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Looks like we have Google+ vanity URLs everybody :-)

Mine is:
Mat Bennett's profile photoTristan Bailey's profile photoPhilip Sheldrake's profile photoSamuel Crocker's profile photo
ok - that's freaky but it does
maybe . version working too now, maybe its updating at the moment
Potential concern/downside (I'm guessing it only works for people that registered with G+)... pretty easy way to find people's addresses?
Can't see vanity URLs for g+ pages yet either. Unless anyone else has wind of this?
Very interesting indeed... guessing they are default being dropped into G+ against their better judgement :-p. As far as the pages go I don't think it will work because all pages must belong to an admin/owner and that is all set up with the Admin's email address if I remember correctly. I'm sure there would be ways around this but I think if you were strictly playing by the book this would preclude this functionality for pages at the moment.
Interesting as names aren't unique. Seems some people have them, others don't.
Strange indeed, what I've seen so far is that it is whatever your Gmail address is (for those that have them) so for some it might be first.last, others last.first, others still /randomemail25... that appears to be how it works and should cover off the concern you raise. Someone shared this with me on Twitter: which may help clarify
Didn't know that. Every day is a school day!
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