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PHD Comics Movie 2

So you know how I only recommend amazing things, like the Obduction Kickstater or the Hyperbole and a Half book?  I've got another one for you: The PHD Comics Movie is getting a sequel!  The first one was amazing and you can watch it at if you need incentive to pledge.  For just $6, you get to stream the movie when it comes out, and we inch that much closer to a longer/better movie.  Move fast though - the Kickstarter closes on Friday morning.

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This looks very interesting.
End-to-end encryption for Gmail. Released first as open source code so it can be vetted by the security community for vulnerabilities, then to the general public as an extension. I like the approach.

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A taste of +Red Hat Summit 2014.

TL;DA (Too Long; Didn't Attend?): Cloud + Containers.
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The Night Watch

Are you a systems programmer?  Do you work with a systems programmer?  Did you take Computer Systems in college?  Are you concerned about the composition of your post-apocalypse gang?  Then read this paper by +James Mickens.  Actually read it even if you only have a passing familiarity with programming, you'll still love it.

"As a highly trained academic researcher, I spend a lot of time trying 
to advance the frontiers of human knowledge. However, as someone who was born in the South, I secretly believe that true progress is 
a fantasy, and that I need to prepare for the end times, and for the chickens coming home to roost, and fast zombies, and slow zombies, and the polite zombies who say "sir" and "ma’am” but then try to eat your brain to acquire your skills."  Click the link to read more.

h/t to David from

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Last night +NASA launched ORS-3 carrying TJ3Sat, the first satellite designed and built by high school students to be put into orbit.  It was great fun watching the launch.  Keep your antennas pointed at the sky listening for KK4PHU.  Go TJ!

cc: +TJHSST Alumni 
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TJ3Sat Launch
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Earning #GeekCred by interpreting "brush up on networking" to mean "read the RFCs". Extra points for standards written 10 years before I was born.

Fun fact: RFC 793 handles original SYN.

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The People Behind Myst Do Kickstarter

+Cyan and +Rand Miller are at it again.  Sadly it isn't more Myst, but it is an entirely new world which is a spiritual successor to Myst.  It's called Obduction, and is currently raising funds on +Kickstarter.

Here's 10 reasons you ought to chip in a few bucks to make it happen:
1. You like puzzles.
2. You like puzzles that keep you up all night.
3. You appreciate an immersive world.
4. Beautiful games make you happy.
5. You like to explore, even if it means changing between 5 CDs.
6. It doesn't mean even 1 CD (aka digital copies).
7. You're excited to see a game based on Unreal Engine 4.
8. You're a little tired of trying to run Windows 95/98 so you can play Myst and Riven.
9. You like easter eggs.
10. The ending has not yet been written.

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+Allie Brosh wrote a book!  Which Amazon tells me is in excess of 288 pages.

If you don't know about Allie - what part of the internet have you been hiding in?  She's the amazing person behind  (blogger redirect).

PS: Allie - If I do sneaky marketing for you like this, will you sign a book for me? :)

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