American Airlines will air dangerous antivax propaganda


UPDATE: American Airlines has decided to pull the interview:

Yay! The power of reality, when backed by a strong and firm voice, will not be denied.

+American Airlines is planning on printing and airing an interview with rabid antivaxxer Meryl Dorey - a stunt that's not only ridiculous, but downright dangerous. Last year, 100 AA passengers had to be tracked down, and more than two dozen quarantined, because a child infected with measles was brought on a flight. And now they want to spread antivaccination misinformation?

Their response on Twitter to complaints was... unsatisfactory, to say the least. There's now an online petition going around to get them to change their mind about airing the interview, and I've posted links to where you can find information on where to send letters to AA as well.

Let me be clear: I will not fly on American Airlines until they agree to not air and print this interview, and publicly apologize for even considering it. If they do run the interview, I will never fly on them again. And I'll make sure people know why I made this decision.
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