Joss Whedon endorses Romney

... but not for the reason you think. 

... but then again, if you're familiar with Whedon's work, it probably is the reason you think. 

I <3 this guy.
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Angel was too short! Oh, and don't even get me started on Firefly......Whedon for........well pretty much anything. 
I hate the politics but I love the humor.
Ben Smith
God, I really need to learn Parkour. I've been meaning to go out and get in shape, but I think I really need someone like Romney to be elected to really get me motivated.
These are the kinds of videos I see all day from the O side.  It's not helpful or accurate.  It doesn't help the two side discuss any meaningful point.  All it does start arguments on the Internet.  It's a waste of time.  +Ben Smith 
You are taking this waaaaaay too seriously +George Rapko . It's not meant to be any of those things you pointed out that it isn't. It's just a lighter side to a political environment that is almost too painful to pay attention to right now.
No, it's pretty constructive.  When one candidate has absolutely nothing to run on that the people want, and just makes stuff up as the core of a platform...when that candidate runs on pure cynicism and the ability to take advantage of the weak minded...when the whole thing was a joke from the beginning, there are many of us who appreciate those who refrain from being dragged into "serious" discussions around that man where there was nothing whatsoever serious about him in the first place.

His own party didn't even want him to run, hated him in the primaries.  

There's nothing serious left to discuss about this election.  There  are no more meaningful points to argue over (if there ever were in this election).  And the only thing keeping some of us from going postal is the relief provided in videos just like this one.  

Most people made up their minds long, long ago (when one of the candidates accepted his nomination by his party) and, therefore, feel no need to endure more punditry or arguments in an election that has provided such a complete turd of a candidate who should have been treated as a joke from the very beginning.
Ugh is this getting serious now? I give up.
Come for the humor, stay for the humorless comments.
George you will see these videos and posts from both sides. You're right they are completely useless but oh so entertaining.

Considering the vitriol R supporters throw with no facts to counter the sheer bigotry of their party ... Your comment is actually a balm. keep on posting!
Again, +Ben Smith you have no idea how I feel about abortion, but you posted a drawing intended to anger me if I was an anti-abortion person.  Back to the meme war boys, that'll distract them.  How is that helpful?
Those weren't about abortion ... did they add to the discussion George?

You completely missed the point of his posting the link..... Go eat some brains hoss. You need them
I'm outraged! Outraged I tell you. Just frothing at the mouth outraged...

...that Firefly only got one season.
Romney will "Create Poverty", just an FYI...Progressive have zero ground to stand on that claim of care for the poor....But This line of attack is being loaded now, and when Romney does win here in a few days.. Progressives will be shouting from the roof tops "Bring out your poor....Bring our your poor" , but for now...they can shut the hell up for the greater good....Progressives care about the poor the same way they hate investment bankers...they don't.
Slightly hilarious that's about it...
He obviously hasn't opened a can of Spam in the past 20+ years if he thinks Spam has it's own key.
Well the last shred of respect I had for him is gone..
Well, Obama blew it for four years, and Romney's a joke, that's why neither one will receive my vote! Gary Johnson 2012!!!
Kid Rock also endorses Mitt Romney.
I will treat all zombies equally during the alpaca lips but I will take extra pleasure blowing off the heads of the ones wearing Romney for President t-shirts.
I don't understand, is Romney a zombie himself (possible but unlikely) or is his campaign a puppet for big zombie interests like Whedon who want to make a campy yet intelligent reality show about the horror of a billionaire Mormon president (very likely). Either way, vote Obama. He has promised to bring back firefly.
Jim L.
Would love to see NO ONE vote for Obama OR Romney.. and go third party. Send both parties packing...
ha ha, so much to decide for I have told my friend Donna the same thing and she is a republican
Like this page. RAMNEY needs to live in the getto. Then tell us a thing or too.
Got to love the comedy that surrounds politics
Jim L.
+Jim Mitchell Gary Johnson is a loser and even though he espouses to be a libertarian, he most assuredly is NOT. 
This is every reason why i love him
Im voting romney. Just obama doubling the national debt when he promised to cut it in half was enough for me. The guy is either good at breaking promises or was full of shyt to begin with. And to top it off he want to use our tax paying dollars for the dream act to give all illegal immigrants citizenship and send there children to college for free...
that was great satire. :D thanks for the laugh Bro!
+Louis Jones Because kids should suffer for what their parents do. And the college thing might help you, too. I swear, am I the only one on the internet that learned there/their/they're in grade school?

