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Dear +Google+ - Please reconsider changing your algorithm from "What's hot on Google+" to "What's hot and recommended." It did not work!

If I understand your new algorithm correctly based on the changes that rolled out to my account today, your "recommendations" are based on keywords that I've posted about. Several of my posts reference +Mitt Romney, and now with today's new changes what I see on the "What's hot" list consists of 18 anti-Romney posts integrated into my stream; but ZERO pro-Romney posts.

Before these changes I would typically see one or two political posts from both sides of the political spectrum. That was acceptable, but what I see today comes across as very biased on the part of Google.

I am certain this is an unintended consequence of your new algorithm, but I really hope that you'll revert back to your old algorithm until this issue is corrected.

Plus, comment and share if you agree. Not all users are seeing these changes, as they are still being rolled out.
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An "innocent, algorithmic change" is not my first reaction.
I have been seeing anti-Romney crap in "what's hot" before it even gets hot, while friends of mine have more active posts with more +'s and never make what's hot. The algorithms are liberal. 
"Don't be evil" -Google, "Be Open!"
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