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Big Fish
The ocean sunfish is the largest teleost fish in the world. I've been in the water with many molas, and this one was one of the biggest toads I'd ever seen, 10' at least from fin tip to fin tip probably 8' long. My buddy Mike is swimming alongside it to lend a sense of scale. We were 30 miles or so offshore of San Diego in my boat for this one, in clean blue summer water.
Thank you for your comments! This photo went popular last night and by the time I check G+ this morning the comments had maxed out at 500 so I cannot add any of my own. I appreciate all the interest in this image. Cheers!
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Out of (or under) this world!
beautifull and so nice...
if I were there I die of a heart attack, Im to afraid of the ocean and any creature in it :(
what a beautiful creature.
Hope to see more of these around the world
man i never knew sunfishes are massive
Wow, very cool capture! Not see one myself yet.
I wish i were you, because this sounds real fun ^_^
I have swum with one...BUT this is so HUGE! gasp
Great shot - They cause quite a bit of impact damage to racing yachts in Australia every summer!
Can one really believe we have creatures like these swimming in our ocean....but from its point of view im sure we look kinda strange aswell : )
Am I a bad person that it looks yummy to me? I LOVE fish.
This a huge fish and looks alien
It was a big fish after the whale
"Fishhyyyyyyyyy............. why are you so biggggg????" Carla (on Finding Nemo)
wow that is amazing your so lucky I wish I could see sea creators like that.
That is sun fish or in malay mola mola
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Neha g
simply beautiful :)
Steph M
Scary shit being close to that i'd imagine..
I see all the pic its really good
The ocean is an amazing, seperate world from ours!
Woa, it so big. nice picture. Thank for share
Wat a big fish is this the one wc swallows jonah???
just came back from the Red sea did'nt see anything like that wow...
What an Amazing experince you get do all the time .:D
amazing!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Roc Wu
Like a submarine, cool.
They had one or two of these at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Not sure if they still do.
very nic................
not sure if real or photoshopped.

well the diver get munched?
whoahoha!! fantabloomingtastic!!
Thats awesome.,, I live in westport washingon, and worked on my fathers charter boat for a long time, years, been fishing since I was roughly 4.. im 30 now. but only a couple times Ive seen one that size, we referred to them as California sunfish, we would see them all the time tuna fishing in the japan warm water current, it was clean blue water like that, ranging from about 1 foot long, up to the size of the pictured one here.. the most amazing thing I personally got to see was the one that was about this same size here, jumped out of the water roughly 10 off the bow. sounded like a whale hitting the water, and since the small ones were always jumping around out there, it made sense that the big ones did too, it was just much more fantastic lol
Very lucky to see such a rare and magnificent fish! I'll get to see one one day!
your friend must a good bit away from the fish or else he is very small going on the dimensions you gave for the fish lol
Cool picture, I think It's trying to eat you.
come to eat
Super cool... nice experience...
I don't think I would swim with anything that could eat me for You guys have some big ones!
Megu S
Awesome, I love this pic Lol
Does the water really look like that.? =\ because I've gone to the beach and I'm sad to say that I can't even see the button of my foot when I go waist high and I would love to see the ocean!!!! I even bought a small paddle raft but life guards say I can't use that...! :(
Tia P F
the beauty of nature. magnificent and ernomous
Glad someone can enjoy such an activity.
I wonder what ocean sunfish taste like. Would it go well with sweet potatoes? Teriyaki ocean sunfish pizza? Maybe with a citrus sauce served on a kaiser roll?
i am Vere like your image
wow , can't be this a mermaid which they talk about
ca gi vay .... chac lai la psd nua day
ALLAH PAK ki banai huwi her cheez khubsurat hoti hai
Not mermaid, mermaids were seals, sea lions or walruses that sailors would drag up onto a boat, pass it around and then dump back in the ocean after the crew had their way with them. And that's where Aquaman came from.
I think your gonna need a bigger boat.
this is beautiful... which reminds me... there's a pokemon that looks just like that too!
Never seen one below like that - only from above - good pic.
Its true very ugly but also very graceful
Big and ugly - great combination!
ugly fish...truely strange but wonderful appearance
It's a ripper, good job.
Wow! It's big! Is it dangerous to humans?
asa oka
I'm not good at swimming but, want to do that!

wow that is amazing
I feel stupid here. I know sunfish, but teleost? molas? toads? what do they mean in this context?
if u want to see heaven , when u r alive please go under water.............................................
And see the magical world of god amazing creation
I jus need one who will invite me to see it. I like it
This was called a real natural beauty
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san jay
what the #!!@$# is that
awesome... I like this big fish
when did you discover about this big fish
This is a beauty in the making...imagine GOD, how magnivicent is HE if he created such extrodinary creatures!!!
i don't think big is the word... what about huge?
This creature makes me think I have found an example of some extinct species from the Jurassic era.
awesome,must be rare to see ones that big.
vry big i never seen lyk this
Reduce human population! And protect the world
I've often said, if you need inspiration for a fantastic monster, just look in your own back yard.
wow great its nice wheel picture..
i think its very dangerous.........
it's awesome, please add some more
Precioso,maravilloso,espectacular, me gusta
SO COOL...................................
Wow... maybe there always is a bigger fish.
and just to think we have barely even explored the depths of the oceans
How can a person can take this person ?
Do u mean this is the biggest of all 
Great meal for a full winter :P
that is the ugliest fish i have ever seen
they are very strange looking fish, like some bad sci-fi film
I saw that fish in Endless Ocean 2: Blue world . I thought it was half a fish or something. Crazy :)
Wonderful image, you're right the diver adds a sense of scale. People don't realize how huge these fish are. Well done.
I've seen one of those only in aquarium. They are really impresive!
Amazing nature. Respect them! At the end of the day, ocean is their home. 
it would look better if "mike" was half eaten at this point.....;), that would be cool.
thats freaking cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Trish S
wow that's so amazing
I can only hope to swim with one of these someday. Awesome!
♡ beautiful moment...
how sad it is, that our species had got away from nature... that it is so very rare when people and animals could get close without fear...
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