How To DESTROY Stupid Sexist Marketing

So Bic decided to make a pen "For Her". Then the reviews started coming in...
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I had no idea such a product existed!  

I have struggled for years with blue or black manly pens.   I am glad I can finally write something down!   
The comments are amazing on Amazon UK. Levels of sarcasm I cannot even fathom. 
I would have thought that the combination of "for her" (and the implicit association of other products marketed "for her") with the phrase "Easy Glide" meant that this was the result of some intern punking his boss in the marketing department and the joke just getting out of hand.

"By Mr Spluffypants
I tried these on a whim, and I have to say I wasn't very impressed. The applicator mechanism is far too fiddly, and the plastic tampon inside far too thin (not to mention uncomfortable and non-absorbant) - I'm sure there must be a knack to using them, but I couldn't find it. They also stained my knickers blue for some reason. I really wanted to like these, but it's back to pads for me."
Ant i
wtf? I still don't understand this association of pastels with femininity.
I tried to use it but because i'm a man i got an electric shock!!!!
The comments are hilarious.  And I think Bic for making this product just so I can read the reviews!
Awesome! Some impressive writing. I wonder how the conversations are going back at Bic, or even IF they are reading the reviews!
something along the lines of "what was you thinking"
Read the reviews on Amazon. They're hilarious.
tim hem
Im almost tempted to buy a pack as a thank you for the comments - hilarious.
The thing is, as a product, it might well sell just fine
So they're selling pens that write black, but have red or blue caps. So much for usability.
Daniel Llevo -
writes (abridged)

I couldn't even hold it. It was delicate, like a slowly blooming flower. I had to loosen my grip so my mighty granite fingers didn't crush the bloody thing. With my looser grip adopted, I found it was far too difficult to carve the words into the table like I usually do. I didn't know what to do. If I gripped it too hard, I'd snap this dainty little lady pen with my meaty fists of power.
By David T. Coulter "Dinosaur Taunter" (London) - See all my reviews
This review is from: BIC For Her Amber Medium Ballpoint Pen (Box of 12) - Black (Office Product)
I bought this for my wife, as she likes to have a comfortable grip on things that are 8" long and are pink and purple.

She seems happy about it, but me, less so.
its a great marketing scheme towards women because alot of women lack confidence and this will make em reassured, even though it really wont
We have a narrow heavy-duty rake that was marketed as the "Lady Gardener" - stupid name, but useful rake.
Would men be more desirable to women if they were a little more dainty and easy to hold, in pastel shades too maybe?
5.0 out of 5 stars Caught Bic Handed, 28 Aug 2012
By Mr Fothergill - See all my reviews
This review is from: BIC For Her Amber Medium Ballpoint Pen (Box of 12) - Black (Office Product)
This is rather embarrassing. I was so struck by the softness, the elegance and the freedom this pen gave me that I started to use it whilst my wife was at the shops. I would put it to paper when she was safely out of the way and admire myself writing in the mirror.

One day I heard the door go. I wasn't quick enough to put the pen away. My wife caught me using her pen. I was so ashamed. My wife was furious. She was livid at the fact I was using her pen. She said she felt violated and forbade me from ever using it again.

I still long for those lost afternoons, writing like a woman.
omg we have a closet case here, this comment above had me in tears
Those reviews got hilarious, fast...
The quality and cleverness of the comments on Amazon give me hope for our species. We can be brilliant ... at times. 
+Todd Henderson try to stay away from youtube or reddit comments if you wish to maintain your positive outlook.
"Forget the right to vote. Forget breaking the glass ceiling. ... We have PENS now. And they come in pretty colors!"

