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Autumn in Bern

Herbst in Bern. "Spaziergang" mit Bike
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US Political Compass. Not what you would call balanced.

See also.
And this is why libertarians tend to like Sanders Relative to the rest of the options he's by far more libertarian, even though he's dead center.

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Science as a method vs. Science as a belief system.

The 10 Dogmas/assumptions of scientice. The science Delusion

Dogmatic materialism is not science! The problem with dogmas are, that people don't realize that they have dogmas, they believe it's simply the truth.

This TED Talk was quite ironically banned because it didn't fit the general narrative.

Comments welcome!

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Akzeptable Werbung? Aufgepasst! Dahinter steckt ein riesen Geschäft!

Acceptable Ads? Watch out! This is a huge Business!

Ich habe jetzt zu uBlock Origin für Firefox und für Chrome gewechselt.

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«The individual can be wiser than the crowd»

Great read on the Problems of the Internet and crowd-sourced knowledge bases.

Dynamic reference work:
Authoritative: √
Comprehensive: √
Up-to-date: √

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Sehr schöner Film über Freies Lernen ohne Schule. Beeindruckend finde ich vor allem das Selbstbewusstsein der Kinder. Die Aussagen der Kinder sind oft sehr präzise, differenziert und original.
Die Fähigkeit, sich bei Bedarf notwendiges Wissen selbst anzueignen ist aus meiner Sicht viel wichtiger als das Wissen selbst. Wissen veraltet, Lernkompetenz nicht.

#unschooling   #freelearning   #FreiesLernen  

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Wonderful film about old wisdom of hawaii, nature, food and industry.
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