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August Forster Burr Walnut For Sale

We currently have available a wonderfully restored August Forster Grand Piano. This Piano plays so beautifully. Have a listen here:

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Have you ever seen an Aluminum Piano?

We are currently restoring an Aluminum Piano. These were designed to meet the strict weight limitations of ships and aircraft. One such Piano was on the Hindenburg and was the first piano ever to be carried on a passenger aircraft.

If you need assistance with an aluminum piano or restoration of any kind head over to:

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Piano Gallery are currently restoring a Square Piano from 1838.

Imagine how many people have touched the keys of this beautiful piano in it's lifetime.

If you are looking to have a Piano Restored, head over to:

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Want to know why your Piano keys are sticking?

John Borsje from Piano Gallery Melbourne will take you through the usual suspects and show you what con be done to fix them.

If your Piano needs a service call John direct on 0414 558 969 or find out more at on website:

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We're doing some restoration work on a Three Frame Ronisch Piano.

Check in with John Borsje from Piano Gallery to find out more.

If you need assistance with Piano servicing or restoration head over to:

Or call John direct on 0414 558 969.

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We now have for sale Lomence Romance Pianos.

These stunning Pianos have been built to not only sound good but to look good too. Coming in a range of colours from the more traditional white and black to the more modern pink, yellow, blue, red, and more.

- Lomence crystal fallboard, cheekblocks, and side arms
- Contoured cylindrical Lomence crystal leg design
- All nickel finished hardware, pedals and casters
- Lomence crystal sharps (in place of traditional black keys)
- Slow-fall safety feature
- Lid prop for richer, larger sound
- Deep, rich tone for enriched musical experience

Retailing for $9,999.00 these Pianos are priced to sell.

A little from the Piano Maker Mr Li:

The passion for music and pianos has always been part of Mr. Li, President of Lomence Modern Crystal Piano Company. After establishing a successful career as a music instructor and piano teacher, Mr. Li expanded into the piano retail business.

Unsatisfied with the traditional product offering available within the piano industry, Mr. Li decided it was time for a change; a new piano better suited for today's discerning consumer, reminiscent of days when a piano contributed both musically and decoratively in a home. A piano that would invite and foster a love for music that would continue for a lifetime.

From this vision Lomence Modern Crystal Piano Company was born.

With the cooperation from some of Europe's finest piano manufacturers, and the best materials sourced from Germany, Japan, Canada and China, Lomence pianos are solidly fixed as a leader in today's modern piano manufacturing industry.

Bring together the finest aspects of piano craftsmanship and the latest in moderm design, Lomence Modern Crystal Piano has integrated cutting-edge technology with traditional piano manufacturing to produce the next generation of pianos.

To find out more head over to:

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Today we're working on a key top replacement for a Ronsch Piano.

Care is always taken in the replacement of key tops as each top is fitted then filed and shaped to the exact base and the keys next to it.

If you Piano needs a refresh call John on 0414 558 969 to discuss your project.

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Is there a difference between a piano tuner and a piano technician?

Yes, there is a big difference.

A tuner knows how to tune a piano but that is probably the extent of their expertise. It’s a bit like you would know how to tune up your car and keep it running smoothly.

However for larger jobs, you will require a technician or mechanic who understands all the parts of the engine. This is the role of the piano technician.

All technicians can tune pianos but they also perform regulation, voicing, repairs and some can rebuild and restore pianos. Some tuners are better than others, as some technicians are better than others.

Find out more at:

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Today's Feature Piano is the Beale Grand Piano 160

With a larger soundboard and construction, the GP160 Semi-Concert Grand demonstrates eloquent sound qualities and is perfect for intermediate to advanced pianists. Its graceful shape and beautiful tone commands the stage and delivers a truly pleasurable playing experience.

Find out more at:

To learn more call John on: 0414 558 969

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Today's feature Piano is the Kayserburg Classic Vertical

The entire line of Kayserburg pianos exhibits an exceptional performance standard resulting from the intensive experiments and research by Mr. Thomma and his outstanding team at Pearl River Piano Group, who continue their quest for excellence and innovation by using a combination of world tradition and state-of-the-art computerised manufacturing techniques.

Precision components of the new pianos are produced by advanced CNC digital machinery, then assembled by expect craftsmen to ensure a blend of both technical superiority and artistic excellence.

Characteristics of the Kayserburg piano line include Röslau strings, Louis Renner premium hammers from Germany, Ebony Wood sharps and soundboards constructed from selected Spruce, just some examples of the commitment to quality and workmanship that characterise every Kayserburg piano.

To arrange a viewing contact John on 0414 558 969 or for more information head on over to our website at:
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