#BAFact: Almost every star you see with your naked eye is <1000 light years away…and the galaxy is 100,000 light years wide.

When you look up at the night sky, it seems it's filled with stars. But you're only seeing a tiny, tiny fraction of all the stars in the Milky Way. Our galaxy is a disk 100,000 light years across, and with only a handful of exceptions, all the stars you see are less than 1000 light years away. Most are far closer than that! At best, you're seeing a few thousand stars out of the hundreds of billions in the Milky Way, a paltry fraction of 0.000003%! 

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Sounds like you've just gotten to the space stage of Spore. :)
Rich W.
...just reeeeeemember that you're standing on a planet that's revolving
And revolving at 1000 miles an hour...
It boggles the mind. Well mine anyways :-) 
Mankind probably won't ... despite our best efforts.
i bet it would be cool to look at that stoned.
meh do people still say stoned?  >_<
they do do martin, well i do anyway lol
Amazing to contemplate what else is out there.
Thanks. Just when I was starting to feel good about myself.
KK Zero
oooooo i luv space facts
That's cool......love that picture....
God's creation is awe striking!
Awesome, and extremely mind blowing. Though our milky may is but a spec in a really vast universe
No Accident at all, there is purpose in every aspect of our universe
Billions and billions of stars
It is an artist impression of what has been discovered so far. amazingly this is the milky way, usually measured in light years, study the universe and measurements begin to go into "parsecs", Google it
It is still amazing...with today's technology ! Can't wait for tomorrow.
Looks like somebody is trying to mentally prepare for a stint in the Total Perspective Vortex.
oh ffs! can someone at google make a fork of this where no stupid god stuff is ever allowed? pleeease!?
+Anesu Mnyulwa yeah real image. some god guy pulled out his iphone and made a snapshot. ...like a gazillion lightyears ago. then he up- or rather down-loaded - to stick with the theme - it back to earth for our viewing pleasure, where it just arrived. ><
Its hard to think when i see the stars that we have this small earth a speck in the milky way how it all works? I think God is dark engery dark matter that keeps things togeather but man needs faith to keep his owen selfneed?
Lots of stars . . . and now we know most have planets orbiting them.  That means Lots and Lots of planets.  This is probably the only one with intelligent life, right?  I mean how intelligent do you have to be to figure those odds?
With the planets in line does it change the star alignment? Beautiful
This is the kind of fact which hooks me on shit like star wars..just rretroo
Actually. That's not the milky way. And our sun is located much further out on one of the "arms".
And our galaxy is just one of millions upon billions of galaxies. As far as we've seen so far.
!Simply poof its gone!
M I N D B L O W N 
The complexity of the Universe proves the existence of God.
The simplicity of the Universe proves the existence of God.

You'll believe anything that amazes you must be from God, +mostafa bozorgan nia. Maybe it's just, you know, nature?
Anyone have a idea or theory of what could be in the middle of our Milky Way? +Philip Plait this was very interesting, learn something new each day.
IMO. Considering how mind-numbingly vast the universe is - that someone can contribute it's creation to a "god" - is just plain stupid.
Think about this: There are more stars in our universe than the number of sand grains from every beach on Earth.
If this is powerful wait to known the creator of everythings the all mighty God Jesuscrist
+Shawn Twitty  According to general scientific analysis. The center of a galaxy must be a whirling vortex of incredible gravitational forces, black holes and searingly scorching radiation.
WOW i didn't know that , but know i do
Why do religious people have to ruin everything by assigning divinity to nature? I thought that stopped when we ceased to think of earthquakes and tornadoes as the wrath of the gods. I'm a theist, but I'm not fucking dumb. If God created this, he did one hell of a job. If he didn't, or there isn't one, then it looks pretty darn good anyway.
Chocolate and creamy Caramel in the middle of every Milky Way.
Great shot Phil ! Can you imagine the zip codes 'tween here & there?!? I have a goto Dobsonian...Happy NewYa

Yeah good old jesus and his team of star-making cherubins
We are definitely not alone... 
Wow, never really thought about that
DAVID, be assured that GOD is there and u need to open ur mind so that u can accept this.
Neil A
infinity is at the center of the milky way probably. But i dont think the  human mind can understand infinity.
Did I not say I was a theist, +Mycroft Holmes? Go shitpost somewhere else.