Why does the right get so up-in-arms over tax dollars? Why can't I say "How dare he use my tax dollars to go to war! How dare he use my tax dollars to destroy wilderness in the name of oil!"
"No, these are not the candidates you were looking for...."
If you had to hire Obama or Romney to be CEO of YOUR business who would you hire?
Politics aside, just for the originality and articulation this is brilliant
haha, kick ass. I might learn to like Joss Whedon... lol.
Man I love it when these rich ass liberals bring up poor people. I guess I just missed your rich ass at the shelter serving meals last weekend, huh? Hope your electric car has enough of a charge to make it all the there from your mansion next week.
+Kelly Klein What is it that you love about it? The fact that they're better people than the rich-ass conservatives that are more than willing to throw them under the bus?
I love it when Republicans think they're scoring a point. The ugliness of soul that bubbles to the surface of their snide selves reminds me just one more time why I'll never give them a chance in government ever. I'll admit that I don't like Joss's work much.Liked most of Firefly and that's all. But it's heartwarming to see that at least he isn't on the side of the evil that is the Republican Party.
If he promises to bring back Firefly if Obama wins, I'm sure he could swing the election #browncoats
I'll watch this later. Hope this isn't more dime a dozen Hollywood lemming drivel. Learn to think for yourselves, sheeple.
I don't know about you, but I am buying options on can openers to sell in the black market when the zombies win the elections (I hope is not as bad as those votes in Florida a few years back... you know what I mean :-)
+Gordon McIntosh Well, that would be ironic, considering Obama runs the Alliance. 

People don't like to be meddled with. We tell them what to do, what to think, don't run, don't walk. We're in their homes and in their heads and we haven't the right. We're meddlesome. --River Tam
+Gordon McIntosh Like Solyndra? (Is their sun blue?) GE? Goldman Sachs? 

Those kind of corporations? 

Do unions count? I can certainly see the teacher that River was talking to leading the class in the Obama song...
 A year from now, ten, they'll swing back to the belief that they can make people…better. And I do not hold to that. So no more running.
srew romney he hates 40% of the country
+Ryan Brown a CEO has to make profit making decisions while working with people that he can fire. A President has to make life or death decisions with people who hate him.

A President has to do what he feels is right and accept the consequences. A CEO just has to seal the deal with one audience at a time.

So I would definitely pick mitt Romney to be CEO of my company but I would pick Barack Obama to be president of my country.
Awesome!  TY for sharing Mr Philip
Zombies aside, not very far from the truth.
Funny stuff. Horribly inaccurate, but definitely funny!
liberal or not, its funny stuff.  I don't think it was intended to change my vote, but just make me laugh... which it did.
Love that guy. Just wish they could get Firefly back on air. 
I nearly threw up in my mouth while reading the title of this post but was glad to see it was just Joss trolling hard.
I want to see that Americans vote for Romney just 4 years after Bush left the office! I would just laugh. If it really comes that way - then this is what you truly deserve.
+Margaret Leber I put a really snarky answer up to that, and then I thought about it and deleted it on the basis that you are obviously such I true #browncoats  that I could not possibly be nasty to you, having said that even wiki defines the alliance as "a fictional corporate supergovernment", so I'm struggling to see how this relates to Obama.  But I do like your Firely credentials 8-)
Hey ya'll like conspiracy's one for you...

Government Mind Control & Propaganda has proven time and time again in swaying and molding public opinion...this is especially true when it comes to war propaganda...create an evil enemy, install fear, repeat over and over through television and news outlets, bolster the support of all patriotic Americans and attack...

We have two parties who are now engaged in all-out war, smear campaigns, vicious attacks, outright lies, fear mongering, outrageous claims and slander, causing a great divide among American the point that Americans are on the brink of turning on their own neighbor over political differences...when in reality, both parties aren't that much different other than in the way they pander to their supporters...both parties are spreading hate and division to their supporters, who in turn fuels the hate socially and personally...who'll throw the first punch, who'll fire the first shot...

Could it be that we are headed in the same direction as third world countries, where the citizens live under a corrupt government with diverse fractions of political/religious/social ideologies, who seek to have total control and no tolerance for anyone or anything that doesn't agree/adhere to their ideologies..

