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pol/energy/global warming is from weakening magnetic field:

. here is an edited and commented
transcript of an interview of Tarek Niazi
explaining how the global warming
and the increase of earthquakes
are both caused by a weakening magnetosphere
caused by magnetic pole reversal .

Tarek S. Niazi is the author of the book 
"More Than 60 Minutes: When Earth Stands Still".
[some of the book is free at his website]
he has an MS in EE and CS; 25years with IBM;
[he has a TEDx talk here ].
. the book proves that global warming
is mostly not man-made .

. what's happening here is more than climate change,
but also a pole reversal, with more earthquakes .
-- hence it is called earth changes .

. earthquakes of magnitude greater than 6
have increased dramatically,
from below 10 before 2001,
to between 20 and 50 (2002 to 2009).

. the axis of rotation is 23.44 deg from the vertical;
the axis of the magnetic pole is 
11.3 deg from the axis of rotation.
. the rotation pole angle is constant;
whereas the magnetic pole wanders
but it never aligns with rotation pole .

. notice up north is the south magnetic pole;
and if the north pole was in the north
the earth would flip direction,
so that the sun comes from the west not the east .

. notice the ice cap is at the magetic pole,
and not the pole of rotation;
and warming of the planet is associated with
the distance from the magnetic pole,
more so than from closeness to the sun .
. the ice cap shifts with the mag'pole;
so while there has been some melting,
there has also been new ice formation
from 1979 to 2003 .

. could that be why european climate is colder?
also the rotation of the jet stream has changed .

. the m'pole drifts 4 times faster than before,
and the m'field has weakened by 10%
which leads to global warming .

. obviously much of the temp'variation belts
(equatoral, mild, arctic) are due to 
the geo'tilt that creates the 4 seasons,
but also look at this example:
. on dec 21 (winter solstice)
the part of earth that is closest the sun
is the tropic of capricorn;
yet, the temp' of that place
is less than at the equator
in spite of it being closer to the sun, 
receiving rays at a right angle, and having longer daylight .

. similarly temp's at the tropical belt (near the equater)
is warmer than the middle altitude belt 
even though both locations are situated
at the same distance and angle of projection from the sun .
[. what this data suggests so far is that 
the mechanism producing the magnetosphere 
is doing something that transfers heat 
from it's polar regions to its central region .]

. as the sun emits charged particles,
such as electrons and protons,
the protons are captured at the thermosphere layer
thanks to the magnetic field;
unable to penetate the magnetic field .
[. as the geo magnetic field weakens,
there is a change in the path of the charged particles:
they are being stopped deeper in the atmosphere
where the air is denser and heat transfer is greater .]

[layers of atmosphere:
Exosphere: >700 km (>440 miles)
Thermosphere: 80 to 700 km (50 to 440 miles)
Mesosphere: 50 to 80 km (31 to 50 miles)
Stratosphere: 12 to 50 km (7 to 31 miles)
Troposphere: 0 to 12 km (0 to 7 miles)]

The temperature of the thermosphere
can rise as high as 1,500 °C (2,700 °F), 
though the gas molecules are so far apart 
that the thermosphere would still feel extremely cold;
[ nevertheless, there is a significant radiative heat
coming from the thermosphere warming earth .]

. the sun's emissions include more than rays
some of which get absorbed by the ozone layer;
it also emits electrons absorbed by
the earth's outer magnetic field;
and, it emits protons absorbed by
the earth's inner magnetic field .
. these fields are shaped like a doughnut
with the donut's hole pointing to the poles .

. the troposphere is 17km wide from surface of earth;
after that is the stratosphere (100km wide)
finally there is the thermosphere layer (800km wide)
. now as you get higher in the troposphere
the temp' gets much colder,
but once you get very high, into the thermosphere,
there is much more heat
due to absorbing energy from the charged particles .
[. climate change is said to be about green house gasses,
but ] here in the thermosphere, it is oxygen and nitrogen 
[ the most abundant gasses ]
that are absorbing the most heat from the protons 
that bounce from pole to pole after coming from the sun .
. most of the thermal energy coming at us
is coming not from the sun but the thermosphere,
[ although of course what powers the thermosphere 
are the invisble charged particles from the sun .]

. the thermosphere's temp' depends on 
distance from the magnetic poles:
2000C near equator, 500 C near poles .
-- the equatoral region is where there is a major change in 
the direction of the charged particles .
. the radiant energy that reaches the surface of the earth
from the thermosphere is 1500 times more 
than what comes directly from the sun .

. if there were no magnetic field,
it would be much colder because,
there would not be as much movement of 
charged particles through the atmosmosphere .

