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Topics: Firejail, AppArmor and SELinux

In October Aaron will be teaching us about locking down processes via three different mechanisms

* #Firejail: sandbox to restrict the application environment
* #AppArmor: a Mandatory Access Control system
* #SELinux: a Mandatory Access Control system

PLUG security meeting is a monthly open entry security class ( 3rd Thu )

Thu, 2018Oct18 @ 19:00

Desert Breeze Substation
251 Desert Breeze Blvd West
Chandler, AZ

#FLOSSevents #AZevents #AZnews #jobs #FreeSoftware #TechSecurity #PLUG
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Free Software Stammtisch job networking event this Tuesday at 18:00.

We encourage engineers from groups that are hiring and hiring managers to attend. The goal is for prospective candidates to learn about the company and the actual job while giving the team a chance to meet prospective candidates. Interviews are bi-directional, so are job searches.

We have several confirmed employers this month:

* Early Warning/Zelle - hiring in the dozens
* Recruit Bit Security
* Shutterfly
* Red Hat - always hiring lots of Free Software people
* PayPal

We might also have a couple of companies hiring hundreds of people, USAA and State Farm, and possibly some off-planet work.

If you're looking for a job, this month would be a good time to show up. If you have friends looking, same for them :)

Tuesday, 2018Oct16 @ 18:00
Boulders on Southern
1010 W Southern Ave, Mesa, AZ

You can RSVP via GetTogether.

The next jobs event will be a resume review night in January.

#FLOSSevents #AZevents #AZnews #jobs #FreeSoftware
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Topic: Command Line Tools Seminar
Instructor: Ryan Hermens

This month's east side meeting is a seminar on important command line tools. It's a good month to bring friends and family that have interest in GNU/Linux.

Thursday, October 11th @ 19:00

Description: This seminar will be an interactive presentation on core command lines tools. It is aimed at the beginner to help users make the jump from GUI tools to using the power of the command line. Examples of some of the subjects covered include package managers, linux permissions, users and groups, navigating the file system, creating and editing files, background and foreground job management, linux signals, and more. To get the most out of this seminar, please come with a laptop with Linux already installed.

Biography: Ryan has 7 years of experience doing devops work, ranging from full stack development to cybersecurity operations. He has worked for Microchip, Intel, and Charles Schwab. Currently, he works with Truveris acting as lead security engineer. He holds degrees in both Computer Science and Computer Systems Engineering from Arizona State University, graduating magna cum laude.

Desert Breeze Substation
251 North Desert Breeze Blvd West
Chandler, AZ 85226

Bring a laptop. Bring friends with laptops.

You can RSVP via GetTogether.

#FLOSSevents #AZevents #AZnews #FreeSoftware #GNULinux
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This month Aaron Jones will present "Introduction To Remote Access Tools (RATS)"

Introduction To Remote Access Tools (RATS) is a two-hour course designed
to provide an overview of what a RAT is, how it is created, and what kinds of
legal and illegal behaviors are being facilitated by their deployment.

You are invited and we encourage you to invite any one you like. This is open to the public as well as law enforcement or anyone else who would like to come. I think it will be a good class and hope to see you there.

More information available from:
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We'll be having 2 presentations this month from Ed Nicholson and der.hans.

Ed Nicholson - Technical Debts and Digital Assets

Exploring the analogy of debt and real world financial obligations, as
a context for a software's or system's life cycle.
Debt and Software are both fundamentally types of Intangible Assets.
This talk is an exploration of how the much older asset class, Debt,
may be usefully applied in understanding the relative newcomers,
Software and Systems.

About Ed:
I support Free Software and how people, organizations and populations use, create and experience information. I enjoy The Prescott National Forest as my "office" and The Valley of The Sun as a home away from home. Personal systems run either Fedora, Project Atomic, Android or OpenBSD.

der.hans - Introduction to /etc/alterntives

/etc/alternatives allows choosing among many programs to provide a certain functionality.
For instance, editor can point the locally preferred text editor. alternatives will also make sure man-pages also match.
Attendees will learn:
What is /etc/alternatives
Why is /etc/alternatives
How to configure /etc/alternatives
How to use helper scripts

About der.hans:
der.hans is a Free Software community veteran, presenter and author. He is the founder of the Free Software Stammtisch, BoF organizer for the Southern California Linux Expo (SCaLE) and chairman of the Phoenix Linux User Group (PLUG).
As a technology and entrepreneurial veteran, roles have included director of engineering, engineering manager, IS manager, system administrator, community college instructor, developer and DBA.
He presents regularly at large community-led conferences (SCaLE, SeaGL, LibrePlanet, LFNW, Tübix) and many local groups.
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For this month's security meeting we will have a presentation by Todd Stewart from SRP's Cyber Security department on "5 Habits of Highly Secure People"

Todd Stewart: 5 Habits of Highly Secure People

The presentation will cover the challenges of defending critical infrastructure in today’s Cyber World. It will also cover how to develop healthy cyber security habits at home. You have more control than you think when it comes to protecting your digital life. The goal of this presentation is to change your perception of cyber security and empower you to be accountable for cyber security at your job and at home.