Parties, we have democrats, republicans, independents, libertarians, constitutional, reform, green, America First Party, american nazi party, american reform party,  freedom socialist the moment only the democratic and republican are the major players and manipulators of the people and contrast to the middle east, where they have...Hamas Islamic Resistance Movement, Hezballah Party of God, Al-Jihad, The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, National Liberation Army,  Palestine Islamic Jihad, al-Qaeda ,  Armed Islamic Group (AIG), Islamic Salvation Front (FIS), Movement for an Islamic State (MIS), Army of the Prophet Muhammad, United Company of Jihad, Armed Islamic Movement (AIM)

Massive governmental debt, economic difficulties affecting million, massive military spending, endless wars against any and all nations perceived as a national threat, suppressed middle and low income people, stagnant wages, homeless and starving Americans, corporate and banking lobbyist controlling our government and influencing policy and laws, Federal Reserve manipulating currency and manufacturing money out of thin air, taxpayers being forced by our government to bailout the corrupt financial's, corporate welfare, citizens being taxed from cradle to grave, on and on and on....where's it all leading,  how much can people stand...we keep hearing all these promises, blames from both sides, just elect me and I'll solve all your problems or give me four more years...I've been hearing this for 50 years and here we are today...the government can't tell the truth and expect to keep their jobs and the people don't want to hear the truth....but more and more are beginning to see thru the lies and corruption and the way the system is rigged for the elites....just maybe that's why the government feels the need to have The Patriot Act, NDAA, Homeland Security, Fema Camps, Drones in American skies....
Never thought about it that way but go mittens, I want zombies.
Yeh i don't think he's endorsing Romney... LOL
The 'TRUTH' is=None of the clowns in 'Government are going to get our 'STOLEN' Moneys' back,also not going to do anything about the Large Scale Larsoney/Grand THEFT and Killing going on 'RIGHT NOW' in OUR Names' whoever 'We' vote for,so both are as 'EVIL' as the other,just in different measures and corrupted methods to 'DECIEVE' ALL OF US ???!!!
+Jack Humphrey umm, so were you referring to Romney or Obama? A lot of the points that bring up could be used to describe either. O's no better than R; just different. They both suck. They both have their own agena. Politics and the people that participate discust me anymore. I would love to have a candidate that i could really get behind, but that would probably have to mean that a third party would have to be taken seriously. Both the major parties are too far gone to of any use to us.

Just to be clear, I know which; that was sarcasm.
I was going to get all upset.  And, then I remembered... Telling stories is what he does.
Wow..what a truly sanctimonious know it all. The unfortunate bi-product of this kind of over simplified shallow sighted self important bullshit is the fact that many of the "I am so happy that I don't need to watch the debates because PBS will tell me what was important" crowd will latch onto it like it really means something. How very sad and embarrassing for this unfortunate fellow.  Nice try with the "Joss Whedon endorses Romney" line. Just be prepared that the "great undecided  may have actually taken it upon themselves to own the fact that we are on a slippery slope to nowhere and want to fire our current administration as a result!
Tao Lao
Gary Johnson 2012
Damn, but there's some severe butt clenching going on in these comments. Yall need something to mellow you out, because to get this bent over a tongue in cheek says a lot about you.
I thought Joss Whedon would have a bigger kitchen. What the heck!
It doesn't matter even a million endorses he not going to win President Obama already won Ohio
Hey Joss. If you wish to prevent the zombie apocalypse write a check and stfu. I love your shows but I'm a Greek immigrant and debt destroyed Greece. I don't want the same to happen here. 
Um...y'all were watching the video about zombies right? I'm neither left nor right. I thought his ad was great! Although it might actually get some fanboys to vote Mitt. Just for the possibility. Mr. Whedon does make some excellent points. All those knocking on this need more fiber. 
This message is the truth i agree by the way is funny 
Dimako: Greece got into it's debt crisis courtesy of big business, corrupt bankers and tax dodgers like Romney. It's return to prosperity and restoration of social and financial damage will be just as painful if you follow the proven-to-fail austerity plan and tax shifting (which is what Romney would do) that currently dominates gloablly.
Hey you've allready voted in one retarded cowboy trouble is this guy Romney has got just enough brains to really drive the states back onto the darkages! Jono Aust.
Dan G.
He maybe much closer to the truth then he might ever imagine.
Mitt Romney represents 2% of the ppl...the super rich....they almost handpicked him...if 2% of the ppl have 80% of the wealth how is economy supposed to work.....if 2% of the ppl have 80% of the money why do they only pay 60% of the tax burden....if Romney can answer those 2 questions i will vote for him...if anyone can answer i would be most obliged...
OMG that was hilarious! Give that guy a spot on the walking dead!
However, in the real world, Obama's record is what it is....crap! Nobama in 2012!
Typical melodramatic BS from Liberals as usual. Repeat after me...The world isn't going to end if Romney gets elected. 
+Frank Hazelton Are you better off now than you were four years ago?

I am.

My 401k is doing much, much better. I now bank with a credit union as Washington Mutual folded like alot of other banks back in 2008.

the housing market is getting healthy instead of record foreclosures.