I guess, panties for "her" are sexist, also.  And I thought I had too much time in my day...
Should have labeled this "NSFW," Philip—I'm sure a LOT of people can't laugh this loudly at work. :p
+Noble Kale, that's what's so refreshing: The comments (at least the first dozen or so that I read) are 100% troll-free. Nobody called someone a nazi or a racial slur, and nobody brought-up Jesus. It's almost ... oddly civil and intelligent. And awesome. 
I cant believe some of the things we bother talking about. Cmon peoples. Its a pen! Really! 
The user reviews were hilarious
tim hem
although it must be said, the pens are very lovely
3.0 out of 5 stars Confused, 28 Aug 2012
By Mrs. J. Willis "Jane W" (UK) - See all my reviews
This review is from: BIC For Her Amber Medium Ballpoint Pen (Box of 12) - Black (Office Product)
..... I really can't work out what to do with this product. it doesn't seem to work at all. Where am I supposed to put the batteries?
Perfect for the wife to list her chores with., 28 Aug 2012
By Kieren Thomson "Kieren" (Brading, Isle Of Wight) - See all my reviews
This review is from: BIC For Her Amber Medium Ballpoint Pen (Box of 12) - Black (Office Product)
I am stunned how this pen has changed my missus' output around the house. Cleaning productivity is up 6%, whilst shopping list writing speed has now been whittled down to under 25 minutes. She can now do her chores in the comfort of her own cage with this stylish pen collection.

Her ironing is now very almost acceptable, her manner in the kitchen has improved far beyond her culinary skills, and the biro has even given her the confidence to not want the vote anymore! Although the best thing about the pens is she can now list all the bedroom activities that I make her do in a weekly rota. For example, Monday: mouth, Tuesday : two hands, Wednesday: with Pete across the road, and so on.

This pen has changed our marriage for the better. Now I can come home from the Gentleman's Club to a cleaner house much quicker. Bravo, Bic!
What I don't get is why these pens write in black ink?  Why not purple or pink ink?  And why are my comments written in black font?  Shouldn't we ave Google+ For Her????  Peace n Kittenz!
yo i cant believe the comments these ppl are posting, its changing ppls lives this is insane its a writing utensil not a vibrator nor will it solve world peace smh 
Equality for hermaphrodites and transexuals???, 28 Aug 2012
By Bob SpankyMonkey (Pukesville) - See all my reviews
This review is from: BIC For Her Amber Medium Ballpoint Pen (Box of 12) - Black (Office Product)
upon ordering i realise that i am neither man or woman, and i have written a strongly worded letter to bic to introduce bic pens for hermaphrodites and transexuals!

until this is rectified and shall not be purchasing any more of these Bic for her pens and you shouldnt either
There you have it folks the fact that his is a big deal is the issue
Perfect, 28 Aug 2012
By Mark Andrews - See all my reviews
This review is from: BIC For Her Amber Medium Ballpoint Pen (Box of 12) - Black (Office Product)
Brilliant. My wife tried to seduce me the other night so I poked her in the eye with one of these "for her" pens and she turned over and went back to sleep. Peace restored. Thank you BIC.
Marketers realllly need to get a grip. Venture out into the real world now and then, will ya? Yeech.
If there's one thing that people can do right, it's sarcasm.
Sarcastic reviews. Sarcastic reviews everywhere. Whether it's one star or five star, it's sarcastic. And funny as hell.
Easy glide feel the smoothness 
+Mark Wirzburger  marxist sexting! ha.. maybe something like 'I'm tired of being a have-not, baby..'
I strongly suspect that BiC has an all-male marketing department.
Writing with these pens brings out my feminine side. I feel so free!

.....or not.
At last. A feminine product that will not drive we men screaming from the room when advertised on the cooking channel (I just watch it for the burgers and ribs). 😂

Farce, thy name is marketing.
Nice marketing campaign by Bic. Now everybody talks about them.
And yet IBM, the company I work for, holds a "Women in IT conference" every year.  And they send a few hundred of our "chosen" employees to it every year.  Meanwhile laying off employees in the United States in droves.  If I were a woman that was nominated to go to one of these junkets, I would feel humiliated.  Instead of focusing on double standards like this, why not focus on true equal pay for seriously skilled women in the IT field.  I mean think about it, what if they made a "Men in the IT industry" conference.  You think women would be protesting in droves? 
This is the most insulting pen I have ever seen.

