The dance of Venus

Over the weekend I posted a really cool photo: a composite of Venus in the sky over six months, showing its motion which reflects both its orbit around the Sun and ours. It's a curious thing, and I think it's terribly interesting!

Image credit: Tunç Tezel
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What a great time lapse. Great stuff +Philip Plait and I also love how you are always great about attribution also!
You only think it's interesting because like the rest of us you are a sad geek
But I wouldn't change it for a moment
I do believe in epicycles! I do ... I do ... !
I love photos taken at this time of the evening!!! It may sound corny but I make a wish when the sky's looks like that...
Seen! The sky cleared, and I found the moon - very thin crescent. Then about 10 moon diameters down and a bit to the right - there it is: VENUS in DAYLIGHT! W00t! (This is from Wellington, New Zealand)
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