So folks are buzzing about a claim that scientists may have observed particles called neutrinos moving faster than light. We don't have a lot of the science behind this claim yet - they'll have a presentation at CERN tomorrow about it, I've heard - but I am very, very, very inclined to think a measurement error was overlooked somewhere along the line. This isn't like discovering a new planet or a new medicine or even a new particle. If true, this would turn everything we know about physics on its head.

So yeah, I'm skeptical. The fact that you're reading this on a computer shows we understand a lot of physics pretty well, so the best thing to do here is to calm down and see what comes out of this. But I'd bet against it.

... and I'd win that bet either way. If I'm right, I make money. If I'm wrong, warp speed! Woohoo! :)
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