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We are giving away a smartphone!
Want to participate in our HTC EVO Design 4G giveaway - post a comment here (this is the second post). Do not comment if you have already done it in the other post! :) We will include all participants, but will ignore double posts ...

For full terms - see:
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HTC, Andorid and PhoneArena are the best! One for me, please!
Wow +PhoneArena is so cool that its giving away an HTC EVO 4G !!!! Amazingness is this ! :D And yeah its got +Android! ... I REALLY WANT THIS PHONE !! Hi +PhoneArena :-)
Squid E
The more #Android the better!
HTC are the only company who only make smartphones, and I wanna be a part of it :)

Gimme a HTC EVO 4G!
I'd be more that glad to have it.
Phone Arena has some pretty slick tricks up its sleeve for advertisment. Always inspires me
I wanna get it for my mom! She is awesome and needs a phone like this!@
I want it. I want it. I needed it. :-)
Finally a reason to checkout my google+ account I love free phones
oooooooooo i want to be the wiiiiiinnnneeeeerrrr
My girlfriend has the HTC EVO 4G, and sharing the same phone would be very cool.
My wife needs a new phone.
This phone would be perfect for me. Trying to update my EVO 4G. Thanks.
Would love for this to be my next android phone.
Would be nice to upgrade from my Transform to this. Come on Phone Arena make it happen for me tis the season!
I love everything about this phone. I was planning on buying it straight up full price this holiday season because it was a must have phone for me. Also it was confirmed by HTC to receive an update to ICS which is phenomenal. Please Phone Arena make my holiday season!
Would like to own one never had a touch screen phone before
This would be a sweet phone to have ! lemme win!
I love HTC phones. This would only add to that love ha
Have been following this site almost religiously for about four years. Finally got a new phone (HTC Thunderbolt) and I'm still here! PhoneArena is definitely a keeper. Happy Holidays Everyone!
thank you for ur great reporting on the latest in phone community. i would love to have this phone would be a great addition.
Awesome it would be a great upgrade from my htc hero whose trackball has seen better days!
I would love to have this beautifully designed HTC EVO Design 4G
Awesome phone! Gotta have it!
Mark G.
Hope to Win!!
Done and done. Checkmate, I'd like the honor of being crowned the Winner! Please? Happy Holidays everybody.
I hope to win this phone. The more Android, the merrier!
I really really hope to win this phone!
isnt the baby evo, an world phone?
crazy! vote me in for this christmas present!
This really gets my attention and I would expose that phone like crazy if I get it! 
Since I asked PLEASE. Will you pick me? Please!!!!! :) :) :)
This is so unfair!, i ain´t in U.S and i want the phone
me me me me me me me me me me miss my evo...........
I want one of THOSE, please!
Fingers crossed...I have an old Samsung that barely works anymore.
See what you can do . im hoping to be mine or Why dont you just give it to me ?? :D
Looking to get a new HTC to replace my Blackberry!!!
my cdma hero needs to be replaced. im working with the granddaddy here
Evo Design 4G, get ready for a new friend... ;)
This is all I wnt for Christmas! Since I'm older and have kids i really dnt get anything anymore lol :'( pls I would be soo greatful!! 
This phone would be a great gift to give. Sign me up! Lol
It's a nice phone, I'd love to receive one.
i'd love to have that phone HTC and Phonearena!


sorry, got a little distracted
I keep looking at this phone; getting it free would be awesome!
My Evo needs an upgrade!!!
I love your reviews!! I watch em everytime a new phone comes out! Could use an Evo Design hehe ;)

Please I would love and upgrade I am still toting around a blackberry with a scroll wheel...
Love <3 Google! Hope this is still going!
longing to own such superb phone
Me..... me....pick me! Lol
An awesome phone that would be even better if it were free!!!
it would be nice to have that !
that's one big phone to win
I need it my phone just broke and i have no money to buy a new one I really need it.
Please, iwant that phone. My dream is to have an android phone. . . .
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