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Pretty cool to see where this has come since being on Jeopardy in 2011. It's exciting to think of what discoveries this technology will help with in the coming years.  #ibmwatson  
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Sounds like 1984 is here
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Phillip Grant

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Phillip Grant

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Made it into the Scene! Check that off the to do list
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Phillip Grant

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Time for some football!
SHARE if you can't wait to see the Orange.
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Phillip Grant

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One of my favorite bands. Consistently kicking out great songs.
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Phillip Grant

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I need to get one of these suits for my cat pronto

Pet scuba - kitty looking for the freshest fish ; )
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Phillip Grant

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Add this to the summertime checklist
File this golf  #TrickShot  under “ludicrously insane."
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Phillip Grant

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FDA bans 23andMe test kits.

It appears that the medical-industrial complex has finally ordered its flunkies in government to stop people from knowing about their own DNA. 

The FDA thinks that your genes are none of your business. They belong to the corporations that charge by far the highest healthcare costs in the world. 

The FDA ordered +23andMe to immediately stop selling their saliva testing kits. And why? They say it's because it could lead people to seek out the wrong medical treatments. 

The medical industrial complex works like movie theaters -- they can't charge $5 for a bag of popcorn if you bring your own. The medical industrial complex can double their prices only if they have a monopoly on healthcare. The FDA's 23andMe crackdown is part of a larger effort by the government to eliminate alternatives to America's family-crushing, economy-destroying healthcare costs. 

The last thing the medical industrial complex wants is informed citizens with insights into their own genetic information. You're supposed to be a dumb consumer of medical services, blindly obeying your doctor (who has been pressured and paid off by the drug and medical equipment companies to maximize costs). 

You'll notice the FDA is doing nothing about the looming antibiotics disaster or the 100,000 Americans who die each year from prescription drugs. Those are highly profitable for the industry. 

But allowing people to know about their own health? This is what the FDA thinks demands urgent action. 

If the FDA were honestly concerned about the threat of wrong treatment, they would have instead banned +23andMe from revealing or sharing information about the specific diseases they claim to be concerned about, and allow the company to offer results on both the majority of the information they share about disease, and also information about ancestry. 

What they clearly want instead is to financially cripple companies that are informing people about their own health. You can NOT bring your own popcorn into this theater.
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Phillip Grant

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#RorschachDoodle I see...two fat dragons breathing fire
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Phillip Grant

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Leia and Chewy neeeeed to do it!
We had some Star Wars fanatics in the crowd last night who couldn't help running some new plot lines by J.J. Abrams.
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Phillip Grant

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A good pick up after a crappy su loss today.
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Never eaten inside, but have ordered calzones to go many times. Absolutely huge, split into thirds, which is good because I typically save one third for the next day! Got their pizza once as well, which was also very good, although not quite my favorite in the area.
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