+John Kusedyo, prove it to me and I'll believe wholeheartedly. Otherwise, I'd prefer to keep my mind open, contrary to what you think open-mindedness is.
+John Kusedyo be assured that there is no god, and you need to open your mind so you can accept this fact, and live a free and happy live mkay?

it's like when you were 5 and ran off to mum or dad every time you had a question. Just now you're 15 or 50 or what do i know, and when your mum and dad stopped beeing the universal source of knowledge and answers for your questions you invented, or rather fell for someone elses invention of, a god, that supposed to be reason and cause for everything?
way to kill curiousity and drive to find things out.
if everyone always believed in god and just thought oh well things are the way they are because some master pupetteer made them that way, we'd be running after animals and "infidels" with sticks and stones, and burn "witches" still, and you'd not even ever see or hear of something like that.
how much longer before we're engulf in that center??? a thousand light years perhaps?
Patrick Q
Far out in the uncharted backwaters of the unfashionable end of the western spiral arm of the Galaxy lies a small unregarded yellow sun. Orbiting this at a distance of roughly ninety-eight million miles is an utterly insignificant little blue-green planet whose ape-descended life forms are so amazingly primitive that they still think digital watches are a pretty neat idea.
Wikipedia says that our galaxy contains 200 - 400 billion stars so let's average that to 300 billion.
Let's suppose that there were a photographic atlas of every star in the galaxy and you wanted to look at each one for one second.  To do this would require 9,500 YEARS !!!  This really puts Phil Plait's posting in perspective don't you think?
Sure looks like the earth is being pulled down something resembling a drain
I'm not the only person reading this to the tune from The Meaning of Life, am I?
Just curious. Why do we need to make the connection that someone who believes in God the Creator must be stupid or dumb?

I'm curious because I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry-Biology, am close to earning a Masters Degree in Educational Technology, and I believe in Jesus Christ and that the universe was created by God who I will never fully understand while I live on this earth.
+David Pelton its because gravity causes centripetal force, therefore, everything "swirls".
Everybody believed in something......so if i believe god do this i don't think i hurt anybody .....verdad????
Maybe the dude who took these measurements is somehow related to the Mayan idiot who predicted the end of the world in 12/21/12.  I am just saying.
Rawn Rackers:
Buur, listen to the wind blow
+David Pelton There is no preferred direction in space. No "up" or "down" or "left" or "right". Circular objects are the most directionally neutral. So all things being equal, a mass will usually resolve itself into a spherical kind of shape over time.
+Jerry Dugan knowledge (as in studied) isn't intelligence (as in finding things out, and "connecting the dots" to define new facts based on accepted facts).
That beeing said and very much simplified, nobody says it's stupid to believe in god. But it's hindering developement if you always aim for the simple answer (god did it), instead of accepting that you can't find the answer (yet), and have to try harder.
Man, I love when sudo intellectuals try to sound smart.... Just one questions. If it takes 1000 light years to see another star, and the to cross the Galaxy 100,000 ... how do we know, how this thing really looks like.  Or... another question.... Maybe it is 100000000000000 light years? Love when mush heads talk about "facts" about speculations.  The only FACT is that, before I left home this morning  I took a dump... a very solid one at that, and the sun was very bright when I looked outside. 
No wonder Al Gore was able to convince the mush heads to give him a Noble prize for ... a hoax, It is NOT a photo. It is a Photoshopped graphic design - significant difference.  