The reviews are hilarious at least...
And I always thought that pens were unisex.  Here I've been using a "mans" writing utinsil all this time.  Scarcastic remarks aside, I think this is a dumb idea.  And "Easy glide"...  sex shouldn't sell pens.  What were they thinking.
tim hem
depends on your writing style
One thing I found a bit odd was this on Amazon's "What Other Items Do Customers Buy After Viewing This Item?" list for the "BIC for Her" page:
"Vim and Vi Tips: Essential Vim and Vi Editor Skills", 2nd ed.  by Jacek Artymiak Kindle Edition 
I'm imagining the thought process involved there that makes someone link these two things in their browsing history.  "Well if that's the way Bic is going to be about it, I will eschew pens altogether and use a text editor instead."
I don't see the big deal. Just pretend it does not say "for her" and decide if you like pink pens or not.

Too much ado about nothing, there are bigger fights in this world. So an Amazon review section is being defaced. Big deal... Whatever.

Feminism has bigger fish to fry, Republicans in the stone age telling women what to do with their bodies, for example. It's stupid to fight about pens.
Just amazing... it's bad enough my wife can talk back! Writing is a huge step forward in the wrong way!
What's wrong with sexism anyway? God made men and women with distinct and incontrovertible differences, both psychologically and physically. Marketing towards one gender is no different than targeting a specific age group. Nobody gets mad when they see an ad for denture cream during The Andy Griffith Show.......................
"How is this sexist again?"

I have to assume you're being sarcastic. 
Bob B
LMFAO @ some of the reviews!  "It stained my nickers blue"  BAHAHAH!
It's sexist because it says,"for her". I'm saying it's no big deal.
is it wrong that i read that as "Stupid Sexy Flanders"?
Just the very sight of these lovely pens bring out the feminine side of me.
Don't you think that you should focus on something important in your life , how is this sexist ? 
The reviews had me in tears.  Funniest thing I've read in quite a while.
This is not sexist, is it sexist for companies to make boxer shorts for men, or do you prefer the occasional g-string?
I grabbed one and my period started. And I'm a man.
omg reading those reviews on amazon made my day. hilariousness.
I just about pml at this comment what a classic
I tried these on a whim, and I have to say I wasn't very impressed. The applicator mechanism is far too fiddly, and the plastic tampon inside far too thin (not to mention uncomfortable and non-absorbant) - I'm sure there must be a knack to using them, but I couldn't find it. They also stained my knickers blue for some reason. I really wanted to like these, but it's back to pads for me.
I can identify Nelson maybe we could form a self help group!! Lol! Maybe B.A or something ! 
Shouldn't these pens have hair that you can comb?
If this were sexist it would just be a card that says "ask Him to do it".
I can't believe this is an actual product.
A. Bea
It could be called sexist that they say the pens are only for girls-boys might like them too, and surely it is obvious which audience it is targeted out.

It's like with Yorkie chocolate bars-they say it's not for girls-just plain sexist!!!
I'm guilty id purchasing these pens at my local Walgreens. I have been aware of how the companies appeal to us as women. They know how to suck us in! Lol
at least when Yorkie started advertising their chocolate bar as 'not for girls', they were doing it fully with a huge dollop of tongue-in-cheek irony... this appears far less so, and a little condescending?
All hilarious reviews aside, it's just a pen =_=;
With considered-feminine qualities, why can't they market it as pen for girls?
There are also products (like hair gels) advertised as only for men, so why did only this pen take the flak? =_=
For those that don't get it: by calling these pens "for her" it seems to imply that ordinary pens are "for him," hence the sexism. Also, creating an imaginary gender difference in something like pens is stupid enough to be worthy of ridicule anyway.
+Steven Lornie May God give you strength to deal with all the tornadoes and Tsunamis! :P ha ha ha!!! :)
Well... can this be considered sexist ?
The Inventor of these pens probably got sick of listening to his wife yap all day so he figured if he makes a pen maybe she will write her thoughts down and not share them with him! good thinking sir!!
I can't believe people care this much about pens...just use a darn pencil. :)
This is why focus group participants should not receive sandwiches. Instead, participants who approve the product under discussion should have a face shot posted on the associated web site. Things like this wouldn't happen. 
Loved the "lumberjack" account! D'oh! 
it not sexist. it abusive. so many object enter in one , even so big hole.....
men, have you ever used a woman's razor? it works! OMFGWTFBBQ! women, have you ever used a man's razor? WTFOMFGBBQ!
tim hem
its been a while sinse i LoLed so hard as after reading captain redbeards review
I remember all the times that mens clubs and gyms for men when I was younger had lawsuits against them for being sexist and eventually caved to allow women. Now you dont see these men clubs anywhere however you do see gyms just for her and stores just for her, etc. Where is the justice? lol
Sorry, somebody has found a way to sell more pens, this is an unneeded product.
I just thought of something... one of my friends likes using a pen to hold her hair (it's convenient to always carry a pen with her that way), it'd be more useful if it came in diverse colours that she could pick from to compliment her attire, wouldn't it?

