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Road Tripping
This demonstration of how fully driverless cars interact with and respond to the real world is truly remarkable. The quantity of data being fed into and shared by the system with other driverless cars is nothing short of mind-boggling. There is little doubt from the results of these prototypes that the fallibility of humans as pilots of road vehicles can be almost entirely mitigated by a switch to autonomous vehicles. Certainly no amount of caution or driver training can compare to the gains made by a network that learns from 3 million simulated kilometres each day. I for one welcome our cybernetic vehicular overlords.
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+Bo Jangles thank the heavens our interchange didn't descend into hyperbole too quickly. A thousand apologies for interfering with your day.
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Phillip Tyson

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Senior Constable Adam West? Herald Sun headline writers, take the rest of the week off. You've outdone yourselves.
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Eat Up Martha
As cool - and surprisingly accurate - as this new handwriting recognition app from +Research at Google is, it's more than a tad difficult not to be reminded of Palm's Graffiti or the Newton.
Today we launched Google Handwriting Input (, which lets users handwrite text on their Android mobile device as an additional input method for any Android app, supporting 82 languages in 20 distinct scripts. It works with both printed and cursive writing input with or without a stylus. Beyond text input, it also provides a fun way to enter hundreds of emojis by drawing them (simply press and hold the ‘enter’ button to switch modes). It also works with or without an Internet connection. Learn more at
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Keys To The Kingdom
Any fellow residents Down Under looking to get their hands on a legitimate copy of GTA V for PC minus the Aussie tax should check out CD Keys. Granted the download is a Rockstar Social Club download, not a Steam download - which for some might be a deal breaker - but it will save you roughly $20 off RRP. It's perfectly legal and doesn't require any geolocation hacks. (There's also a miniscule 5% discount applicable if you like their Facebook page apparently.)
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Phillip Tyson

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The Infrastructure Premier
Born in Ballarat in 1908 to first-generation Australian parents of German descent, Henry Edward Bolte went on from reasonably unassuming beginnings to become Victoria's 38th and longest-serving Premier.

His entrepreneurial father - a publican, farmer and prospector - was a stern, but virtuous man who was said to 'rule with a strap'. He attended as a boarder at a religious school in Ballarat which further instilled in him character-building principles that would ultimately define his adult life. Bolte's adolescence is best described as multi-faceted: he was captain of his school football and cricket teams; he was a keen fisher and hunter; he was involved with the local amateur theatrical society; and was secretary of the Skipton Racing Club.

After a brief stint in the armed services as a gunner, artillery instructor and pay clerk, he was discharged in 1943 deemed physically unfit for overseas service, a fact he lamented later in life. Shortly after this event, he attended the Liberal Party's first State council as president of the Meredith branch. He was encouraged to stand for a seat in the Legislative Assembly, but a mediocre campaign owing to his inexperience ultimately led to failure. Determined to secure a second opportunity he took public speaking lessons, and in the 1947 elections won the seat of Hampden, a position which he held until his retirement in 1972.

Bolte was swept to the position of Premier in just 8 short years, defeating John Cain in the 1955 state elections by a large majority. A rift in Cain's Labor Party over trade union influence had caused a swathe of members to split and establish their own party, funneling their second preferences to Bolte's Liberal Party, essentially guaranteeing him victory.

He promised a Government of action and wasted no time on delivering on that promise. Largely regarded as our 'infrastructure premier', he oversaw the development of oil and gas fields in Gippsland, the expansion of power generation in the Latrobe Valley, the construction of the West Gate Bridge, the establishment of Monash and La Trobe universities as well as what was referred to at the time as Melbourne's International "Jetport" at Tullamarine.

His government won re-election an impressive five times under his leadership between 1958 and 1970. In 1972 he made moves to retire with his party ascendant and a chosen successor - Ruper Hamer - in place, his government already poised to continue his legacy, readying for construction on the Melbourne Underground Rail Loop.

Having spent much of his retirement on his rural property in Bamganie he died on the 4th of January 1990, remembered as a true man's man: he enjoyed following the sports he loved, as well as having a drink, a smoke, and a punt. The $75 million dollar Citylink bridge spanning the Yarra River and Docklands precinct was named in his honour, and its 90 metre high silver towers stand in tribute as the gateway to the city from the north.

This is a re-edit of a shot of the Bolte Bridge taken on the +Melbourne Photowalkers Footscray Road photowalk last winter. I have processed it using Adobe Camera Raw to enhance the punchy colours reflected in the water.
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Wat bedoel je daar mee?
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Dem Feels
Goddammit Pixar! This is supposed to be kiddie fodder for the school holidays. Why then do you insist on tugging so strongly at my heart-strings? You had me blubbering out loud like my dog had died. I'm supposedly a fully grown adult male, so I think crying in a cinema full of 4 year olds is probably frowned upon.