Otherwise.. peace to everyone. :)
+David Pelton Well, technically electron's don't "orbit" the nucleus. But as for planets, they orbit in an ellipse with the sun at one of the focii.
That's amazing to think about...
+Bogdan Szuta Wow - did you study science in school? Or do you know absolutely anything about astronomy?
+Bogdan Szuta it's "pseudo", sudo is something else entirely. If you had a sudo for real life you could basically play "god". haha...

also nobody claimed it's an actual picture, and nobody in their right mind would even for a second assume it is.
The universe is so massive...
+David Pelton What we call "gravity" is merely the bending of space time. In reality everything moves in a line that conforms to the contours of space - a la The General Theory of Relativity with is essentially a theory of gravity, nothing more and nothing less.
What about the stars that died long before the light reached our sight.
N. N8v
Space is awesome... too bad none of us commenting now will ever see it
Finally, something that the word "Awesome" actually applies to. 
Its miracle to see them at close quarters
+Wade Mintz I think this particular photo is a computer generated image of the Milky Way based on a variety of calculations.
Hmm didn't know our galaxy was so perfectly shaped. 
Some people believe that aliens have been to earth, how can anyone travel at the speed of light for say 60000 years. Ppffttt...
I guess in free space small things get pulled in by bigger and/or
more massive things
its hardly perfect but i dont pretend to understand it.
Amazing -- Even crazier is the idea that the Milky Way is just ONE of hundreds of billions of galaxies (maybe more).  Imagine all of the Earth like planets out there... and then imagine all of the other none Earth like planets where different forms of life may be proven to crop up!
I've never heard of a person who thinks we are stuck to the Earth by sheer weight of air. Well, not a person over the age of 5. That wouldn't explain why astronauts didn't float off the moon, would it? Or didn't they really go there?
 it's pretty cool and scary to think that we are just little beings on a little planet in a little solar system compared to this infinite frontier
Water weights more than air and yet things can float up to the surface from the seabed. Miracle?
+Brian Mason :rolleyes: Christians always have to bring their religious bullshit to the table. Because science!
I wish I could copy & paste from G+ on the iPad. I'd love to spread the good word according to Mr.Pelton. I love the he thinks god created gravity to form the galaxies but then used the weight of the atmosphere to stick his creations to the planet. No multi-functionality for you, universe.
You live here>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
A. It's not a real photo for those who are confused. There is no place to get that vantage point to take that photo. It is based on a computer model and research that has plotted the positions of the stars. It is accurate but it's not a photo.
B. The Earth is not the center of ... well anything. Not the universe or the galaxy or even the solar system. If you thought it was then you need to go back and actually read your third grade science book. 
C. As large as the Milky Way galaxy is, it is still only a very tiny fraction of the universe which as billions of galaxies in it. 
+hartage mcmahon I would have to do the math to give you a specific number but a person on a space ship going very near the speed of light ages much, much, much slower than those that are not. You can read some about time dilation in special relativity to answer your question. A fun mind bender is the twin paradox in special relativity.
Boggles the mind; hard to fathom, but certainly spectacular.  Cheers!
C-O-S-M-I-C-A-L-L-Y  PROFOUND!!!   Yeah, "WE" are alone in the Universe........................................B-U-L-L-S-H-I-T!!!!
It is so freaking amazing we can see this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nice one....

+Veronica Johnson And thats ALL that needs to be said. Theist/atheist's give it a rest. You know theres lots of blogs out there for you to argue on.
so...MW, Andromeda, LMC and SMC and some others comprise our local group because mutual gravitational attraction separate from more distant galaxies where the influence of "empty space" vacua constant  perceived as "dark energy" - is simplistically anti-symmetric with,- separate from gravitational attractions inverse square relation.
Great work...valid demonstration...good development
God is really awesome when He created such wonderful billions of stars!
+David Pelton do you know that planets approximate density.