I don't really see this as sexist, but it's very, very silly and unnecessary, really. At least the internet is having a laugh at their expense.
What's wrong with being sexy?
Rob Go
Can they only use it for a week out of every month?
the comments made my day. thanks
I don't see a problem with this. To me you are trying to create controversy where there is none. I think more feminine colors and maybe add scent is not a bad idea. Probably would sell pretty well to teen and preteen girls.

How about black or a brownish ink that smells like gun oil for men.
Damn...never thought I could spend 10 minutes reading customer reviews on a pen...!!!
This post made my day... the reviews on Amazon were freaking hilarious....!
A pen is a pen, its meant for writing, we shouldn't care if its for Him or Her. But  sadly we do care, and companies exploit our weakness. They make us buy products we don't necessarily need.

Ask your self this given the option would a girl buy an ordinary pen or the one above, that's makes her feel special is some way? And that is our weakness we don't look at the bigger picture, we need a pen to write so pick any and it will do the job.
Ok why is that necessary??? IT'S A FREAKIN PEN!!! 
I didn't realise all the other BICs were only for men?
The reviews were a great read. We all maybe making fun of BIC, but they are the one's that should be laughing. Did you notice that the Amazon sales ranking was #22 in office supplies. Good or Bad word of mouth is still word of mouth.
Is it ribbed for her writing pleasure?
i saw the AD  for that this morning.
Apparently this BiC pen-is not for women only. Gay people can use it too.
Really whats the difference just keep making regular pens dont use some stupid gimmick
MAo Hu
Bic for Her or  Dick for her. subliminal sexism LOL
It started when I was young. I was curious and just wanted to see how it would feel to write with a woman's pen. I would spend hours drawing hearts and ponies in my diary. Of course I called it a "journal"  when my friends and family asked.

They never caught on but sometimes I wish they had. But after all these years I am ready to admit to the world: I write with women's pens!
I think corporations, like the Republican party, should get the hell out of womens' pens.
Does it come with an instruction manual?
They never made pens for me!  I like everyone had to go and pick a pen not based upon me, but what was available. 

