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Philip Vinogradov
Director of Technology, Google Certified Teacher, Dad, Pokemon Trainer #Gamification
Director of Technology, Google Certified Teacher, Dad, Pokemon Trainer #Gamification

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Hello Friends,

Recently Google approached me about hosting a regional leadership summit at Upper Dublin School District. I explained to them that GSuite districts succeed because of our shared values of collaboration and exchange of lessons learned and best practices. Rather than focus on the UDSD story, I proposed a summit where regional though leaders facilitated discussions and resource sharing around the most salient topics with respect to personalized learning in the digital age. Google was enthusiastic about the concept, and so we are planning a one day summit for September 28 2017, sponsored by Google and hosted at UDSD.

The framework for the day would be a variety of focused facilitated discussions (40 minutes) around specific topics that are most salient to leaders supporting transformative practice in 21st century teaching and learning. I would be so appreciative if you would consider facilitating one of the round-table discussions that day (we will have multiple rotations so that you and any team members you bring can attend multiple sessions). This google form lists various topics and also provides the opportunity for you to propose additional topics of interest to you.

Thank you so much!

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Is anyone using CTL Chromebooks that can speak to their accidental damage service? We are looking at the ctl-nl61tx. Currently we have Acer c740s and 738T. We were going to move forward with the 738Ts but the price has risen while the processor has been depreciated. Comparing Dell and HP as well.

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Love these full courses and teacher training opportunities form Anyone apply for the free teacher training in 17/18?

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Has anyone heard if Google has plans for touch chromebooks to be able to use Google drawings? I've tested on multiple models and while sites like sketchpad work fine, google drawings will not work (ironically Google drawings works fine on a Microsoft surface touchscreen).

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What Ad Block do you deploy on Chrome Devices? We are having issues with UBlock Origin blocking some apps we use (Quizzez, Zearn, etc.)
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UBlock Origin
AdBlock Plus

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We would like to limit younger students from adding a personal gmail account on our chromebooks. Seems like one can only do this via a proxy. I would have thought this was possible in the Admin console.

Lightspeed users: Starting October 15 we are having huge delays with students getting to google services (classroom, Drive, etc). Anyone else notice this? Did google update it's required whitelist urls?

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So I am super excited about explore, but PLEASE BRING BACK THE RESEARCH FUNCTIONALITY IN DOCS.
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