+hartage mcmahon by that logic we don't exist. You can't see an atom. You can't see gravity. Reality is perception.
Trully Allah is the greatest scientist and creater of all!!! 
+nick martin scientist have shown us atoms and we can feel gravity that's real. 
and we're the only beings there are. and there are how many galaxies in the vastness of space. I can't wait til we get visitors from other worlds. that may bring peace to our world.
Im saying your mindset is that of most normal Neanderthals because I cant perceive it it must not exist. If we all thought like you we would still be riding horses and thinking the earth is flat
The greatness of the Pasta Monster is wonderful, look at how it is turning the world around and around.

Seriously though, that people still in this age always try pushing their fantasy figurines into whatever happens in reality always saddens me. Wonder how long time until we can finally relate beliefs in magic beings and powers to be a mental disorder.
As long as it's not the peace of death....
Just an awe! Human mind can only interpret the patterns in nature within the slice of time that's allocated to us as a species... The journey will continue and the universe will out live everyone... As humans if we accept this fact and understand that our time here given to our consciousness is limited and we take time to appreciate and be considerate... At least for me that defines the very essence of being human and part of the fabric of nature....
Awesome i wish u can see thst in the night:-P
i don't think we're that close, more like near the outside
+Steven Libby What's new is that those who study these blazing lights now believe that that it is a rare star that doesn't have some form of planet (or planets). New detectors and algorithms help us determine the presence of orbiting bodies. So cool!
I believe science and religion belong together and are not contradictory. God obeys all natural laws (science). Science answers what, how, when, and where. Religion answers who and why. No reason to fight.
Just thinking there is another me out there...I hope he kisses that girl in 3rd grade!
+David Pelton Should I go find proofs there being no unicorns ether, no vampires or werewolf or shall I go into the endless adventure to find proof that monsters don't live under people's bed.
Now every one of those would be impossible, just the same thing as it would to be to proving them to exist. Beliefs share the same attributes, which is not strange considering they share the same origin as fairy tales and folklore.

This is one the saddest part about beliefs, people expect others need to prove that their fantasy doesn't exist and don't see they need prove the hypothesis they follow.
Richard, for the exception that science has proof, religion does not.
The only thing that can travel faster than light is Space. It is allowed under General Relativity. 
But since we have yet to leave our galaxy, there are no pictures if it. 
+Purkhardt Michael ...absolutely. believe in a higher power or not, the two 'disciplines' don't overlap. You can be religious and scientific, non-religious and scientific, non-religious and non-scientific, or religious and non-scientific. 
And in the city, you see even less than that!
And our galaxy is just one of billions more. It really is beyond imagination.
I wood not want to be as far out as it is
The Heavens declare the glory of God! 
ho hum to personal beliefs... facts dispute otherwise
+David Reid you heretic XD!
of course the earth is the center. of everything. And it's flat, and the only true god made it. in 6 days. 4000 years or so ago.

