To surf a hundred million stars...

If you've ever really truly tried to grasp how many stars are in our galaxy, this zoomable image may help. Possible side effects include lost time, brain melting, and bruises on the bottom of your jaw when it hits the floor.
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We never weary of this, do we?
If NASA  confirm it , Is true
I was outside the other night and the sky was clear with not artificial light and the sky over the mountains was filled with millions of stars . i stood there and looked until the cold made me go inside 
That is an astounding image.

I'd love to download the entire image, I just can't figure out how.
LL Pete
Then multiply that by the number of galaxies in the universe and pretty soon you are talking googols. 
Love the sky on a cold winter's night in the mountains +William Johnston ... Makes you feel very small but free
+Mike Clancy   It really does make you realize just how little we really are in the concept of space 
LL Pete
+Mike Clancy I prefer to compare myself to subatomic particles.  That makes me feel really big.
It's pictures like this that inspire me. :)
Now that we have an image of those stars, who is going to catalog them?
+William Johnston, just remember that you're standing on a planet that's evolving
And revolving at nine hundred miles an hour,
That's orbiting at nineteen miles a second — so it's reckoned —
The sun that is the source of all our power...
VERY cool. Thanks for posting the link. My wife coaches the Reach for the Stars Science Olympiad team at our children's school, and I know she'll want to pass this on to her group.
Nice! and I was going to take a walk. 
Has anyone got a direct link to the image? :-)
Ben der
The vastness of the universe is unfathomable. I am in awe
Another nice software that keeps you in awe is Space Engine. I've passed many hours just going around the vastness of space.
Sandi D
Makes me wonder if we are just a small piece in a bigger puzzle?
Sandi D
Well yes it must have some solid components the cause things to cluster and form example the stars?
We will never know because the univers is expanding. Gess that makes you verry small
Sandi D
We all are in comparison
My jaw hurts, but thanks for the warning!
Thanks +Philip Plait, for sharing a few billion stars with us! Uh, this may take some time...
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