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Informative writeup. Thanks!  I wish the wrist mount GPSes and the bike computer GPS units would support bluetooth if only for the data downloads so that no stupid computer USB tricks would be necessary. Ideally in such a way that both MyTracks and any other apps such as Strava could directly slurp and upload the data from those external bluetooth GPS units that already took care of recording to their own internal storage.

Requiring a bluetooth connection be maintained established and receiving data at a regular rate means lots of wake time which is significantly responsible for a phone's decreased battery life while recording a track in the first place. If the unit could batch things up and send it in bursts to the phone once every few minutes that should be a lot better.

These days I carry my Nexus 7 in a ziplog bag for Strava recordings. It works great and fits inside of any bike jersey back pocket that I've tried it in. I can't comment on its accuracy other than saying that it works more reliably than my old Nexus S. Nor is battery life an issue for the 7.
Piaw Na
Interesting. I just live with a gar in edge 800
+Gregory P. Smith You're welcome - glad to know I'm not the only one trying to figure out what the right workflows for this task really are.
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