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Philomena Timberlake
Amazing time to be alive with so many opportunities in the online world.
Amazing time to be alive with so many opportunities in the online world.


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For video creators out there who are interested in getting into the Crypto scene then check this article out by +Paula Guilfoyle on and start earning!
As we are all video content creators in here I just have to share this with all of you.
As many of you know I have been using Steemit as a blogging platform, but I found steemit because I was looking for somthing to earn crypto for my videos.
Steemit is not the platform for video but I have found somthing awesome. Somthing really easy for people to adopt where video content creators and their followers can be rewarded with Crypto.

+Rob Cubbon pining you as I have amped your video . +Mark Timberlake
+Olivier Rebiere you guys are going to love this
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Hi Folks,

Does anyone have any recommendations for any cartoon/sketch/comic software for creating still cartoons/sketches with captions (not animation). Sort of like the cartoons/sketches you see on birthday cards with a fun caption.

I wanted to be able to add a bit of fun to the website I'm working on by creating some still cartoon/sketch pictures with captions.

I am currently looking at Canva which seems to have a selection of cartoon/sketch images of people and objects. Was wondering does anyone know of any other software?


New Platform Enquiries

We have recently been approached by the platforms below and I was wonderful if anyone here has had any dealings with them?

OTGOskills - Singapore based who can access some government funding support for students.

Unanth - Indian based who offered to translate some of our courses into Hindi free of charge.

Up to recently we only had courses on platforms based in the USA or UK/Ireland who obviously sell worldwide. These tended to be the platforms we knew of or had approached us. However, interestingly we are being approached more and more by new platforms who are based in Asia. Clearly a large market developing there with platforms wanting to capture students in their home countries.

There was two other platforms Chalkstreet and Youth4work both from India that approached us a few months ago - I decided to test the waters on these two so have uploaded a few courses with them. It is very early days so far so no sales to report. How about you, are you selling on any platforms based outside of the USA or Europe?

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The Use Of Affiliate Links On YouTube?

I was looking at the use of affiliate links on YouTube and it seems it is not so clear cut as to if YT allow affiliate links.

I came across this video which looked into the issue.

From what I gathered if you do decide to use affiliate links then it shouldn't be misleading (should state it is an affiliate link), it should give added value and when you upload a video there is a box you should tick titled 'This video contains a paid product placement' under the monetization tab'.

Does anyone here use affiliate links on YouTube and have you experienced any problems or repercussions from it?

We are often being approached by new platforms regarding selling our courses as I know a lot of Instructors are! Some recent ones are:

Chalkstreet (an Indian based platform who seem to be up and coming) (offers streaming service for selected videos with aim of sending traffic to Udemy etc to buy your courses)

CPDFormula (Canada based platform with training aimed towards Accountants - could be one for you +Paula Guilfoyle!)

Youth4work (another Indian based platform claims to have 1m users)

Just wondering if anyone has had any dealings with these? We can include just their names and a link on our Platform Guide as a minimum if we haven't got enough information to give a full listing!

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas :)

Happy Holidays and safe travels to all taking a break!

Many thanks for all your continued support in the community :)

PS: If you like photography - please check out Mark's post which has a free link to our latest course :)

Has anyone had any dealings with Highbrow? From what I understand they are a platform that hosts courses which people can sign up to for free (only one course allowed at a time), once signed up Highbrow then emails lessons from the course over the following 10 days. They have approached us. I am unsure how Highbrow make revenue from this model. Possibly good for instructors to use as a lead magnet to paid courses. Just wondering if others had come across them.

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Like to brush up on your excel skills? Here is a link to some free training courses that you can access by sharing it with others. +Paula Guilfoyle the instructor is an expert in excel, accountancy and finance - thanks for the access Paula :)
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For Those Interested In Launching Courses On Skillshare

I just wanted to mention I watched a really useful short course yesterday on Skillshare by +Neil Shearing.  Neil explained about the 'Trending Score' that Skillshare has which influences where your course will appear in Skillshare. Anyone planning to launch a course on Skillshare would find it beneficial to understand how the trending score works during the crucial launch period in the first few weeks.

Neil kindly shared some free coupons of this course in OE the other day - here is the link - one to check out folks!

Thanks for sharing +Neil Shearing :)

+Phil Campbell Thanks for sharing a link for OE on +Mark Timberlake latest course (The Online Entrepreneur Survival Guide) on Skillshare! How do you share links like that on Skillshare?
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