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Some info from Prof Pande's upcoming compilers course that he shared with the embedded software students.
"Some of you have shown interest in my new online compilers course that will be offered 1st time in Spring 2017. Here's a tentative outline of the same - There is a small overlap with this current [Embedded software] course on the (basic) register allocation topic; the course itself is purely about the compilers itself and will be project and programming heavy. "

Here is a link to the syllabus:

Lets hope that it's ready for spring!

Hi everyone.
Becky just sent out an email about the embedded software class having lots of seats open.
I'm taking this course this semester and it seems really interesting. If you want to learn about compiler optimization and embedded processors, please take a look at the syllabus and hopefully I'll see more of you in class.

HPC people.  Piazza is not working for me yet and there's almost nothing on T-Square yet. Is this the case for everyone else? +Richard Vuduc ?

Re: New Catalog Term Updated

Hopefully you've all seen the email from Mimi with the above mentioned title.
"You may declare your specialization here as well.
**PLEASE NOTE**   When you see the pull-down menu of specializations, there are 10 of them.
Currently, ONLY FIVE (5) of them pertain to OMS CS students!"

From my understanding of multiple previous discussion, we only have to declare our specialization when we graduate.
So what is the purpose and implication of declaring our specialization now in the above mentioned form?
Is it just to collect statistics on which specialization students are interested in? Can we change it at any time?

Hi all. This is probably a stupid question, but I've not been able to find an answer so here goes. When I setup my gatech email, I was happy with using my personal email with all gatech addressed email being forwarded to my personal address. Now all of a sudden I need to send mail to a TA. Is it ok for the sender to be a personal address. Does the GATech mail server allow emails from outside GT? Is it possible to send and email from my GATech address and if so how do I do that? I tried and got the message "You do not currently have a GT Mailbox and that's okay!". Well it would be ok if I was sure the TA is going to receive mail send from my personal address. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

Managed to register for the classes I wanted for Summer and Fall, but learnt a hard lesson. Don't try optimize the registration process by having 2 browser windows open. The security system detected multiple logins and then I couldn't do anything until I completely logged out both sessions. Lost quite a few minutes, but still made it, phew.

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