Now, in the back up commercial where they give the guy the pen, you don't see him kissing the Bic person.
+Daniel McClung That's a pretty long stretch for an implication. It's just marketing. Stupid marketing but no more. Just like using different colors to appeal to different genders. It's pastel colored pens(not the ink, the casing)  If they said 'Finally a pen a woman can use!" THAT would be sexists.
Sad part is, they wouldn't be marketing stuff thus way if it didn't sell. It makes money, it works, ergo they keep doing it.
I agree with Nathan C.  If the ladies aren't bothered by this why are you? Women do  great job of speaking up.  Men don't listen.  If you wanna know what is bothering women google "PUSSY RIOT" 
Sexist marketing..... OR adding a lil femine flair to just another boring everyday object?
This should be the line..."the best pen to inspire sarcasm" hehe
So when do we all move to the UK whence such eloquence springs?
oh damn these are priceless....thanks, needed the laughs....almost fell off my chair
I am a woman and see no logic behind this . I do not like their razors I prefer Schick the only thing that I do like of big is there lighters. they can go through the washer and the dryer and still work!
Those reviews are awesome!
That is marketing and the sad truth sales! Business 201 - making your product personal.
of course this bad PR is probably skyrocketing sales... good job y'all
i don't understand????/ does this pen double as a tampon or something smh. 
high my name is rikki L. Flowers
wtf...I'm a guy and I buy all types of colored pens and pencils, even makeup. And I know of a lot of other guys that do too. What is this nonesense about a "for her" version? Gender has nothing to do with a goddamn pen or's just an object! nothing more.
Why is most of the stuff on Google+ so stupid and lame. Sheesh!
and look at the price!...3 dollars for ONE!? rly?! nahhh I don't think so. I'll be damned if I'm gonna pay 3 dollars for 1 worthless pen
Its the same notion as Mach 3 vs. Venus, everyone knows the Men's razor works better, yet women are dumb enough to buy a crappy version because it claims it's "made for them". Marketing. 
It's a G.D. pen. Get over yourselves. You should see how pens "for her" are marketed in other countries like Japan, China and South Korea. I lived in the far east for 6 years, and stationary there is a whole other beast in itself. I'd find myself using some "for her" marketed pens just because they would write smoother, their inks were different colors, consistency was better, and they were just more comfortable.
Really? Phil, did u have to bring this up??
get a grip! there are people dying in the world and youre bothered about a freakin BIRO being sexist!???? 
The folks at BiC must be giggling all the way to the bank. You could not possibly buy this kind of advertising, and to have the company name in the product title...sheer genius. Next, the blogs pick it up. After that, short "and finally.." stories on network news. Glorious! Good on yer, BiC.
"I tried these on a whim, and I have to say I wasn't very impressed. The applicator mechanism is far too fiddly, and the plastic tampon inside far too thin (not to mention uncomfortable and non-absorbant) "...
Its a pen...
Who do they cater to? Everyones Grandmothers. Thats who wants pretty pens. Deal with it.
Lol wow. That's pretty creative at the least. Or rather sad that they had the time to write all of that?
HAHAHAHA omg this comment just killed me:

"How are you supposed to use these without paper made for girls? All I could find around the house is paper for mens, at least that's what I assumed because there was no specific packaging indicating otherwise. I'm very frustrated now. Hurry up and release the paper so us girls can write good too."
I don't see how it's sexist... Just marketed towards women. Unfortunately it looks pointless, like William said, it's essentially just another Bic pen.
What!!!! That is stupid. Just make good working pens and everyone will buy them.
Really? #Philip Plait. Dont ruin it for the rest of us. Or have you not noticed the women in bikini's selling BBQ'S.
lol this made my day... tnx!
Epic Fail for BiC, now even men won't buy the For Him Pens sigh
it would shut my mom the hell up.
Got to agree with everyone above - the amazon comments are amazing. Fantastic prose exploring the heights of sarcasm!
I would buy Pens for Him. I'm sure when you turn them upside down you would see a naked lady :)
If it sells, it makes money.  If it makes money, it's a viable product.  If people don't want it, it won't sell and won't make money, only then will it go away.  If you want something else, move to North Korea.
These reviews have to be the funniest thing I've ever read
It might be for her but it's still a ball point pen.  When are they going to make vagina point pens?
This has just made my day. If I wasn't already an expert at playing housewife I'd have to buy one or two of these. Lucky for me I've developed the skills needed to write with non-femipens. 
Very creative reviews!  Did you notice that "soft brained woman" was the tag most associated with this product?
it says "Easy Glide", so I don't see the problem with "For Her"  
i wonder why the ink is still black :(
My wife has been bit bing for years that the black, blue, and red colored pens I have been using were to manly for her delicate writing. Thank you Bic for being the first pansy ass company to do this for us. Now she says you need to make paper for her too. 
Its wonderful my life with big 
Mass sarcastic reviews fill my heart with joy.  I wish I could read them all!
Its wonderful my life with bic
I thought these were pads for awhile!
Precisely why all men should have tattoos in black or blue ink and women should have tattoos...for her. Only bright colored ink ladies.
Bah ha ha ha ha ha!!! The remarks and customer review are AWESOME!!!
Wow, is this really worth complaining about? Oh no, they made pink and purple pens and tailored the marketing towards women, the world is in shambles because of this sexism...
just jam a tube of ink and a ball point into a tampon and u can make ur own :)
The one star comments are 5 star. 
Definitely some of the best writing on the internet.
I saw the commercial for this yesterday. I thought it was a joke. It should be.
Hmmm this is interesting!
I'm told  that the Bic for Her pens are sold for half the price of the manly black/blue pens, but work twice as hard with longer lasting results with writers claiming higher levels of productivity and creativity. A must have for all!
The worst part is the "easy glide label on it. You could easily switch the BIC logo for Trojan.
That's so awesome. I'd love to see the quality assurance meeting at BIC the day after the reviews started coming in.
Lol those comments are hilarious! Nothing wrong with a bit of sexism its rather funny, come on don't be politically correct!
uhm...  So you are basically insulting all the women that do actually like that the pen is pink and purple but writes in black?  I know several I can guarantee are happy with this product.  Not that's it's many I guess but it's kind of a fact that women wear pink and or purple and that pink and/or purple is pretty safely assumed to be a feminine color, especially for young girls who this is obviously aimed at.

