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A special Grati-Tuesday for me today: Today I am grateful for my Grampa, Walt Holland, who passed away at the age of 89 this weekend. I have many memories of Grampa Holland, but my fondest was a trip to Mount Rushmore in his motorhome. RIP.

I'm porting over one of my favorite things from facebook: Grati-Tuesday. Every Tuesday I make a post about something I am grateful for. Lately, I've been tagging an individual person each time and talking about how they impact my life. Stay tuned for my first G+ Grati-Tuesday.

Kind of bummed that I have so many reddit friends on g+, now I won't look like the internet sleuth I look like on Facebook.

Anybody else surprised that James Blake got a nod for the Mercury Award? Like everyone I was enamored with that album on first listen, but over time I've found that it has a few gems, but isn't great.

Apparently we had a lightning bolt strike a light pole at my office yesterday after I left - and it fried the hawk that was sitting on top of it. RIP, Hawk. You were one hell of a bird.

USA USA USA!!!! Finals, here we come!

Let's go USA Women!

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