and here's the proof:
look up the sky rotates around the earth. same stars every night
if it weren't flat the flood would have had no edge to drip off and noah would still be cruisin' in his ark
nobody else could do that, that one's obvious... herpderp
everybody goes to church on the 7th day (sunday) to honour the creation and god's might, before the week starts anew. thus it took him 6 days.
i'm not sure about that number akshurry but you can look it up in the lexica biblis
+Jerry Dugan Bizarre, why go to all that effort to understand how the universe is made and then explain it all away by saying god made it.
yeah we have to master planet to planet  travel b4 we
attempt galactic travel. hell im ready now lol
It seems to me like it's spinning perpetually...to create those swirls.
he just isn't required. evidence of god would need to be self apparent if he were
If we can only collect that energy,we'd be set for life.
It is mind boggling to try to do the math but its smashing to think about. So regardless of your faith or belief. There is no way on this green and blue earth can we honestly think we are the only "Organic" life forms out here.
So where does all the light go and why does the galactic dust not heat up until it glows from all the radiation?
+Sindri Víðir Gunnlaugsson lol..... You're a real douche bag. I get not believing in a higher power, but to try and belittle people that do says a lot about you. You've probably been abused by a Christian or maybe a parent of yours used to read you the Bible to go to sleep or maybe, just maybe you're and absolute moron troll that gets his kicks out of trying to sound smart but just coming off like a douchbag. Good luck :) 
Well it's not impossible to say we're it.  Highly improbable yes, but not impossible.  Still I agree with you, I think the likelihood of life other than ours is well above being open for discussion.  Now, if you say intelligent life, then we might have an issue.  I can certainly accept that of all the life experiments in the cosmos we were the only ones to gain sentience.  Maybe I'm being cynical but I think it's far easier to just start life than to place it in the situation where it gains sentience.  Then again that's a lot of stars and galaxies so who knows...
We have not even begun to understand what our creator has made.
Anuj K.
my mind - totally blown.
So not true false information nobody knows how big the universe is
If we are the only planet with life, then what a waste of space!
Cool, all I want to know is, are we still alone? 
+Curt Green - yes we have - there was no "creator" involved.
Don't devalue the wonder of the universe by trying to attribute it to magic.
Based on the knowledge that there are more galaxies than we can count, and these galaxies have billions of stars, the statistics alone make it a safe bet that there are thousands of sentient and advanced tech life forms in the universe.  Some having been around for billions of years longer than we have.  Think of how far we went in 4,000 years.  Imagine life forms that were where we are now, only they were there a million years ago.
It means we and everything in the universe is all connected. It means the Universal connection among all things both in the physical and the spiritual.
J Krah
yet we cant see pluto
Amazing numbers... by the way is just to see how small and rare we are. 
if we are infinitely connected to everything in the Universe, I think that makes us really big. The notion of individuality is mute. It's an illusion bc it's not real. Just like the physical realm of reality is not real.
Who would have guested at that...nice

that is so funny becaues we see the sun as so bright but on there it's a tiny little star 
When you read the amazing facts about the universe why add a spiritual element. To quote Vernon dursley, "there's no such thing as magic!".
Spirituality isn't magic it's the metaphysical. When I look at pictures of the Universe I feel a deeper sense of oneness with myself, my species, the world and the Universe that contains it all.
awesome work Phil your roc

When you read the amazing facts about the universe why add a spiritual element. To quote Vernon dursley, "there's no such thing as magic!".
Sorry didn't mean to repost the same thing. "Oneness with myself" means nothing. We are talking about the Milky Way galaxy not the spirit world, science not imagination. 
Well how about you travel into the cosmos and tell me what happens? The spiriitual factor is real!
Wow and I was planning to go to another galaxy in future ones we human become immoral :-) 

+David Pelton The thing is, all this folklore and religions share the same category. Which is referred to as Mythology. Demanding that the folklore you follow should get more respect than folklore about vampires and any other supernatural magical beings doesn't make any sense.

If a person says there are vampires in the old house across the street. Your unable to say there are no such things as vampires, since well if you did you would be saying he was wrong. Now imagine that conversation of you telling him that then he calls "You don't think they exist, PROVE IT!". Now he demands a proof from you that fang mouthed predators don't rule the night in your town.
This is basically the essence of the conversation here and in most every case where thesis meets critical thinking skills, which is the sad part I was referring to earlier.


+Franco BX  I'm belittling people by challenging the ideals they follow? Now if a person thinks the earth is flat and I point out the flaws in that hypothesis I would be belittling them? The thing is, if I point out flaws I see in something someone stated and he points out that its incorrect then it wouldn't be much of a belittlement now would it?

You can only really belittle something that can't really stand up for itself in the first place. There is one thing not to belittle someone in order not to hurt his feelings but if your belittled for having your opinion challenged then it says much for the state of the ground the opinion stands on.

