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The feed that includes this post -
Omits the entire table.
Had I not gone into the original post, I would never have known this content ever existed.
A broken rendering (a non-formatted table) is better than an omission.
This is pretty bad and makes Feedly unreliable for me as a content consumer.
We recently posted “A break from the past: the birth of Microsoft’s new web rendering engine”, an in-depth look at the background and motivation behind building a new rendering engine to power Microsoft Edge. A key factor described was the ability to make a break from legacy Internet Explorer-specific technologies that had been built up... <a href="
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It would be great if you could add the Android WebView stable and beta version information to (or anywhere else that would show all of the Chromium related version information).
Look up the log between two Chrome versions. Old Version: ⇅ New Version: WebKit Change Log. {{error}}. View Change Log. Position Lookup. Translate a Chrome version to a commit position. Version: {{error}}. Commit: {{commit}}. Base Position: {{base_position}}. Base Commit: {{base_commit}} ...
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PhistucK Productions

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Now, how cool and useful is this? :)
You can now run queries against HTML/CSS/JS responses of top 300K sites: ... from the comfort of your browser! Hooray for BigQuery.

P.S. Have an interesting query/result? Share it on!
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PhistucK Productions

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It does not seem to be working so well. It reports "Viewport not configured" for pages that have <meta name=viewport> just like any other page. Same with "Content not sized to viewport", as far as I see. A screenshot (or the source code) of the erroneous page would be much more helpful.
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I am not sure this means it is a pagerank factor. I am pretty sure it is not, actually.
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PhistucK Productions

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Google+ Polls -

I suspect that +Paul Irish  will make good use of this feature. What do you think? ;)
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PhistucK Productions

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Or because it is simply a bug?
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A new Google+ implementation (that may or may not mean a new design, though) is coming.
See where Nathaniel Duca (a Googler working on Chrome) commented -
"Nathaniel Duca
7:52 PM Today
can we check the new plus implementation and see how that performs?"

Basically, Google+ is definitely not dead.
Oilpan Performance Update Apr 2015Oilpan Final Performance Report (Summary) April, 2015 Kentaro Hara <> on behalf of the Oilpan team See this slide to learn Oilpan, this slide to learn the long term goal of the Blink memory team, and this document to learn the performance status as of January 2015. What we have
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The topic of the document is a new garbage collector for Blink, it is not a new API (JavaScript, CSS or HTML), it is an internal security feature of Chrome that prevents crashes and memory leaks (for example).
The comment implies a general new implementation (to me, anyway).
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PhistucK Productions

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I am not sure why this made me laugh. :)
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PhistucK Productions

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As an official hug lover, this is so cute...
(Only 1:46 - 2:20 of the video is related, the rest is boring)

GoPro: Lions - The New Endangered Species?
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+mad hatter - oh, you are so kind! :)
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PhistucK Productions

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Now that I think about it - pinning, marking as done,  snooze (well, notifications) - have been in Outlook (from Microsoft Office, not the web application, though there, too, as flags) for years. The previews - not really, though.
Reinventing email is not an easy task, especially when you have a successful service like Gmail. 10 years after creating Gmail, Google is back at work to bring "an inbox that works for you". The new service is called Inbox by...
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"Powered by Google" was added below the footer line in GMail. Have you noticed?
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+Google OS - you probably assumed correctly. It is gone now.
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PhistucK Productions

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The real 'extended version' actually includes three songs - "Eternal" (until its last part), "Listen To The Rain" and "Demise" (the last part of "Eternal").
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