About Todd:
Todd has been with SRP for 16 years. He was a system administrator for 10 years and has spent the last 6 years in Cyber Security. In his current role he is a Senior Cyber Security Analyst and is part of a team tasked with reducing Cyber risk to SRP. He holds Security Professional certifications as a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), a GIAC Critical Control Certification (GCCC), a Foundational Certificate for the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and a Prosci Organizational Change Management (OCM) certification. Todd's favorite part of his job is meeting with people and helping empower them with the knowledge that they can use tools and techniques to try to protect themselves and their loved ones when using today's interconnected technology.
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We'll have 3 presentations at this month's meeting, starting off which what we hope to be an infrastructure series, and what is more basic to our infrastructure than the power itself, so Barbara Cenalmor of SRP will be telling us about the nitty gritty of how SRP makes sure that you have all the power you need at the moment you need it. Then der.hans will tell us about better protecting ourselves on the web with uMatrix. Last, but not least Aaron Jones will show us how to better manage our digital fingerprints and to live safer in this world filled with social media .

Barbara Cenalmor: SRP Resource Planning

It’s really easy to take electricity for granted. You hit the ON button, and the computers instantly turn on. However, there are a lot of things that go on behind the scenes to get that electricity to you, the main user.

To keep up with the demand and makes sure everybody can turn on their computers, lights and appliances, utilities use resource plans.

This presentation explains what resource plans are, why they are important and needed, what resource options are available to utilities, what the trade-offs are between different resources and what considerations are taken into account in the resource strategy.

About Barbara:
Barbara has 15+ years of experience working for regulatory agencies around Arizona in Air Quality issues. A few years ago she started working at Salt River Project (SRP), working to ensure that the company and its power plants were in compliance with all air quality regulations, and that the company's goals focused on reducing emissions. To get a better insight on how a large utility plans for future generation and more customers, she slightly changed careers and went to work for SRP's Resource Planning group where she participates in siting or acquiring new generation (all types).
In her spare time Barbara likes to hang out with her family, listen to her husband ramble about all Linux things (most of which she doesn't understand), reading, and traveling.

der.hans: uMatrix for web browser protection

uMatrix is a webextension security and privacy add on for Firefox.

Via a simple interface uMatrix allows personal rules for website cookies, JavaScript, CSS, pictures and video.

uMatrix uses and maintains per site allowlists and blocklists. For example, you can allow cookies, JavaScript, CSS and images for and only CSS and images from while blocking everything from

Attendees will know what the web components are that uMatrix controls, how to use the uMatrix GUI interface and save rules.

About Hans:
der.hans is a Free Software community veteran, presenter and author. He is the founder of the Free Software Stammtisch, BoF organizer for the Southern California Linux Expo (SCaLE) and chairman of the Phoenix Linux User Group (PLUG).

As a technology and entrepreneurial veteran, roles have included director of engineering, engineering manager, IS manager, system administrator, community college instructor, developer and DBA.

He presents regularly at large community-led conferences (SCaLE, SeaGL, LibrePlanet, LFNW) and many local groups.

Aaron Jones: Social Media Safety

How to manage your digital foot print to enhance security while also bringing awareness to some of the issues that social media can exacerbate.

About Aaron:
Aaron is an experienced Linux user with several years of teaching experience. He works in the industry as a software developer while also providing consultancy on cyber security related topics. His discussions are AZ Post certified for training credit for law enforcement and he prides himself on providing quality educational material that is relevant and topical. He has a Masters Degree in Intelligence Analysis with a focus in Cyber Security, is a life long learner, and prides himself on staying up to date with the ever changing field of cyber security.
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Red Hat BoF tonight at #SCaLE16x

19:00 in Ballroom G

It's offmap on the site schedule :(, but it is happening

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The Meeting on 3/8 is Canceled

For the first time ever, we will need to cancel the PLUG meeting due to every single person that makes the meeting happen being out of town for the Southern California Linux Expo (SCaLE).
We encourage everyone to join us there if you can. There is still room to carpool with people and possibly share rooms to lower the cost of the trip.

If you would will like to get together with some PLUGgers, we encourage you to go and BJs, where we normally go to eat after the meetings, to hang out and talk.

Sorry for any inconvenience... We'll have more great presentations coming your way starting with the security meeting next week.
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