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Philippe Moisan

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Philippe Moisan

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"Why do bad things happen to good people?" That only happened once and He volunteered.
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Philippe Moisan

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You only have a few seconds to make that good first impression. Be confident. Be yourself. Be relaxed.  And don't forget to smile! #firstimpressions  
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Philippe Moisan

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WOW! …. speechless
You’ll love this spiritual version of the popular song ‘Hallelujah.’ When the kids’ chorus kicked in, I completely lost it.
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Philippe Moisan

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My Adopted Bro Bunny..
We wearing a same mask..
Did WE looked Wonderful and Lovely... <3 :D
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Philippe Moisan

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Hawaii spots #hawaii  
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Philippe Moisan

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Daily exercise done!
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Online marketing part time building my SFI business, full time interface developer
Video tutorials, blogging, team leader
  • My SFI business
    Online marketing, present
  • Integration Sante
    integration specialist, present
  • Artefact
    integration specialist, 2007 - 2010
  • Medisolution
    integration specialist, 1999 - 2007
Online marketing part time building my SFI business, helping others build their business with the video tutorials I create about many topics such as Facebook, Google+, APSense, Twitter, WordPresss and much more
I do online marketing part time, building my SFI business. You can join SFI for free.

I also love to talk about self-development: check My Be Proactive Now G+ Page

I love Google+, check my Google+ Tips page with links to awesome articles and resources, as well as many pages of links to Google+ communities to help you build your business.

I work full time as an interface developer for the hospitals in the Quebec province.

I'm married, we have 10-year-old twin boys.

I love reading, especially science-fiction and fantasy novels. I own more than 10,000 superhero comics, Marvel and DC mostly, some others as well.

I'm 49, love rock, classical, country music, even popular music like Madonna.

I'm Catholic. Very opened to other denominations.

"A true teacher is not one with the most knowledge, but one who creates the most teachers."
                               -Neale Donald Walsch

"Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates
the talented individual from the successful one is
a lot of hard work."
                     -Stephen King
Bragging rights
I have created more than 300 videos about online marketing, with topics covering Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, WordPress, video creation, Blogger, and much more.
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