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Hello everyone. I've written two Dummies books; Facebook Marketing All-In-One for Dummies (co-written with +Amy Porterfield  and +Andrea Vahl )  and Social Media Marketing eLearning Kit for Dummies that has a large chapter on LinkedIn. And now, all those screen shots are out of date, fun. I enjoy being on G+ and I've written a couple of posts on G+ Hangouts, one for +Social Media Examiner  and the other for Five Star Speakers. I just gave workshop on LinkedIn to a private membership group of financial advisors. Glad to be here.
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+Phyllis Khare I'm so excited you're joining our group.  We look forward to learning from you. Are you working on a book right now?
+Michael Delgado Not right now. We just finished the 2nd Edition of the Facebook book. Still over 600 pages of Facebook goodness :-).  I have a lot of ideas for 2013 and some of them concern LinkedIn. Hope I can help. 
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