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5 Valleys Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic (STROUD)
Repair, Restore, Recover
Repair, Restore, Recover


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These rustic colour burst crates are available in 4 different sizes and 10 different colour options. You can truly add a blaze of colour to your kitchen, office or bedroom. They have been used as smart storage solutions, book cases, shelves for clothes and even colourful shop displays.

The different dimensions allow you to build your colourful crate wall in the most awkward of spaces. From under stairs to between cabinets, the versatility of these crates has proved very popular indeed.

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It's all about relieving tension and stress!
Restorative yoga is all about relaxation to counter a fast paced life. It's also great for those recovering from illness and pain.
Nic Hutchinson's Restorative #Yoga classes run every Monday 12:15-13:15.
Nic's classes are regularly booked up so early inquiry and booking is advised. Call us now on 01453 755948
Follow the link below to learn more about #RestorativeYoga and how it can help you with everyday life, health and fitness.
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Calling all Mums-to-be!
Come and join in with our pregnancy Yoga sessions and enjoy a peaceful and relaxing experience.
These will be dedicated yoga classes for Mums-to-be from 14 weeks to birth. These will also be run by the experienced and delightful Nic Hutchinson
Call now on 01453 755948 booking early advised.
During pregnancy yoga is a wonderful practice for you and your baby. Pregnancy Yoga classes are a great way to prepare yourself for the birthing process.
You will learn practices that can be helpful to manage pain during labour. You will also enjoy bonding with your baby and the company of other pregnant women.
The pregnancy yoga classes are derived from Birthlight Yoga is accredited with The Royal College of Midwives in the UK.
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How's that running going for you?
Along with our expertise in Running Physiotherapy we offer a running clinic to help you avoid injury and improve your performance.
Do you struggle to improve your running no matter how hard you train? Do injuries from running keep coming back?
Perhaps you do need to take a closer look! The 5 Valleys' #RunningClinic does just that!
We use Biomechanical Video Analysis and Functional Movement Analysis to identify inefficient or incorrect movement patterns. Following analysis we provide feedback and exercises to help you take your running to the next level.
Find out more here...
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From high impact sports like rugby, high intensity sports like football or stamina based sports like running even the best prepared and fittest athletes are prone to injury.
If you face a #SportsInjury we can offer the best recovery service around.
Preparation and training are the best methods to avoid such distress however it is inevitable that many will pick up some form of trauma.
This is where 5 Valleys Physio can help with our Sports Injury Management Programs!
With cutting edge technology and leading therapists, members of Physios in Sport (ACPSM), we offer the full recovery package. From comprehensive diagnosis and treatment to rehabilitation programs and tailored injury management plans we can help you return to your competitive level as soon as possible.
Learn more here....
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It's not just about the initial fix - It's part of our thorough injury management program!

Correct and thorough rehabilitation is essential in recovery and development!

Many forget this part of the the process. When initial pain and symptoms subside, so can your attention. Full rehabilitation is essential in ensuring, not only a full recovery but also the reduction in risk of recurrence.

Our rehabilitation suite membership offers a private gym with the added benefit of physios, strength & conditioning coaches and personal trainers on hand to put together tailored programs to get you back to full fitness.

Find out more here...
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A great way to ensure your training regime stays on track is to combine it with a #SportsMassage.
HOWEVER....You don't need an injury to benefit from a great sports massage 😊.
You may have just been overdoing it in your new training regime or have a little niggle that could do with some attention. You might even want to loosen up before the big match or race.....or you might just want a good massage.
A great sports massage can help prevent injuries occurring and facilitate faster recovery for more efficient training.
There are many reasons a sports massage can benefit you - find out more below...
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You achieve what you eat!

Often people overlook the importance of their diet. A great training program can be wasted by poor nutrition.

At 5 Valleys Physio we have an in-house Sports Nutritionist who can tailor a nutritional program just for you.

Jane Breen-Turner has worked on nutrition programs for athletes at the highest level in both Commonwealth Games Federation and Olympic Games.
Whether you are in training, ready for the big day or in recovery the correct #SportsNutrition can facilitate each step.

Follow the link to find out more:
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Strength and Conditioning is more than just rehabilitation!

Strength and conditioning (S&C) is essential to rehabilitation and a fast recovery but it doesn't end there.

With professional advice the correct S&C program will not only help reduce risk of injury moving forward but can also dramatically improve your performance.
Our excellent S&C coaches Luke Stevens and Matt Mills Training and Therapy, members of UK Strength & Conditioning Association - UKSCA can tailor a program for you.

learn more below...
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5 Valleys introduces a comprehensive women's health physiotherapy service. Sarah Fellows, with years of specialised experience, has developed the rounded service for both ante natal and post natal mums/ mums to be.

Women’s Health Physiotherapy is the assessment and treatment of issues relating to the pelvic floor and pelvis.

This can range from urinary incontinence to pelvic organ prolapse. This would include pelvic pain, prolapse to pregancy-related back and pelvic pain. It can also include any post natal issues such as loss of body confidence and the “tummy gap”.

Learn more about Women's Health Physiotherapy below:
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