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Thanks to our community for helping Photoshop CS6 beta reach more than 500,000 downloads!
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congratulation for the giant Adobe
Unfortunately this has flooded the beta forums with tons of people complaining about the changes to the app and the bugs, but not in any useful, constructive way.
I used to enjoy the beta process. 
really enjoying the speed enhancements and overall great UI
Love the save file and ability to keep working!
I have put it in to my workflow and have not looked back! Still waiting for a delete all paths in the paths dialog box.
Same here. I love this version and have had very little to report on the forums. I think I've only come across one or two real bugs. I've been using PS6 and Bridge every day and it's been smooth sailing.
I've been requesting some paths features for the last 3 betas but am still waiting.
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