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Hi everyone,

If you have used color2D.matplot(matrix,c(0,1),c(1,0)), maybe you can help me with this problem:

1) I am plotting a series of people density in a grid ( each grid is an element in the matrix), and i want to show the color coded will range from green to red, but the best I can do is from green to dark green to PINK.

2) I want all of my plot has a consistency in displaying color. E.g: the maximum people in a grid is different by times. So, each plot has a different color range. Can I fix the range of value to be color coded? say, from 1 to 40.

I would really appreciate your help.

I saw this line of code today:

"diag(lowCI.mat) <- diag(uppCI.mat) <- 1"


"p.mat <- lowCI.mat <- uppCI.mat <- matrix(NA, n, n)"

I am sorry for my lacking of knowledge, but what does it mean? How can there are a series of "<-" in the same line? What does that mean?

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