About you background story, nope. Here in Iceland religion mostly survives as a tradition for obvious reasons and luckily I had not to deal with the abuse religious households have gotten stereotyped as.
What I do like to do is understand things around me, and unless you challenge your views and debate them you never get real understanding. If you run in the corner and demand that everyone respect your opinion then you gain no more understanding.
GPS in space would be pointless - I feel insignificant looking at this post
What is really amazing is that those stars may not even exist since what we are seeing is 1000 or so years old. And they are definitely not in the same place where they appear to be now since they are moving away from us and the lights left them 1000 years ago.

+Chris Greene  Well it would need a "little bit" changes to the grid system for galaxy wide map instead of planetary one. xD

+Doug Prowse Yea, which is one thing that I have wondered about if we manage to travel faster than light. We could place observation stations light years away from earth and records its past. O,ö
It's always amazed me that almost none of the stars in space, that we see, are where they appear to be and that all we see is the light waves they emitted ages ago...foot-prints basically. But what really makes it weird is that stars that existed long before we did have been emitting light waves that mankind may not exist long enough to see. How many stars that are "discovered" were emitting light waves that just arrived here.
That looks like a time capsule... a transporter into or out of that time!!!!
What else is out there if we can only see a small percentage of our own Galaxy and can't begin to imagine what life exist in another Galaxy 
How are they sure that our galaxy even looks like this?
you are right, but its good to mentioned that most of them may not exist any more.
Funny thing is, some stars out there don't even exist at that moment. Those blew up long ago, we just haven't seen it happening yet since it takes time for explosion glare to reach us 
Our's isn't the only planet, our's isn't the only galaxy, our's isn't the only milky way, and WHY do we get the chance of knowing these? Neither I do not know the answer, but all these alone can erase the doubts in me!
+Sindri Víðir Gunnlaugsson I know the capabilities of  the telescopes I do think they know what they were doing with the shape of the galaxy. I am just pretty sure they don't know what everything inside looks like. I see that is a popular picture and it's probably not even completely true.
theres my house,over to the left a bit ,now up a little ,yea right there.
Ok so how many miles is a light year ? O.o
That's right. What amazing creation of our God Almighty. 
Voyager 1, which was launched in 1977 just reached the edge of the Solar System...35 years now about 11 billion miles from the sun.  I lose track of dimension long before you get to numbers like that so when you talk about light years you could say I get "lost in space".
One reason why the whole universe is not fully bright at night is due to the red-shifting of the stars far away....Therefore we can only see the stars near us.
Well, when,+Philip Plait, you state these facts in these terms, how crazy are we to think that we are alone in the Universe when our galaxy is so freakin' huge! Thanks for the great perspective on our perspective of our little corner of things.
Lord jesus created everything...
When we look at the stars we should get to know that there is a Creator for them all - Allaah, The All Powerful, The Wise.
Indeed, the universe is the reflection of God...
that is so cool man
... And pray that there's intelligent life somewhere out in space 'cause it's bugger all down here on Earth.
Just remember, the milkyway is one in 350 to 500 billion galaxies!!!!!!!!
How do you know it's that wide?
Hey Dude, where's my solar system?
There are more stars in the universe than grains of sand on Earth..try imagining that
anyone counted all the grains of sand on earth? so how would you know!
By measuring the dimensions of each grain of sand, scientists have calculated a fairly accurate estimate of how many can exist on earth...Go google it out to see how they found out..
Is 100,000 light years out is the
Is 100,000 light years the farthest out we can see? Or hypothesis?
Such a small fraction as compared to "our" galaxy.  But what of the other galaxies or other universes?  Wasn't the "big bang" omnidirectional ?
I need a copy of that photo please.
Please put 1000 light years in perspective for me. Does this mean that the image that arrive at the eyes occurred 1000 years ago? If this is the case, it would imply that we are not able to observe the stars in their current states.
That's the case. One light year = distance light travels in one year. 
Who the heck has taken this picture and how did he got there.  :)
If you ever start feeling important -- remember -- you are: 1 person out of 7 billion people -- on 1 planet out of billions planets -- in 1 solar system out of billions of solar systems -- in 1 galaxy out of billions of galaxies...
Things don't create themselves, there must be a creator in all that.
Where you live
On Dec 31, 2012 10:01 AM, "Javvad Ali Khan" <****@**>

> u Welcome
And people say this amazing universe just came by chance. 
I think the sun has some competition.....
I don't know based on what, one can say by chance. Nothing came by chance.