If I lose my job I won't have to worry about losing health insurance.

We are out of Iraq, cycling down in Afghanistan and OBL is dead.

The federal government kicked the banks out of the student loand program. Since all student loans were guaranteed by the feds anyway, why bother paying the middle man?

8% of green energy Obama invested in has failed, not the 50% Romney claimed in the debate. That means that 92% of the green energy investments are working.

Obama is a leader. Romney is a boss that likes to fire people.
Mitt Romney In GOP Debate: Shut Down FEMA.
It amazes me how severally capitalism has come under attack in recent years. If a person works hard and does well, and god forbid gets "rich", the left and their base cry about social inequality. The only way for socialism and redistribution to be implemented is for capitalism to pave the way. No society has ever grown and thrived from the ground up under a socialist regime, it doesn't happen.  Sal, be a man and take care of your own business and quit worrying about how much money others have because its none of your damn business. Nothing says you are "entitled" to another persons money. You are lazy and clearly do not understand economics, "if 2% of the people have 80% of the money how is the economy supposed to work".  Uh I don't know if you know this Sal but America has become the wealthiest country in the history of the world, maybe that's why we have so many super wealthy people. The incredible success of our economy in large part can be contributed to those wealthy few whose innovations have created jobs, exports, and a mountain of cash paid to the government in the way of a little thing called corporate taxes ( Henry Ford, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, etc). When the government puts a cap on success by penalize people for being successful it has a paralyzing affect on an economy. France is a great example of penalizing success, they now have a 75% tax on people who make one million or more a year. Consequently they now have people leaving the country to escape these new taxes. That is not good for growth, revenue, or anything at all. People like Romney who paid
$2 million dollars in personal income tax last year alone are not the problem Sal, its people like you who understand very little and likely paid $0.00 in federal tax last year who are the problem. I'm sure if you think about this a little bit you will agree with me, there really is no other plausible conclusion. 
Oh, I'm sorry, are you saying people in poverty are the problem?
That really surprises me. I thought he was an Obama guy.  Yay!
He was disappointed in Obama? Despite Obama's failures on promises that were mainly caused by an Obstructionist Republican congress - and when the democrats had a majority for two years they got Republican filibusters - Obama's only failed 16% of his promises, majority are still in the works.

I don't know who Whedon is.  In here he doesn't sound like the regular TEABagger though... but one thing is for sure --- he doesn't know who Mitt Romney is. If only he knows who Mitt is, how much of an opportunist Mitt is, how Mitt will do anything for self-preservation at the cost of those lower than him in status, and a blatant, compulsive liar Mitt is...
I don't know whether to be amused or perplexed that one or two comments on this thread seem to demonstrate confusion as to whether this piece is a serious endorsement.
Brilliant!! Never thought of a political endorsement could be this amusing!
Nice hoarding Joss Whedon. Thanks for sharing.
Well now you know!! Hide Your Can Goods???? Probably√√√√√√√
#veryfunny but its the Truth although Obama is here to Manipulate American people to think he's the savor of this country with keeping stamps around an Medicare etc to get your votes smh in Reality he's another #Hitler lol 
He should be working on his next tv show that's going to be cancelled way too soon instead of endorsing! Hilarious video though. 
I'll only vote Romney if he promises cybernetic love-partners for everyone! If the trio can build it, so can DARPA!
Thank you +Philip Plait , your posts are always interesting and sometimes comical! This is one of my favorites!
It could'nt be explained any better. Great job dude......
Only 24 million unemployed could possibly disagree with him.  He knows, he's a millionaire.
+Austin Hays so if we follow your logic....if 2% of the ppl have 80% of the money the economy is healthy....also does it seems fair to you 2% of the people who habe 80% of the wealth pay only 60% of the tax burden....dont need to be a genious to figure things out.....
It is a shame that Joss is an economic illiterate.  I love his work, but how can someone so creative in portraying contrarian individualism against the establishment, fall for unconstrained collectivist kool aid?
Romney is a DuChamp painting like "Nude descending staircase."
One thing presenting itself from all sides at the same time.
Or if you prefer... A piece of beach footwear.
It just stuns me that anyone can endorse such a wiggle-worm as Romney who has changed his position so many times, and so blatantly, without any shame - what kind of religion is it that allows that?  Is that his way of saying everybody lies?  I'm in shock.  I don't want to vote for either man.  I'm sick of al the money spent on this.  They are just saving it up in their offshore accounts to save their own families after they destroy everything else.  Sick.
Romney represents the super rich..he was almost handpicked....he might a Mormon but he doesnt look honest to me...hes evasive....and he cant stand losing a single dollar to help his fellow the goverment hasnt helped him...ever hear of corporate welfare hes had a lot...hea a master at getting money from the goverment....he makes millions and has the gall to critisize people who get peanuts for their efforts
you should watch the clip b4 u say that
If we left things to the republicans our minimum wage would be even lower than it is can the economy work with selfish greedy corporate maniacs control the goverment
How is the economy going to work if most people dont have money to buy stuff...seems elementary to want a healthy economy u need more ppl with money ....simple the super rich have to become just rich by paying their fair share of taxes...simple and effective
The selfish super rich maniacs are ruining capitalism for everyone
Why cause they dont give a crap..but they are shooting themselves in the foot...instead of giving a little so we can balance the economy....they selfishly try to srew everyone....with that attitude no wonder people are if they are the only ones who deserve something for their efforts
Wow, actual political discussion! I feel like the guy who said "I went to a fight but a hockey match broke out."
its really amazing yeah...
People voting for Romney,should ask themselves,if this guy was a Gd governor,how come Obama is leading him in Massachusetts by 23points.
Of course we know Whedon, and his sense of humour, that's what we love him for. This slice is just so low key that it makes me wait for the joke, till I realise the joke is already right there.
U know there always suckers,who is going to buy his lies.the people of Massachusetts learn there lesson,so suckers for the rich,u vote for Romney,u will find out ,what we in Massachusetts already know,Romney is big time fraud.
Just another reason Joss Whedon is awesome.  Also, it's not just canned food we need to horde, it's shotguns and shotgun ammo.
Im am going to throw out all of my Whedon shit... Oh wait I see what you did there. Never mind carry on. Love it!
Wow .. only at 300 views when Bonnie Burton posted this last night,  Now 400,000.
Gotta block that time for Parkour
Omg!! This was hilarious! First the Giants win the World Series on my birthday, then this the morning after!!! Wonderful!!
Browncoats used to be libertarian. 

