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Hi dear friends,

"The Feelin's Gone" new photo in the Fall album.

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Orton effect :

Cheers - and thanks for your support here on G+

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Woah this is awesome! I love the rich colours and the slight fog.
wonderful colors, so warm... so nice atmosphere...

I love this photo.
I love the color, the framing, the compo.. makes me want to go deeper and deeper through the woods
it looks like a pixie is about to float out of the light in the center. beautiful!
This is a great image. +Benji Sun, I just spent five minutes looking at the middle of this image for arogue pixel! Doh!
Beautiful and mystic. Love it!
Excellent photo - great PP
You have such an amazing and inspiring portfolio! Thanks for sharing!
One of the best forest shot EVER seen my friend!
Amazing album. Love the light and layers in this one, with how it fades into the distant mist.
Loves that the leaves are all one color orange. Beautiful.
wow amazing... love the color .. love the caption
bravo pour ces très belles photos
these are incredibly beautiful, you have a true talent!
Sublime photo.La nature qui nous parle et qui nous interpelle et nous lui répondons par les merveilleux vers du grand poéte Français Anotole France - Objets inanimés avez-vous donc une âme qui s'attache à notre âme et la force d'aimer- Merci à l'artiste.
le hasard qui fait que vos photos sont arrivées sur mon flux, je suis très surprise, et m'a beaucoup plus. elles m'ont attiré mes regards dès la seconde que j'ai ouvert, elles sont surprenantes. les couleurs sont resplendissantes.
Each and everyone BEAUTIFUL!! It's like seeing my childhood memories right before my eyes once more!! Thank you!
LOL, I honestly was going to say this is pure magic and then see the comment above. A very special one my dear friend, thanks for sharing the magic!
Beautiful place. Love the oranges/reds. Great edit.
Excellent color & picture.congrats.
Nan C
That's a too amazing one for words.
Love the colors, it's a wonderful shot!
You always create magical images, Philippe.
Just had a look at your autumn images and had to invent a new category higher than excellent - that would be "jaw-dropping" -many of then I was just left open-mouthed
Mila B
May I paint this photo? It's beautiful
Amazingly beautiful light and composition, Philippe.
Very good photo,
but where please ?
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