Why is there any talk of god, allah or any other alleged deity, in this thread? What does any of that have to do with a galactic perspective?
k rich
thats a big cup of milk!
One of the things that probably pulled me most into astronomy is the insanely massive scale to the universe. It boggles the mind and is almost impossible to truly grasp
There are maybe billion star in the universe.
Phil, how to they find the sun in a photo like that ?
Its not a photo.  Humans have yet to send any camera outside of our galaxy.
So, stars at night with night vision goggles would see... maybe 1000 time more? I'll have to try that.
Funny how we spend money in looking for something out there when we are destroying the only place the only home we have. The human being is ridiculous....
Vary Nice So Beautifu Image.....Yaaaaaaaaa
I still see no proof how this has been established as fact. No one's produced any tangible evidence yet lol Oh well! Guess making sense doesn't even matter in the world of science anymore... ...
+James Marshall +josh stodghill The fact that you don´t understand the evidence does not make the evidence invalid. It has been established, but to understand it you need some background knowledge.
Religion does not have ANY evidence to show, and that is the difference...
I blindly follow roadsigns whilst driving... good luck with not doing that
The photo or computer generation is awesome. Awesome is an understatement though. Whether we're deist, atheist, or theist, we can all agree that in the grand scheme of the universe, our puny arguements don't matter. I'm wondering about other intelligent life. Like a PP said, if the milky way is this big and there are other galaxies...wow...there must be others out there.
I believe Zeus created this beautiful universe and no one can prove otherwise! 
Note to myself: never look at these comments again. It almost takes away the beauty of the post. People need to make a point, to force their truth into other people's throat.
Happy New Year +Philip Plait  and to all those that have seen this post, you're going to have remarkable 2013.
Philip, I love your posts, and you were awesome in P&T!! But could you explain how some of these pictures happen to be? Like how did we get this one? Some are obvious, with telescopes and satellites  but how do ones like this come about?
Assuming your post was directed toward me, +Jerry Dugan, I do not think theists or religious people are dumb as a whole, only that most of them are. There certainly are very intelligent theists and religious people. Considering the second-grade grammar and three-word posts by people claiming this is God's work, though, I seriously doubt they are a good representation of the intellect of the theistic demographic.
It isgreat to understand things, I do nor EVER want to go into space for nothing, maybe when everybody moves out there there will more room and less violence. 
+Jacobo Blanco No, I understand science just fine. My first time starting college was when I was 12, I attended until funding for the program ran out. I'm also a certified genius. So, let's keep the smug responses to a minimum, okay?

See, +josh stodghill is right. Science HAS become a religion, and people believe nearly anything a group of scientists say, with very little to no evidence. Science is dependent upon evidence, there is no tangible evidence! Do you know what tangible means? Is it really my understanding that's in question? To both questions, the answer is no.

I never spoke in favor of religion, by the way. Actually, I hadn't even mentioned it. My point was, this image isn't even real, because we've sent nothing out of the galaxy yet; no one could possibly calculate celestial distances and prove them, they're merely making the numbers up; and scientists have become so conceited, they're claiming things are fact that are actually still theory.