Yes its retarded to have a "for her" pen that is simply a different color but I bet you it made a lot of money, for example, all the idiots that bought one so they could post a venomous amazon review?

But really, you are outraged over a pen?
I saw that too at my school but if were going to complain about the small stuff then shouldn't we complain about the big stuff as well. Let's get rid of Victoria's Secret, men's warehouse and so on.
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Why do us women need a different pen...that is just too silly!
Sexist?! What the heck is going on! So WHAT if someone made a pen that has the label, "For Her!" Ugh! I hate how whenever something that mentions sex comes up it is Immediately labeled as sexist!
I think it is clever and fun. Clearly they just though it would be a fun novelty type pen. Something you give out at something like a sweet 16 party as a joke. If you look at the book it makes more since than this photo because the box is designed like a tampon box.
+Spencer Lay Exactly! It's a freaking pen! Why is there a gender specific version?
Wow.  Added you and sharing this.
Sexist marketing doesn't even make sense to me. Isn't the whole point of it all, the company attempting to garner more consumers in order to maximize profits? Or do they think that making something exclusive will make it so the other sex will desire it as well, or perhaps make them unique with competitors? Or is it all for publicity and marketing? 
Relax people, put your energy where it counts and stop being victims.
As dumb as the PDN magazine only for female photographers. 
Just because a pen has colors that apparently appeal to females (probably by checking out female color preferences in market research) doesn't always mean that they'll use them  Mark has hit an important point.  Pens are pens.  What color a pen is doesn't change it's function, just the ink. has some sort of warming lube good for soft gentle hands! Love the reviews!
Great if its for real woman ,, bic have to make "rainbow " for "false woman " .. huh herehehe .. woooof !
We have tools for girls here, hammers, screwdrivers, rakes and such nonsense, so why not pens?
I personally have shovels for hands so need something at least as thick as a Sharpie to write legibly.
I wish I could find a pink ratchet and socket set to stop my other half using mine!
Rey D
Aha the reviews are great
These aren't just pens, they're measuring devices to see who had the thinnest skin. Some of us have thick enough skin to pass the test, but others ......
man i have this post 4 times today  and the reviews . its good to know that people have even less of a life than me this is right up there with apple vs android .....hum drum
Maybe you can hide your tampons in your pen?

