This is Mimas?

Mimas is a famous moon of Saturn, mostly because seen from the side it bears an uncanny resemblance to the Death Star. Obi Wan was wrong though: that is a moon, and a heavily battered one too, as seen in this view looking down on the north pole of Mimas taken by Cassini and processed by Ian Regan.
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+William Fehlhaber In the tradition of Pluto it is now classified as a "Dwarf moon"  specifically grumpy.   Disney is going to fund Nasa, but only if they get to rename celestial bodies after disney characters.  *grin*
The way the offset thermal pattern is opposite to Herschel suggests a really big impact.  I know another one: the Hellas basin on Mars is opposite to the raised Tharsis plateau region.  Just sayin'.
I'm sure I'm just seeing things, but what's with the almost perfect arc carved into it? It looks like the Silver Surfer keyed it on his way by...
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