Allgood Indeed.
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More Street Art from Banksy today, this time it's confirmed as his art. Sadly, it's already been removed from Bristol, just hours after being found:

Banksy's Official Website can be found here: 

(hat tip to fellow Banksy fan +martin shervington for posting this.) 

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Mobile Lovers
"[Graffiti artist] Banksy has dropped a new mural in the UK, and the subject is something we can all relate to. The piece, called 'Mobile Lovers,' depicts a couple embracing, but instead of gazing lovingly into each other's eyes, they're wrapped up in their cellphones."


Image via Banksy.
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Funniest interview from tonight's The Real History of Science Fiction, Part 1: Robots comes from actor Richard Dreyfuss, (“Close Encounters,”) who remembers sitting at a restaurant with director George Lucas, who glumly said he’d “made a kid’s film but  had wanted to make an 'adult film' … And we commiserated with the billionaire-to-be ... That film was “Star Wars.”

"BBC America's four part mini series *The Real History of Science Fiction* begins today, April 19th 2014, with Part 1: Robots.

"The documentary mini-series is split into four parts: Part 1: Robots; Part 2: Space Exploration; Part 3: Invasions from Outer Space; and Part 4: Time Travel.   Featuring 'filmmakers, writers, actors, and graphic artists looking back on their experiences and on how their obsession and imagination has taken them into the unknown.' ”

"Guest commentary by William Shatner (Star Trek), Nathan Fillion (Firefly), Zoe Saldana (Avatar, Star Trek), Steven Moffat (Doctor Who), Richard Dreyfuss (Close Encounters of the Third Kind), Chris Carter (The X-Files), Ronald D Moore (Battlestar Galactica), John Landis (An American Werewolf in London, Schlock), David Tennant (Doctor Who), Christopher Lloyd (Back to the Future), Rutger Hauer (Blade Runner), John Carpenter (Dark Star, The Thing), Karen Gillan (Doctor Who), Neil Gaiman (The Sandman, Stardust), Kim Stanley Robinson (Mars Trilogy), Scott Bakula (Quantum Leap, Star Trek: Enterprise), Ursula K Le Guin (The Left Hand of Darkness), Syd Mead (Blade Runner), Kenny Baker (Star Wars), Anthony Daniels (Star Wars), Nichelle Nichols (Star Trek), Peter Weller (Robocop), Edward James Olmos (Blade Runner, Battlestar Galactica), and many more."

#BBCA   #BBC   #BBCAmerica   #SciFi   #ScienceFiction   #Documentary   #SyFy  
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(⌒▽⌒) ⎛⎞ (◕‿◕) ⎛⎞ (・∀・) ⎛⎞ (✪▿✪)⎞  Cause, I'm Happy!
Finally, a book about Hodor
"A sneak peek into the next installment of George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series:"

via +ThinkGeek 

#Hodor #GameOfThrones #Funny #Geeks #IAmGeek   #GoT  
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Sonia Lal
Godzilla, shmodzilla..... this Spring, it's all about PEEPZILLA!  Hippity, Hoppity, Peep Carnage is on it's way....

#PeepZilla #Spring #Easter #Peeps #IAmGeek #Godzilla #Geeks #Funny   #PopCulture  
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Harry Reid's last sexual conquest
You know what, I think this is a "Calgon, Take Me Away" kinda day. And by golly, I'm gonna go do that right now. Afterwards, I'm turning off the phone, snuggling, and getting lost in some good stories. Catch ya later, Internet! 

#Life   #SimplePleasures  
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I'm an unapologetic Banksy fan. Controversial he may be, but I'm drawn to the sly wit and commentary in his Street art. This art piece appeared over the weekend in Cheltenham. It has all the markings of Banksy's art - legit or not, what do you think?

Banksy's Official Website can be found here: 

#Banksy #StreetArt   #StreetArtist #Art #Graffiti #GraffitiArt #GraffitiArtist #GraffitiStreetArt #GuerrillaArtist   #UK   #StreetArtPhotography     #Art     #PopCulture     #IAmGeek     #Culture     
In what may be the latest Banksy artwork, graffiti shows three men in dark glasses huddled around a payphone in the English town of Cheltenham.
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+Neal Dutton yes they mention that in the article, which is another reason people are attributing the piece to Banksy (very much his style). But he hasn't confirmed it yet on his official website .... I kind of hope it's his work
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Works in the business of show, Casting, Voice Acting, Sketch/Improv Comedy, Muse of All Things Silly
Making people laugh, usually at me. Also great at connecting people together
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    When you are in showbusiness, you are constantly out of work, looking for your next gig. That's just how it is.
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Sometimes I get paid to do cartoon voices. Really.
Part glamgirl, part nerdy grownup who still likes cartoons, theme parks, and zombies. Former New Yorker now living in Los Angeles. I like to make people laugh.

Stuff that interests me:  Storytelling, Documentaries, Travel, Chilling out at the Beach, Animation, Great Cable TV drama, Anglophile, Horror and Zombie movies, Gaming, and all things Creative.  I like exploring, discovering new things and sciencey stuff.

Why I am on G+ - I like meeting people who share my interests.  Not so interested in debating - if we can agree to disagree on a topic, great! If not, move along please. I'd rather connect with new friends than spend all day in a debate. So no drama; just comedy.

'It is vital to remember who you really are. It's very important. It isn't a good idea to rely on other people to do it for you, you see. They always get it wrong.' --- Terry Pratchett, author

"I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.: --- Dr. Seuss

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