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Philippe ABEILLE

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It's America today!
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Dependance Europe?
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Philippe ABEILLE

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Russia along with MANY other countries have banned GMO's..
Yet our country is in bed with Monsanto and friends... and people here read from sources that monsanto and friends support and think GMO's are OK...     NOT!!!
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That's a patently ridiculous claim. America is no perfect society, but it is not, and was not, as bad as the USSR. It's not even close. Things that we get up in arms about occurring occasionally were well known and common tactics in KGB controlled Russia.

There are plenty of countries doing a better job than the US (though generally not with the same scale of population and resources - countries and political agglomerates similar to the US on those scales have their own difficulties) but Russia is not one of them. 

They are also the source of one of a literally textbook example of pseudoscience politics overshadowing established consensus and causing a huge technological delay... in agriculture and breeding of all things. So when Russia, being let by a Soviet Kremlin, tells the world "even we don't want to use GMO crops" it sounds a little like a homeopath making recommendations on medication. 

Now if Russia says "we are starting a push to limit CO2 and increase health by decreasing meat consumption" I'll stand up and take notice.
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Philippe ABEILLE

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Don't Touch the Russian Bear!
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Philippe ABEILLE

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Taxpayers are paying billions of dollars for a swindle pulled off by the world’s biggest banks, using a form of derivative called interest-rate swaps; and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation ...
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