Unexpectedly - and somewhat refreshingly - the voice actors were a literal who's who from The Office, Parks And Recreation and Saturday Night Live, further bolstering the already impressive comedy chops of a Pixar outing.

Once again, the creative geniuses behind the studio, have proven that they are masters at crafting touching stories around abstract ideas. It speaks volumes that I am yet to see a Pixar movie I was disappointed by (although the short lead-in movie Lava  didn't feel quite up to scratch). The kids will love it. You'll laugh. You'll cry. I get it. It's a movie about emotions, but geez, let's maybe dial it down for the sequel, or at least tell me to bring some tissues along next time.
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+Phillip Tyson Which is why i am glad i went to see this at the Drive-In. ;)
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Oh my, this looks mighty interesting! Matt Damon is not in anywhere near enough movies for my liking. And a November release might just give me enough time to finish the six books I've been reading concurrently for the last year and read this before it comes out.
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+Phillip Tyson my first though when I saw the image was that it was going to expand on Damon's characters time alone on the planet from interstellar but then it wasn't Mars.

I'm so glad they are doing plausible space movies again, makes me excited for what's to come in the medium to near future. 
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So Close You Could Almost Taste It
The team at Space X is so damn close to achieving what would have sounded ridiculous just a decade ago: landing an unmanned, reusable launch module onto a floating barge in the middle of the ocean. The fact they got this far is pretty mind-blowing, and given the additional data they gain from this trial, it bodes very well for their third landing being successful.
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This is something they actually considered for the Apollo missions
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Oh my word. As if Android Device Manager wasn't cool enough already, just typing "find my phone" into Google will now find that elusive device even faster!
We’ve all been there — you’ve searched under your car seat, tossed around the sofa cushions and you still can’t find your phone. If you know where your computer is, you can now ask Google to find your Android phone from your desktop. If the pesky phone is hiding nearby, Google can ring it for you — or you can see it on the map if you, say, forgot it at the bar. Just make sure you’ve got the latest version of the Google app!
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The Need For Speed
I remember doing keyboarding as a subject at school (is that still a thing, or am I showing my age?) and being berated by my teacher for my "unorthodox" typing style. There wasn't a problem with accuracy or speed, moreover, an insistence that I return to the home keys. Well look who has the last laugh now! This is a ridiculously addictive little game that tests speed and accuracy as you blast away words before they destroy you. (I reached wave 33 with 49WPM and 95.3% accuracy.)
Type To Shoot Game made with ImpactJS
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Sharing that one to my read it later circle to play with when I get onto my PC. I wonder how it compares to the Mavis Beacon typing tutor racing game?
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Behind The Clouds
A picturesque scene as the sun begins its slow descent over the waters of Port Phillip Bay taken from the rocky shore at Mount Martha a few years back.
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That's very kind of you to day +Deep Ghosh​ thank you
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Starring Role
Rising 40 storeys above Waterfront City at Melbourne's Docklands is the southern hemisphere's only giant observation wheel. Originally opened in the summer of 2008, it closed abruptly after only 5 weeks in operation, having suffered mechanical and structural damage brought on by a week-long heatwave. After a protracted - and eye-wateringly expensive - closure, during which time it was dismantled and rebuilt entirely, the wheel finally reopened in 2013 much to the relief of local retailers whose businesses relied on the promise of the tourist drawcard.

It is constructed from 1200 tonnes of Australian-made steel, and is held aloft by two 80 metre support columns weighing 200 tonnes each. The wheel's diameter measures 110 metres, and the design of the structural spokes have been built to resemble that of the seven-pointed Commonwealth Star that appears on our flag, a celebration of the federation of Australia's former colonies into states and territories under a single government in 1901.

This is a 4 second exposure from last year's +Melbourne Photowalkers Footscray Road photowalk taken from beneath Citylink looking east across Railway Canal.
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+Phillip Tyson lol! I had to track you down .. you were m.i.a :D
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Pretty run of the mill suburban pub and function room experience. Keep your expectations in check and you'll find the Sandown Park Hotel is perfectly acceptable.
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Good store, but beware that this location is not licensed so does not have a liquor section.
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22 reviews
A nice enough ALH property with a decent offering in the bistro at proper pub prices.
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Happy hour drinks can't be ordered at the table, and drinks ordered at the bar can't be added to your bill. Food was average compared with other TGIF outlets.
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reviewed 3 months ago