In fact, you can't establish a fact based strongly upon stacks of theories; it would simply be bad science. That's what they do in matters of the cosmos, you idiots believe it, and I ridicule you Star Trek fans who've lost track of real life.
Science is all lies screw what they tell us 
Every soul confronted with the questions of its being and of the puzzle of life itself resolves these questions in many different ways. The theist attempts to reconcile the question posits God and creation. The atheist evolution. However the paradox of life is resolve by neither of these theories. What is first man or woman? Chicken or egg?
Science is lies? This internet you are using was not constructed by praying. These computers we use were not built by appealing to another realm. They could not function without logic and reason. 
+Charles Gardner Thanks. I use science to understand what & how. My faith helps me with, "So, what's the point?" I have only been a believer since 2004. I am FAR from knowing everything.
+David Greene My original post was directed at you (and a few others, but I couldn't get to all the names). Good response. If I had a nickel for every close-minded, judgmental comment made by a Christian, I could really make a difference in the world. From my original post to this one, I have had to smh many times.
+T.F. Manna This is a representative picture of the Milkyway, not an actual one. If it is generated from data--as stated by other comments--then, the Sun would be located by its coordinates in space. Otherwise, you could just put an arrow at the correct distance from the center to give an idea of where we are.

If I recall correctly, we are about 27,000 light years from the center of the galaxy. The galaxy is about 100,000 light years across, so that would put us a little more than half way to the edge of the galaxy.
The wise man is he who accept that he doesn't have the answer, he therefore seeks. The fool is he who accepts without question.
Philip Plait what is this image? Looks like a figment of someone's imagination.
Holy cow Phil, your comment section is littered with anti science sewage. How do you put up with it? Maybe you should block these crackpots.
+Jorge Roberts
If you really wish to present yourself as a grownup then might I point out it would help your case not calling everyone bitches, idiots and fools when you find their thoughts not to your liking.

+James Marshall 
I hardly agree with you there calling the trust in science in the verge of religion. People are putting stronger trust the scientific community, which is not strange considering the findings of that community is healing sickness and giving disabled normal life again.
But the main trust in that community refers to the fact that its constantly debating itself in order to see weaknesses and strong point in every subject/argument.
I don't know how you define religion, but I define it as you take a subject and claim this is it and no argument can move it.
Now, that is totally against all scientific principles. Everyone is constantly challenged to find faults in theories that have gained a scientific consensus.
If you do, then your rewarded noble prices and honor for such discoveries. Now if religions did the same there would be awful fewer religions now wouldn't there?
Phil I admit it, I am a crackpot as Michael Da man of science suggests. Always was, always will. I am never going to be as wise as he. Boy, how I envy him. All my life I have suffered from a disease called questions for which there seemed to be no cure, up until now. Thank you Phil for drawing me to the man with the all the answers, the all knowing, Mr. Michael Darmanin! (Applause)
okay... so what's in between galaxies? just empty space?
+Chris Bantay  Now that question got me interested, I presume its empty considering the galaxies pull everything towards them but how much of a void is it really?
thats another good point to ponder... how vast is that void between galaxies? how many light years of emptiness? where emptiness=darkness
wow that is scary. nobody wants to be in the middle of that. If what the original post say is accurate and we can only see as far as 1,000 light years... be in the middle of that void and then youre LOST IN SPACE since navigating is based on reference points(stars) and if you cant see them.. youre done.
100 billion stars milky way and 100 billion gallaxies with each having 100 billion stars...more stars in the universe than grains of sand on all the beaches on earth
Thank you so much dudes ......for posting this.
How is this photo taken?  It certainly wasn't one of the Voyager probes.  Can't be Hubble in Earths orbit.
+Ryan Winner Its a computer generated picture created by using available data. It would required to get a "little bit" outside of the galaxy in order to take a picture like that. 
This is the almighty God creation. Just imagine his power
I took this picture with my Nikon last Thursday.
is it ?. wow...........very nice to hear friend. thanks for the post....
Tell them about the billions of galaxies like our own in the universe and you start feeling, well ah...insignificant,  like a post on Myspace.
wow........very nice ... thanks....
wow...... very nice to see.. thanks for the post friend.
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