People don't like to be meddled with. We tell them what to do, what to think, don't run, don't walk. We're in their homes and in their heads and we haven't the right. We're meddlesome. --River Tam
+한은우  You got to be kidding me. You of all people should like Romney. The reason why your country has been so successful in establishing an economy is because you don't have to worry about a military. With massive budget cuts to the military your country will most definitely be more vulnerable due to lack of military from America. 
+Abdul Bah you must not be watching or reading anything about benghazi. To me this election is not about Republican or Democrat; it is about BIG government vs small government. Plus if you watched the debates the fact checkers were often times only kept to the actual words being said. For example, the whole Apology tour  was said to be false, now fact checkers say it was false because Obama never said "Sorry". Now I can say "Sorry" without ever uttering that word. If you want to talk about lies look at Benghazi. Look at the record of Romney, he balanced a Mass. budget from a 3 billion deficit to a 300 million surplus. Not to mention all the other organizations he has ran and balanced. Face it this election is about the economy. If you are voting for health care, great enjoy it while you can cause we will be Greece in a few years, unfortunately their is no collection of countries large enough to get us on our feet. 
Yeah, and while we may sympathize with them, we understand why they lost. People who don't want to be ordered around don't exactly have the best shot at working together toward a unified goal. This is why the 'powers that be' don't take the Occupy movement seriously, nor the Ron Paul candidacy.
The Zombies are already here.  Obamaphones, Obamacare, Obama lies, Ambassadors die.  We call then DemonRats.
Sorry but I'm already committed to the brain slug party.
Wheedon speaks of "structures", yet Reagan didn't really make any structural changes, and few people would try to deny that he revitalized the country after the stagflation of the 70s. +Sal Gallo just displays economic illiteracy with his "Romney represents the superrich".  Romney's knowledge of how business finance works represents the whole private wealth producing sector.   Your wealth transfer ideas are just zero sum, and the main problem with the economy is the rich already pay close to 45% of their income in taxes, which wouldn't be so bad if it didn't mean that businesses chose debt financing instead.  Consumer demand did collapse in the recession, but that had nothing to do with the amount of taxes paid by the rich, but rather that the money supply was based upon a pyramid of credit.  The Fed could have largely prevented the movement of the financial crisis from wall street to main street if it had been able to print money directly to consumers, instead it could only print the money to banks in the hopes that banks would lend and consumers already deeply in debt would borrow in uncertain financial times.
Whedon is an idiot. Romney desnt know what policy to promote: he is foever changing his mind. We do not need a vacilator as President. Donald Kerr
I don't care what this guy thinks.
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