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Looks like the market likes the Microsoft Surface too. 
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Really? There's still a lot of unknowns. Price? Software? 
If they can compete on pricing this would be a very compelling product given all the other offerings (xbox included) and partnerships microsoft has. 
i don't think they will compete on pricing because the surface is not an ipad, it can legitimately do more work, using already established applications. ex: photoshop will never run on an ipad, it has desktop capabilities beyond the ipad while maintaining an extreme touch friendly interface. i'm very very excited about surface, not as something i'd own, but as something that people have been trying to do for a decade, it's the first true tablet pc in my opinion.
or maybe just the first to have gotten it right
I tend to agree Quang. It's a new line. It's an exciting product but Microsoft is taking a big gamble by excluding the OEMs. 
OEMs are already mimicking apple hardware. it's time microsoft gave them something worth mimicking. the proper response by OEMs is to further innovate on microsoft's offering.
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