Nifty: a scientist says gravitational time dilation - gravity makes clocks tick slower - may account for neutrinos apparently moving faster than light. In a nutshell, gravity varies across Earth's surface, so time flows differently at different locations, and therefore clocks tick at different rates compared to each other. That means the FTL result is a simple clock error.

However, the team that made the neutrino experiments says this doesn't account for their results. They are working on making their explanations of all this clearer so others can interpret the results better, but this at least shows that people are thinking about it.

I'm kicking myself for not thinking of that myself, since I realized that the different latitudes of the two endpoints of the experiment rotated around the Earth at different speeds, causing time dilation ( It wasn't enough to account for the discrepancy, but dangit, I should've thought of gravitational time dilation. Oh well. I'll debunk the next weird claim that comes along. :)
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