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Well, might as well start the roll.

My name is Philippe Paquette and I live in Canada.  Half of my life, I lived in the Province of Québec and half in the Province of Ontario.  I actually own 2 main residences, one in each Province.  We mostly live in our residence in Québec because it is a beautiful new house that I had built to my specifications in 2011 and it is situated on a beautiful sandy private beach in front of a very pristine 16km (10 miles) lake.  (Pristine - it was evaluated again this year as being part of the 5 cleanest large lakes in Quebec among over 400 large lakes in the Province).  On this beach, I also own 4 cottages and since we have 4 children, it gives us a wonderful quality of life.  

My wife and I are both retired (with 3 grand children thus far).   But the more important reason why we prefer living here is because it allows us to concentrate on the Christian work that I do.  (see below).  In the city (Ottawa, Ontario), life is hectic and does not give me the peace and quietness that I get here (on the beach). 

I came to the Lord simply by reading the New Testament when I was 22 years old.  I was not "seeking" Him, I was trying to prove a point to my brother.  Trying to prove that he was wrong in saying to my widowed mother that she was not allowed to re-marry according to the teachings of Jesus.  I instinctively did not believe that so I decided to read the NT to prove him wrong.  I actually stole one.  I was a student and broke.

Well, it did not take time for me to be completely transformed by reading the words of the Lord.  I was still in the first book (Matthew) when I totally surrendered to Him and repented.  To be frank with you, it was difficult, very difficult.  I had an inner battle that I would consider "violent" at the very least.  I did not want HIM... too demanding... and often, I would literally throw my little New Testament with all my might on the walls and simply wept like a baby.  That "fight" lasted for many weeks... but every time I would get back in my bedroom (was living in a Commune at the time and was a student at College), I would get back to my room and there it was.  That horrible little book of power.  It was beyond me.  I had to pick it up and read more lines, more verses and felt completely overwhelmed by the Love of the One I wanted to reject... and the battle continued, throw that damn book away again... and fall asleep crying.

But by the time I got to John, the following words simply ended up my battle on a dime.  I was "taken prisoner"  to Christ instantly.  The words were: "I am the way, the truth and the Life"...  Now that was too powerful.  I said to myself: "This Guy is either a lunatic or He is actually who He says He is"... so I knelt down beside my bed, crying (again) and told Him: "Take me.  I want to serve you until my very last breath".   Remember, I was 22 years old.

I was living with my girlfriend at that time and she became a Christian as well and we decided to stop sharing the same bed until we would get married.  (We have been married and together for 42 years so far).

We had our own meetings and I would invite some of my friends from College.  One by one, they came.  At one point, one of my fellow student and friend shared my conversion to "Christ" to the entire Class of Philosophy and asked the Professor if he could invite me to class to explain my experience.  I did (hesitantly), being so young in the faith and simply "scared like S*&t".  Bible in hand, I addressed my fellow students for 1.5 hours.  Many of them became Believers in Christ and joined our meetings.  At one point, we were so many in our apartment with dogs running around as we shared the word... so many that I was afraid that the floor would collapse. 

Well, as time went by, we started to build a church (physically), and then more (all in French and in Québec).  Then, gifts ($) started rolling in... in the millions and we opened a first Christian Bookstore (that became a Chain of Christian bookstores), started a Charitable Christian organization and published.  I founded a Christian magazine, distributed in over 25 Francophone Countries around the world.  

All of these are still active to this day but I have left this non-denominational Christian Group when "Missionaries" from Europe invaded us and simply "de-naturalized" the people.  They changed our culture into theirs... and that was a devastating blow to the whole movement.  No more freedom of the Spirit.  

So I left (along with others who were then considered the Leaders of our Movement).  This was after a decade of attempting to discuss with the immigrant "Missionaries" but more and more came and we either had to create a division or simply walk. We walked.

Some of those students in College became outstanding Teachers, Preachers and Pastors.  Some are members here.

Currently, I am the Owner of http://www.OkChrist.com and its Blog.  I am also the Owner of this Community on G+ (Christ) and (Jesus) - only starting and the Limited Community called G+ Christian Communities for Owners and Moderators, News for Christians, Bible Prophecies and Moderate Christian Missionaries.

I am also a Film Producer currently working on my 4th movie, my first Feature Film. (Non Christian for now).  My 2 Christian Sons will be directing my next movie.  (I will let you know when it is done - within a year I hope). (Update: for the time being, I had to put a hold on our 4th Film, lack of time on my part - September 2014.

I am 63 years old with a frail health (chronic and genetic) and love helping other Christians or Preaching the good news to everyone that crosses my path.  (It is beyond me, I can't help it).  The work continues by the grace of God and my love for Christ grows daily.

One day, I may translate this for my francophone friends.  Right now, I realized that this Introduction is rather long with my regrets.  

Love you all.  

Philippe Paquette
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