The Amazon reviews are awesome. I suggest anyone who had a shit day to read some of them, trust me you'll feel much better. I still wouldn't say it's sexist though. Stop being so fucking over sensitive people.
Hey my tampon box also says "Easy Glide".... Apparently it is a proven method to sell stuff to women...
HaHa. Love the review comments. Hilarious!
Or sell to stuff women ??  210, 220 whatever it takes...
These comments are hilarious. I don't know what Bic was thinking, but they certainly inspired some creative reactions.
They want to STUFF women with these, +Julian Owens ? Oh! Btw...  nice profile pic! You blue yourself! :D
Those reviews are truly sarcasm at its best!  Funny.
period pens!!! ewwwwww!
This is one of those instances when I love people.
Mark C
LOL, you gotta love the comments for the absolute piss takes. How a company in the 21st century can be so amazing stupid as to create a pen "For Women" astounds me. Whoever created this marketing concept should be fired.
Wow! Who the hell is in charge at Bic? It baffles my mind that this and other advertisements and stupid products have even made their way to the public. So many people agreed before we saw it; who the hell are those people? Are they dumb? Disillusioned? I just saw a commercial for Liquid Plumber and all I could think of was a chick getting railed by 2 guys! (just wait if you haven't seen it yet) WTF!?!?!?!
and no one has passed a comment about the "easy glide" ... yet. 
Oh people, WELCOME TO MY WORLD!!!!
I live in Iran. "Bic" is an old company making pens and guess what else this company is makeing for the 5 past years?! Shaving tools!
This is Iran... :-[
People resharing this news is exactly what they are relying on. Free marketing for their products. Meh
What bout the men, everythings all bout women these days, women this women that, for crying out LOUD what bout the MEN are we forgetting hmmmmm........
It probably would have been better to associate the pens with some sort of female centric cause like Breast Cancer.

The review by jonny was hilarious, loved the "would dedicate five minutes a day (which she really should have spent making sandwiches)" line
Ah, finally some appropriate pens!!!!!
What kind of world do we live in...

slow dramatic music
What kind of world do we live in...

slow dramatic music
What kind of world do we live in...

slow dramatic music
What kind of world do we live in...

slow dramatic music
Wow, BIC is so stupid. I can't believe they would make pens for her.

She doesn't need a pen in the kitchen.
thats really stupid who cares about the color of pen you use like really that is soo ridiculous
Lynn H
The reviews on the page are hilarious! Love it!
Lynn H
I think all the people who don't get it or are saying, It's just a pen, didn't read the reviews.

And thanks for posting this and making me laugh!
I'd love to try..... Think Girl feel special with it. ? :-) 
I'd love to try..... Think Girl feel special with it. ? :-) 
+Garrett Moffitt Hmm, and what precisely makes an automatic association between those colors and being a woman? Sexism isn't just about mistreatment of one sex or the other. It also includes making assumptions based on stereotypes.
I love it! 275 reviews (confession: I did not read them all) and not a single serious critique of the product.
+Alex Watts 
Dude, where are you from? 

Women can't write, silly hipster, and they'd have to read that shopping list too.
I had a sargasm just reading the comments on Amazon, let alone writing one. Awesome levels of wrath!
This product turned my life around!! Thank you BIC, you really know what women want.
Oh, and thanks to your women Whisperer who thought of making such a product.
This product turned my life around!! Thank you BIC, you really know what women want.
Oh, and thanks to your women Whisperer who thought of making such a product.
This product turned my life around!! Thank you BIC, you really know what women want.
Oh, and thanks to your women Whisperer who thought of making such a product.
Just out of curiosity,why is this pen so damned important that it's got almost 500 comments. We're all just helping it sell,

-Nelson's wife
Oh, I get why some people are upset. Try buying any clothes for a small girl that aren't pink. Toys and clothes have become hyper stereotypical gender appropriate.

You can have a woman Secretary of State, but she'll be needing a pink pen to take notes.

Best part of all! Next two posts I saw after seeing this for the 1st time:
David Beckham, H&M'deki iç giyim koleksiyonun Çarpıcı yeni resimler Los Angeles'ta fotoğrafçı Alasdair McLellan tarafından çekildi. Fotoğraflarda David, hem kendisinin, hem de iç giyimin 

"This deep plum polish makes me excited for Fall! I think Marique would love this color too.."
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