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Philipp Kern
SRE, Coffee addict, Debian developer
SRE, Coffee addict, Debian developer

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Letztes Mal, als ich in Speedport-Quellen reingeschaut habe, waren die Kommentare auf Chinesisch. Ich bin mir sicher, die Telekom hat da Spezialisten fuer.

So how do people do spam filtering these days? SpamAssassin's ruleset seems to be broken, as it assigns much too few points to many of the rules. Supposedly that is because they validate the rules against a spam corpus and auto-balance their points based off it. I tried to fix up some of its more egregious flaws (like bumping Pyzor and URIBL-based checks), but it's not enough. And then I guess spammers are also validating their content against the default configuration.

For my personal mail I can sort of deal with heavy use of bayes-based filtering. But I also wonder how to deal with more heterogeneous mail. Of course I already use RBLs (NiX spam, Spamhaus, SORBS) at the MTA level before even passing the mail down to SA (which does its own checks). That's pretty effective but unfortunately not enough.

Ironically the mails that I want to get rid of are not detected as spam by Expurgate either and mostly arrive at multiple of my accounts at roughly the same time. You'd think that this would be an excellent application of Pyzor.

I just wondered why TSA Pre didn't work: Turns out when you have a middle name, you really need to have it in the flight reservation. The last time I flew to the US it was part of the reservation because the travel agency put it there. This time the booking via did not contain it. Something to watch out for.

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Und was passiert jetzt als nächstes? Frauke Petry als Kanzler?

Saudi Arabia is asking for the religion on immigration and you are required to state one. Just sayin', USA. Prior art exists for what Trump's planning.

I accidentally rented a two bedroom apartment just for myself. Not sure what to say. From the hotel(!) rates I saw this looked cheap-ish (not that anything in that location is cheap). Plot twist: Huge apartment with a kitchen but doesn't come with its own laundry machine. The only appliance I'll need.

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GEMA gibt auf: nach den letzten verlorenen Prozessen schließt die GEMA einen Lizenzierungsvertrag mit Youtube. Schon wenige Dekaden nach den Rest der Welt darf auch Deutschland jetzt Musikvideos gucken. 

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Happy Halloween!
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