. the magnetic field has weakened by 5% in 30years,
and 10% in the last 150years;
-- that's relevant to global warming;
the weaker the magnetic field gets,
the faster the protons move 
back and forth between the m'poles .
[ why would they move faster for a weaker field?
I figured the additional heating effect
would come from the protons going through
a denser part of the atmosphere
since a weaker m'field is a smaller m'field,
reaching only to a lower part of the atmosphere,
where the air is more dense,
so there are more molecules to bump into .]

. the rotation speed of earth depends upon 
[ the mechanism producing the magnetic field ].
. clues are that the speed can vary
and no conventional theory can explain that .

[also, the sun rotates:
. the sun and planets both rotate;
do they have similar interiors? ]

. due to rotation there is a bulge in earth;
the central diameter is 43km longer than
the diameter measured from across the poles .
. there is a triple difference in bulge
between the inner and outer cores of the earth:
force = mass * [angular velocity]^2 * radius
and the shape of a rotating thing 
depends upon force and viscosity
or how fluid the object is .

source of the magnetic field:
. the conventional theory holds that
the inner core ejects electrons into the outer core
where they move in helical paths
at right angles to the rotation axis,
and when there are moving electons
that forms a m'field perp to the electron path .
. however,
the earth magnetic field cannot result from
the electrons spiraling in the viscous outer core;
for 2 reasons:
1: it is not aligned with the earth's rotation,
in fact there is no geological record showing
that the magnetic and geographical poles ever aligned;
. knowing the outer core is oblate(flattened at the poles
so it's major axis is longer than its vertical axis)
it's obvious electrons would move along the major axis
crowding along the equator in a helical path
at right angle to the rotation axis .
[moved by spin?
but we're talking about what makes it spin!]
. if this is so, and knowing a m'field is
induced at a right angle to the electron path,
then the m'field will be parallel to the rotation axis
and the summation of all these magnetic lines,
will be centered around the rotation axis
so we would expect that the m'pole and geo'pole
would coincide, but this has never happened .

2: the magnetosphere is not observed as a
pair of opposite fields:
. the coriolis principle tells us that 
moving particles in a rotating liquid
spiral in 2 opposite directions:
to the right in the northern hemisphere,
and to the left in the southern .
. so if we have electrons swimming in the outer core;
in the upper half of the outer core
I should expect the electron path to be anti-clockwise;
and, clockwise in the lower half .
. then we would expect to observe
2 m'fields on the surface of the planet;
but we have only one .
. the inner core must be the source of our m'field;
the inner core is much observed by
the shifting of the magnetic poles
as well as the increase in earthquakes .

. mercury has a m'field
yet it doesn't have an outer core:
the m'field is coming from the inner core .

. so why do we always have such a gap
between the m'pole and the rotation pole ?
the earth has a 3-magnet configuration;
2 current-induced magnets (electromagnets)
have their north end pointing to surface,
and south pointing to core;
both lie immoble along the rotation axis
[ formed by rotation? ]
. then between the 2 electromagnets is
1 perm'magnet that emanates from the inner core;
the electromagnets are not strong eno' to
flux out of the earth;
only the perm'magnet is strong eno' to do so .
. this configuration is such that
one electromagnet is pulling on the core;
but the other is pushing away from the core;
the push keeps the perm'magnet from
being aligned with the rotation axis .

what makes the earth rotate?:
. if you have an electric current
moving in a magnetic field you'll get a lorentz force
using the left hand rule:
. the force is at right angle with respect to
the plane of the electric current and m'field .
. the lorentz force is proportional to 
the strength of the electric current,
the strength of the magnetic field,
and the angle that exists between
the e'current and the m'field .
. the lorentz force is found in motors .

. when electrons flow from the inner core
that means an electric curent is flowing 
into the inner core .
. electrons swim along the major axis
so that directs the magnetic flux along the minor axis,
and the left hand rule means we have right-ward torque .

[William Gilbert:
It is an uncanny fact that the Earth's magnetic axis
is close to its rotation axis;
William Gilbert 1603 (astronomer)
saw it as evidence that rotation and magnetism
arose from the same source:
"Diurnal motion is due to causes which have
now to be sought, arising from 
magnetick vigour and from the confederated bodies."
Gilbert thus believed 
the Earth rotated because it was magnetic.]

why does the torque vary?:
. according to the lorentz force,
there is variation in the current
or the magnetic field .
. while the earth's current is constant,
a changing m'field can be causing
a stopping or reversing of rotation .
. such a stoppage has been documented
in the bible:

exodus 10:
22 And when Moses' hand was stretched out, 
dark night came over all the land of Egypt 
for three days;

joshua 10:
12 It was on the day when the Lord
gave up the Amorites into the hands of
the children of Israel
that Joshua said to the Lord, 
before the eyes of Israel, 
Sun, be at rest over Gibeon; 
and you, O moon, in the valley of Aijalon.
13 And the sun was at rest
and the moon kept its place
till the nation had given punishment to their attackers. 
(Is it not recorded in the book of Jashar?) 
So the sun kept its place 
in the middle of the heavens,
and was waiting, and did not go down, 
for the space of a day.

