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Pix and video of the Blood Moon lunar eclipse!

During last night's beautiful lunar eclipse I took video, describing what was going on. Making this was a lot of fun (if cold!). 
Did you watch the total lunar eclipse last night? Judging from my Twitter feed, a lot of people did! Chatter and pictures were flying around the ‘net as the silvery full Moon slowly drifted into the Earth’s shadow and turned a lovely shade of orange. I took the picture above...
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hello philip could can you debunk this video I went out an tried summoning ufos an this turned up ufo summoned U.K April 2014 MUST WATCH
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Philip Plait

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The Beauty of the Mundane

The reason this galaxy is so gorgeous is because there's not a lot going on there.
45 million light years away, toward the constellation of Ursa Major, sits a rather unremarkable galaxy. It is not undergoing huge bursts of star formation. It is not blasting out radiation from its core. It isn’t twisted into bizarre shapes by the gravitational influence of a nearby passing galaxy, nor...
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JT Hare
+Warren Dew Found this interesting, possibly accurate, 3-D Star map of the Milky Way Galaxy our (Human species) solar system resides in (Scroll down to "Galactic orientation map"):

-"Sagittarius A" * Black Hole (Center)
-Orion Spur
- What Nebula Cluster would we reside in?
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A new study just released by the Union of Concerned Scientists shows that of the three major cable news networks, in 2013 Fox News far and away was the worst at covering news about climate change: More than 70 percent of their coverage contained misleading statements about it. Shocking, I...
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+bowhunterlkorion no you idiot.
Read my comment next time.
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Philip Plait

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A documentary. About geocentrism. Because apparently Galileo's had a free ride long enough.

Yup. A documentary about geocentrism, made by a guy who has spouted Holocaust denialisms. Yup.
Of all the wrongiest wrongs that ever wronged wrongness, Geocentrism is way up on the list. The idea that the Earth is the center of the Universe makes creationism look positively scientific in comparison. It might be edged out by people who think the Earth is flat, but just barely....
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Thing is, this isn't any worse than creationism or flat-eartherism. In each case, the proponents of these nutty concepts start with a conclusion, and work back to embrace things that support them, ignore those that don't, creatively edit interviews to make others think they actually have a point, and in general, just make sh*t up. 
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Philip Plait

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Apparently, fire tornadoes are taking over both hemispheres of the planet.
Last weekend I posted a video taken not too far from where I live showing a “fire tornado”—really a spinning vortex of rising air drawing its power from fire on the ground. It was pretty dramatic, mostly due to hundreds of tumbleweeds swirling around it, drawn in by the rotating...
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Arsenado a vindaloo very very hot curry likea candle but burns at both ends. 
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Philip Plait

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Was Gusev Crater on Mars once actually Lake Gusev?

New evidence suggests water from nearby flooding once filled a 166-km-wide crater on Mars.
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The lunar eclipse starts at 11pm ish, and should peak about 12:45am tomorrow morning. PDT
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Philip Plait

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Final followup: yup. It was a rock

It looks like that "meteorite" in the skydiving video really was just debris from the parachute. I'm disappointed, but happy with how this whole thing went down.  SCIENCE!
For those of you taking notes at home, over the past few days I wrote a couple of pieces about a viral video that purported to show a meteoroid (the solid part of space debris that gets hot and creates a meteor when it rams through our atmosphere) zipping past...
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Philip Plait

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Apparently April is the month to debunk astronomical foolishness, for I have yet another bit of space silliness to disassemble. Yesterday, the Houston Chronicle ran a story showing a picture from the Mars Curiosity rover, which has been exploring the fourth rock from the Sun since August 2012. As the...
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it found proof of alien life on 1 april
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Philip Plait

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Skydiver nearly hit by meteorite: real or faked?

The viral video of a meteoroid falling past a skydiver is getting a lot of attention. But is it real? I looked over the evidence, and think it very well may be.
A couple of days ago, a video taken by a skydiver hit the ‘net like an asteroid impact. That’s because that’s exactly what the claim was: Footage of a meteoroid zipping past the falling diver, a rock from space clearly caught on camera. I was on travel (sigh; that seems...
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I was skeptical as well, still am in fact. If it is real though, then that guy was lucky as heck.
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Philip Plait

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No, the asteroid 2003 QQ47 will not hit Earth next week. Sigh.

Cripes, these things keep popping up. The rumors are wrong, we've known for over a decade that QQ47 won't hit us for at least a century, and it's disgusting that some media are playing this up like it's real (and current) news.
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Puuhh..... (sigh) :)
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