BREAKING: possible supernova in nearby spiral galaxy M95

First, go here for details:

A star appears to have exploded in the nearby (gorgeous) spiral galaxy M94 - which is roughly 35 million light years away, close on a cosmic scale. It should get bright enough to see in small(ish) telescopes, and is currently at magnitude 12-13. It's in Leo, very close to where Mars is, so it's up most of the night. Mars is so close, in fact, that scattered light form the bright planet is a problem for observing the galaxy!

By a funny coincidence, the ESO picked this galaxy as their Picture of the Week, so I have a lovely shot of it for you below.

[Image credit: ESO: ]
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Sure, Zachary, but you'll need dark skies. I have significant light pollution at my house and can't see it in my 8" dob.
It wasn't me, I swear! I was at my cousin's house playing Nintendo at the time.
Rats... On holiday and 500 miles from my scope!
+Frederico Quintão Given that mars is at mag -1 and so nearby, even if I go to a non-light polluted place, I guess the viewing conditions will still not be very good. It will be tough to spot an object with mag 12 as it is right now.
I guess I need to pay more attention to my surroundings. We were actually looking at M95 Saturday night from our astronomy club's observatory. Probably couldn't have seen it anyway, the seeing wasn't very good. But next time it's clear here...
Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! Can't wait to check it out in the Dob :)
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