. if the earth reverses rotation
there will be tsunamis hitting the coast .
. many usa gov depts are moving to 
the Denver Colorado, high above sea level,
and in the center of the continent .

what makes the inner core tilt and get weaker?
. an unknown planet may be coming by 
[wouldn't we have seen it by now
since it is close eno to affect our magnetics?;
so he has no idea why .]
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Philip Torrance

commented on a video on YouTube.
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pol/purges/wwIII/True History and Purpose of NASA:
. this film theorizes the moon landing hoax was to
prove aliens could travel in space,
and could reach this planet;
then there will be an alien invasion hoax using holograms .
. assuming the moon landing was a hoax
it was to fuel the cold war pride;
and as for a alien invasion hologram hoax,
have you seen Dr.Judy Wood's explanation
of the 9/11 towers being dustified?
it's proof the usa has mastered the Hutchison effect,
which includes free energy and anti-gravity control,
so they have the technology to engineer flying saucers;
and with their beam weapons and saucers
they will be indistinguishable from aliens,
and they will be here by Fall 2016,
according to prophesy of the end times .
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Philip Torrance

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low melatonin may cause #obesity
5.14: news. health /low melatonin may cause obesity: summary: . there are 2 types of body fat: white used for energy storage, and brown for generating heat . . sedentary people on high-calorie diets can still remain thin because calories are being burned fo...
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Thanks as always for you tireless, auste research.  I think I will try this product.
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Philip Torrance

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Jonathan Cahn`Shemitah and Jubilee patterns #wwIII
(pol, purges, WWIII, 911neocons, Judaism, Armegeddon, )
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Philip Torrance

commented on a video on YouTube.
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. how to get along with mom's who 
feed their kids cake and pizza?
I love it! do what's right
even though it's going to hurt .
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Philip Torrance

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news.pol/911truther/Tom Bearden knows how the Hutchison effect works:
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#Judaism The Purpose of Exile (and Suffering)
7.3: news. relig/judaism /The Purpose of Exile (and Suffering): summary: . just as the Israelites built wealth in Egypt, the current exile has spread Jewish talent into all the world in order to build far more wealth than what could be had from being confin...
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Philip Torrance

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#healthcare Chemical Safety Act #help congress
The Frank R. Lautenberg Chemical Safety for the 21st Century Act 
is our best chance in a generation to solve this problem.
But some are supporting provisions that would
make us less safe from dangerous chemicals.
These provisions would allow new chemicals on the market
without meeting a basic safety threshold, 
let companies continue to make trade secret claims
to hide health information, and—most shockingly—
create a virtually unlimited opportunity for the chemical industry
to decide which chemicals get reviewed by EPA.
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Philip Torrance

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Sudden Unexpected Infant Deaths
5.28: web. health /Sudden Unexpected Infant Deaths: 7.1: summary : Sudden Unexpected Infant Deaths have been reduced substantially; but there is still danger from letting kids sleep in car seats . . there is a crib device that simulates a car ride, so no ne...
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#Jesus as #global king #wwIII
6.29: summary : . there is a good chance usa will win wwIII, and it could still fulfill the prophesy that  the god of gods  becomes universally recognized . . whoever becomes the global king, they will be in power because of Israel and Jesus; and, that make...
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Philip Torrance

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Jonathan Cahn`Shemitah and Jubilee patterns #wwIII
6.26: news. pol/purges/wwIII/ Jonathan Cahn`Shemitah and Jubilee patterns: . Rabbi Jonathan Cahn uses a study of the Shemitah and the Jubilee, to pinpoint the climax of wwIII . . here is an edited transcript of his Prophecy in the News Jun 8, 2015: . the Sh...
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Philip Torrance

commented on a video on YouTube.
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news.pol/911neocons/perhaps the "jet impacts" were beam weapons too:
. it shows that just before the 2nd tower got hit,
(which was said to be a jet impact
but looked more like an explosives charge)
the 1st tower had a minor explosive too just before then
as if the beam weapons exploding the hole in the 2nd tower
were also rapidly heating the air in the 1st tower
and blowing smoke out the window from the existing fire .
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