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Philip Vinogradov
Director of Technology, Google Certified Teacher, Dad, Pokemon Trainer #Gamification
Director of Technology, Google Certified Teacher, Dad, Pokemon Trainer #Gamification


Does anyone know what the end ofG+ means for Google groups and all the GEGs?

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Anyone participating in Global Collaboration Week?

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The original gamification of education. I learned to read because of D&D :)

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Super excited for Course Kit! We adopted an LMS because Classroom lacked necessary features and a parent portal (to see content and curriculum in one place). Facilitating feedback as work unfolds is the best part of Classroom in my opinion, and the process has been fine in Schoology, but extra steps are required for drive integration. Course Kit will allow LMS users to incorporate the best features of Classroom within our LMS.

Deprovisioning Thousands of Chromebooks?
We are doing a huge refresh this summer, and need to deprovision about 2000 chromebooks. Our users are in different OUs, but our Chromebooks are in one OU. Is there a way to use a csv of serial numbers to deprovision chromebooks en masse?
Thank you

Hello All, After a three year run with Acer c740's we are looking to upgrade 2500 devices, and have settled on convertible devices, with touchscreens. We've evaluated a range of models and it's between the Acer 751T and the Lenovo 300e or 500e. The Lenovo are considerably less expensive and we will have a solid 3rd party ADP with either. Before switching manufacturers, I'd love to hear any Lenovo impressions you have one way or another. Thanks.

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Can't make the event at IU13? We want to invite you and your colleagues to Google’s ​Applied Digital Skills​ training on May 12, 2018 from 9:00am - 1:00pm at Upper Dublin High School. This is a NO-COST event.

​This free digital literacy curriculum, which is part of our ​Grow with Google​ initiative, helps learners obtain new digital skills using G Suite so that they can prepare for job and life situations. ​The training is intended to get you up and running with the online program and all we ask is that you bring it back to use with your students by having them engage in some of the units or the whole course! This event is to help technology teachers, school administrators, media specialists, and others get comfortable with the curriculum and tailor it to their specific learners’ needs. ​

If you’re interested in learning more about how the curriculum fits into your programming, we ask that you join us for this training and​ ​RSVP here​. More on the program can be found at this link:

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For districts using Schoology as an LMS, the new Google Drive Assignment app is a great first step, but only accomplishes some of the efficiencies of Classroom. I am trying to escalate this priority for the Schoology team and made a video to highlight potential improvements. If you are a Schoology+GSuite school, please consider submitting this video in the support forum and feature request forum.

An issue with All-Staff group calendar invites. We used to be able to enter an invite in Calendar, and the event would appear on users Calendars with an option to accept or not. Now we see this message:

Group members will not be automatically added to this event

You do not have permission to see the members of this group.
To automatically add this event to members' calendars you will first have to request access from the group's owner.
Otherwise, members will receive an email invitation but will have to add it manually to their calendar. You also won't be able to see invitation responses and the event won't keep up with group membership changes.

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GSuite & Schoology/Canvas/other LMS?

Google classroom is an amazing file management tool, but leaves much to be desired. It is facilitates teachers providing feedback as work unfolds, but guardian notifications are limited, and it does not provide a single pane of glass for teachers, students, parents, and admins on the many dimensions of teaching and learning the way a full LMS does.
As the Director of Technology for my district I've supported the adoption of Schoology to support that single plane of glass, and build efficiencies, like grade book to SIS integration. While we gain those efficiencies, we lose some intuitive workflows.
If your school or district uses GSuite and an LMS, please join us for a conversation Thursday at 3pm.
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