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Infographic: Will A User See My Google+ Post (new version)

Yesterday I saw this great infographic from +Jack Stepanyan. 
(http://goo.gl/BCWk1). Because its outdated (incoming stream) I created a new one which even includes the possibility to post to communities.

I hope you like it. Feel free to share it and have a nice day!

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Why would User A get a notification when I share with a circle that includes User A? (Unless I notify that circle).
Why is there an end-point suggesting that someone can see your post if they visit your public profile?  There is an option in privacy settings to not have your posts show up there.
+Grégory TRIVAL  I'm not sure I get it--so this chart is for people who WANT others to see their posts? Because I came at it looking to understand how you might avoid random people seeing posts that are in theory "public".
Yay !!! Thanks +Philipp Steuer 

Great . But if i share smth to "user A" and  he doesnt added me , that doesnt means he will get notification  . Maybe yes and maybe no , because it depends on how he changed  his account settings (screenshot - http://goo.gl/7ESf7 )
+Coralie Campobasso I came here for the 2 means :).
If something is post with the "public tag", it will be Public, no matter what and someone looking at your profile will see it.

As you seem very concerned with privacy, I can't see any post on your profile, so you're doing well for privacy "against people outside your circles".
+Grégory TRIVAL But you see, I have posted to a Community I'm interested in. A couple of months ago, Google+ announced a new feature allowing people's posts to not be shown in their profile--something I and apparently many others, had requested.  I don't care so much about strangers, I just don't want every person I know to be able to see every interest I have--I like a compartmentalized life. I only began making posts (nothing embarrassing or surprising) after that feature was available. 

I know a couple of my posts have been reshared and I have no control over where they end up, but at least the people in my circles can't see every discussion I initiate that has nothing to do with them.
If you comment in your post mentioning +User (not previously included) in a comment, then that user will get a notification and be able to read the post
This version is clearer than the precious version.

Ryan Ng
Did you paste it to a community? You shouldn't have.
i think the No -> Yes -> No path is not completely correct. I think a user will not get a notification then.
So, nothing I posted publicly is seen by anyone at all without them taking the time to go visit my profile. That would have been nice to know.
+Fred Slocombe If nobody has added you to a circle, then yes...nobody will see your public post unless they visit your profile. If you make a public post, everyone that has you in a circle will see that post. Just like Twitter, you only see the posts from those people you follow.
Are we talking about "will see" or "can see" ? Even if you're uncircled a search could still turn up your posts if public
Yes, public posts will show up in a search. 
+Raymond Andrews Its not for mobile, you re right.

Thanks a lot guy for sharing this! I never thought I could make it to the english whats hot section. Its pretty awesome for my as a little german ;). I hope you have a nice day, everyone!

Feel free to send my direct feedback if you need another Google+ infographic!
+Philipp Steuer Because your post is really helpful for new (and not only new) users of google plus.

keep that way :)
I am going to take a closer look at this later today b/c I can't get to it now, but thanks for the share! (Seeing the amount of comments here should tell google something...)
Very helpful chart! Is there a place where I can get a url for an English version of the chart?

I'd like a way to share this with a friend who is not on G+ yet. When I click on the image it takes me to your German G+ account and Google Translate doesn't translate the text inside the graphic. Thanks.
It's a public post. You can share it to Twitter, Facebook or by email by clicking on the down arrow next to the share post box.
I know how to share it within G+ that way, but what I'd like is a url to the chart itself so I can just send it to friends in an email, or maybe even post a link to it on my site, then use that page on my site as part of an invitation for my subscribers to get into G+ and meet me there. But I can't find a url of the chart in English. Am I making sense, or missing something?
+Rich Young Yes, that url you sent does work. Thank you very much! How did you get that url?
From the desktop, I clicked on the down arrow next to the share post button, clicked on send by email and copied it from that. Even easier if you just send it by email. I don't think you can share to email when using the mobile app.
Thanks for making this!!! Helps a great deal when sharing with new users.
After you click on the image you will see "options" in the lower left side. Clicking on the arrow next to options will give you the download option.
Perfect. Thanks for the opportunity to download it!
This graphic is precisely how I feel when I'm posting to Google+. I have no idea what I'm actually doing, and who will see it... and when I see other's peoples' posts, I'm often not sure why I can see it....
Another tip:
You can use the mouse wheel to zoom into the infographic directly in Google+ :)
This community thingy was helpful for me, hushhhh how can I just missed it... Many thanks +Jaana Nyström :-)
Great and useful! One correction +Philipp Steuer - While the very most popular What's Hot posts may be seen by everyone on G+, most of anyone's What's Hot these days is highly personalized. No two people see the same things. A post can go "mini-hot" among people that you circle, and it will show up in your What's Hot.
+Kim Kröger When you include a specific circle, it notifies people in that circle, in the top right notifications of the G+ screen. The checkbox is for email notifications as well.
Added to my blog:
I'm not sure it's correct. Starting at the top and following the no arrow. Let me see if I understand this;

