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Pedantic? Do you even know the definition of pedantic? Well, let me tell you in detail ...
Pedantic? Do you even know the definition of pedantic? Well, let me tell you in detail ...

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For most of my life, I've said that a Football defense can take you to a Superbowl, but can't win the Superbowl. I'm happy to say I was WRONG! Congratulations to Wade Philips and the Denver Broncos Defense. You tore it up tonight! 

Americans are so addicted to money. The country should have treatment centers for wealthy people. Anyone with more than $50 million dollars gets taxpayer-funded counseling. 12-step program. Is there a methadone substitute for cash? Maybe let them wear fools-gold jewelry and drive 10-year old Lexuses. 

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Acid reflux is a horrible disease.  It's taken too many of our children to the E.R.  

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Star Wars 7:  The Force Awakens
Star Wars 8:  The Force Hits The Snooze Button
Star Wars 9:  The Force Is Late For Work.

H/T +Bill Bradford 

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Fact #310 Practical Jokes...
During the filming of the scene in which all the students sleep in the Great Hall in Prisoner of Azkaban, Daniel Radcliffe had requested to have his sleeping bag near a girl whom he liked at the time. Knowing that, director Alfonso Cuarón, Michael Gambon (Professor Dumbledore), and Alan Rickman (Professor Snape) played a practical joke on him; they hid a remote-control-operated Whoopee Cushion in his sleeping bag.

See the very funny Video at 00:10

#Harry #Potter #Facts #Prisoner #Azkaban #Filming  

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Sadly, Google has caved to the demands of governments to spy on users, so expect the NSA to be monitoring your home automation as well, even unlock your doors if they want easy access.
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