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Tha Boycott Apple icon pack!

Im sharing those for free, in honor of my Galaxy Nexus...
Get a soothing feeling whenever you press a icon in your android device! 

Get it:
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Thx +Mughal MAB  ... i figure... its not because we protest that we can't look good doing it LOL
Dumb cause but excellent icons. Good work.
ça c'est du lourd ...
There's 1,515 icons in the pack... go download it now! plenty of apples for the whole family :P
cant be bothered
i am not going in ur circle cause u added me!!!
tenerve pas +Mel Valentini  ... on fait qu'avoir du plaisir... persone est dehords avec des pancartes!! :P
un succès fou.... aux chiottes Apple tout même lol
C'est IOS qui est énervant... vivement un slide to lock du chiffre d'affaire.. mdr
Nice job man! I hope Apple doesn't try taking you to court over this :-P
acheter les... ils seront très beau sur IOS
ça veut dire acheter les....
et bien tu les mettras sur ton PC
Oh hell yes! When will this hit Tha Icon Ultimate?
Steven jobes un jour a fabrique un mp3 tactile un iPod puis un iPhone et un ipad et il ne savait pas quel marque lui donner alors il prend une pomme la regarde et se dit qu'une pomme ronde serait ridicule et il mort dedans et sa lui a donner la forme qu'on va sur les produit Apple 
j adore tille de rigolo =o!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The red bar is supposed to go over the icons not behind them...
Why would I want anything apple on my non apple.
someone please tell me, why is Apple so voted against?
+Abdullah Budeir However, unlike Apple, I don't think that Google have ever gone after anyone for patent infringement first. They've used it as a defense when attacked, but I don't believe they have ever been the ones to 'fire first'. I could be wrong though ...
I doubt they would ban a major "competetor" they profit off of.
+Abdullah Budeir  "they would do it in a heartbeat". You really think so? Google isn't as predatory as you make out. They fund things like Firefox and other browsers (which compete with Chrome). Google makes money off adverts when people use the internet and it's not so worried about what mechanism people use to access it. Things like Chrome seem to be more about improving the overall experience and getting all browser makers to make the web a richer more interesting place, not about trying to monopolize it. Same goes for Android IMO.
No, they would rather people had a choice of more than one good smartphone to buy. If you think that the people in Google think that there's any hope of 'killing the iPhone' then you're mad. Android is an alternative and by adding competition it forces all phone makers to up their game. Google makes almost no money off Android as far as I know, but it does make money from people using web search and clicking on ads, whatever device they do it from (assuming they use Google's search engine).
If Google made money selling it's handsets, like Apple does with the iPhone, I might agree with your reasoning, but it doesn't. The two companies have two distinct revenue models and in Google's case it doesn't want or need a monopoly on the phones people use.
Im glad one can speak for a company which one does not work for. Whereas We provide doubt, you provide certainty. Ill let you argue amongst yourself.
Right, Google surely want as many people choosing to use Android as possible (because they believe it's the better product). However that's very different to your initial assertion of:

"[I]f google could ban the iPhone they would."

That's the bit I am arguing against. Google looks like a company that wants to win this in a fair fight, and Apple doesn't.
abdullah, dude your so right. but the reason why ppl clinge to companies, music styles, clothes lines, etc. is so they can feel different and have a sense of belonging. what some ppl need to realize is there is belonging that is fully satisfying and good and unfailing. where your purpose truely lies. and its beyond what lies around in the earth. 
I downloaded them but can't figure out how to use them. Can't use them through the app so what now? Please and thank you.
it's realy a great Design i like it ;)
I did +Phlash Tha and I can use all the ones through the app and all that but these aren't in the app and I can't figure it out lol I must be missing something bro. I'm new to your stuff but LOVE these icons!
yea +Nic Wolverton  these will hit the app in a few weeks... i guess you gatta wait a bit... but its fairly easy to change icons. Simply put them on your sd card... and when prompt by your favorite launcher (GoLauncher, ADW, Nova, Desktop visualizr, etc..) simply navigate to the folder where the icons are, and presto!
well +Nic Wolverton  doesn't HAVE to be the sd card... what i mean is basically in your phone... you know where your photos are saves? maybe filter out the icons your gonna use so you don't have to put the whole 1500+ icons in there... 
Apple. We innovate. We were first to use "copy & paste". ;)
But I don't want Apple in my Android :)
LOL. You Android-Fanboys are damn funny...
Go on and ignore that Google is doing exactly the same - that's why they bought Motorola Mobility....
None of them is better than the other, all of them are fighting each other more or less open with their patents. ALL of them...
Understand +Ralf Koch that we are all just looking for an opportunity to have fun, nothing more... Android lovers are pacifist.. but not quiet :p
Ha! im just happy you remembered this post... way to keep a icon pack alive bro :D
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