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Don't know if that's just me, but if it could easily be done I would find it nice if the user could switch between the 2 implementations of the Vault (the old one that hides in app and the new one that hides accross all gallery apps) if they wish to do so.

I think the new one is a great feature for those who need it, but it messes with folders when you take in/out of the vault, loads quite a bit slower (when you have lots of pics in it), it makes it hard to share pics from the vault with people (as social/messaging apps won't see them anymore) and if like me, you don't particularly need what it brings to the table, it's not an all-around superior implementation to what was there before.

Being able to choose between pure privacy + few inconveniences and minimum privacy + no inconveniences (AFAIK) would make this great app even better. But once again, that may just be me.

I was wondering, I remember a mention of future Google Photos support from back when it launched, is that still planned?

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Hey everyone !

I need your help, my system doesn't boot anymore. All the details you may need to assist me are on the page I linked here, but I thought posting here might get more people to see it.

Thanks in advance !

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This is this guy's worst season ever...

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If you absolutely want to throw your phone to the wall, this is the best game ever made.

I tried installing r191 (through the Updater app.) on my N4 running Cyanogen's latest nightly, and everything went to crap, the colors were inverted or something, and the phone process was force closing continuously.
I reverted to r188 via the recovery, which was working properly before, on a previous CM nightly, but the issues were still there.

Is that issue known? I re-flashed CyanogenMod (same nightly I was having issues with, no data wipe) without franco.Kernel, and everything got back to a working state, so no harm done.

But should I try to flash franco.Kernel again, or wait until a further release of either the Kernel or the Rom? Was it just a flashing issue, or a bug?

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Voted for the PS4.

Chromebook Pixel, New major Android version, X-Phone, Nexus 7 Revamped, more Google Glass, ...

This +Google I/O certainly looks good already. If half of that turns out to be true, it'll be the best thing since sliced bread. And we're only in Februari...

Can't Wait.
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