I don't share direct to person A;
I share to a circle person A is added to;
Person A does not have me circled;
Person A receives a notification. <, wrong

That's how I followed the flow chart for that scenario. It doesn't work like that though does it?

If I share to my circles and they don't have me in their circles they don't receive an automatic notification do they?

Am I missing something here +Philipp Steuer?

People don't receive notifications from those not in their circles.
+Malcolm Oakley you are correct. Unless the sender has that person in a circle they post to and they check the "send email also to this circle" (which also sends a regular notification, whether or not the receiver has you circled. 
Isn't this getting a little too granular? what ever happened to just good old fashioned sharing stuff you like without analysis...
+Philipp Steuer - Hi, are you going to correct the errors in the graphic, as mentioned by myself earlier in this thread?

It would really help new people to Google+ to have an accurate drawing.
Bottom line here: Until we have Analytics for our personal and pages on G+, that shows us Impressions (the number of times our posts were seen in our followers feeds) we can only guess about this. *What we need is Page Insights like Facebook supplies >>> https://plus.google.com/107656088609554509650/posts/fxKSNAWgVDa

Until then we just wonder if anyone is out there when posts seem to get no traction.
need a thing where we can save this as a reference on g+
It's sad to say how the whole process looks very tricky. I mean Google should make it easier for people to make sure that they are only showing the things that they want to show to the audience of their choice.

With how it looks like, it seems that you can purposefully not share your post to to a user and think that that specific user won't see it but down the line they will.
+Spook SEO It's easier to just post 99% of your shared content as public. I rarely share to Circles instead of just posting public. Then let the chips fall where they may!
+Philipp Steuer Hi, thanks for this graphic. I've spent a good deal of time trying to FULLY understand it. Not because its not well done, It is well done. Just a complex situation.

i have a question, when use he word "Directly" do you mean they sent it to a circle that they have you included in? 
+Malcolm Oakley  +Mark Traphagen Also, did you notice that this flowchart implies that posting to extended circles is pointless? Consider:
- No: I don't share directly with User A
- No: I did not share with a circle with User A in it
- Yes: I do share with 'extended circles'
- Yes: There is a user (User B) in my circles who has User A in his circles

At this point I'd expect User A to see my post, because I posted it to my extended circles, which is where he is located. But the graphic says he won't see it.

So, is the graphic right and is posting to extended circles meaningless, or does +Philipp Steuer have 2 things to edit in this otherwise useful image?
Posting to Extended Circles has extremely limited reach, but is not "useless."

The most fundamental thing to remember is that no one sees your posts in their stream unless they have you circled. So posting to EC makes the post visible to people you have circled and people in their circles who also have you circled. Is that clear?
Thanks +Mark Traphagen  that helps.
For someone in my EC to see my post they still have to have circled me.
Of course, given they have circled me, they'd also see my post:
- if I posted to Public
- if I posted to Your Circles (YC) AND I had them circled.

So Extended Circles only becomes relevant when it is a question of being read by people:
- who have circled me,
- but I have not circled them
- but we have both circled a 3rd party?

Subtle difference! I wonder how many people do/realise this?

Anyway, good news for +Philipp Steuer - one less issue to address in the image ;)
Yes. Can you tell Google+ was designed by engineers? ;-)
ok, so based on this, I designed a 2 entries table : http://goo.gl/W4a1x4
x -> how I set the post
y -> how I set user A
any correction ? (comments are publicly allowed)
Love your infographic...perfect
David B
Nice infographic. It's very detailed.
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