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Stunning photos of the night sky

The Royal Greenwich Observatory has compiled their shortlist for their annual Best Astrophotographer of the Year contest... and the pictures are jaw dropping.
I’m always excited when it’s time for the Royal Greenwich Observatory’s annual Astronomy Photographer of the Year contest. Being a hugely prestigious observatory, it of course receives a dizzying array of astonishing pictures of the Universe around us. It’s always a pleasure to look through them. This year a record...
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Wow! Thank you for the link to the wondrous sky show! I am in awe +Philip Plait !
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Philip Plait

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I have some good news, and some forehead-slappy news. First, the good news: Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy are leaving the daytime talk show The View. Huzzah. I’ve had serious problems with Shepherd for years; back in 2007 I called her out for what can charitably be called profound ignorance...
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Brian A
Look at possible solutions for this:
Mandatory vaccination? Tried. Some people resist this despite all effort to educate them.
Quarantine area for those that refuse? Despite it sounding like the start of a concentration camp, the idea has merit.
Other options that will protect your innocents?
Bitching about it in this thread is probably millionth on a list of useful things. +Sagi Musume - Piss off yourself, drama queen.
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Typhoon Neoguri aimed for Japan

Typhoon Neoguri is huge, powerful, very dangerous, and currently headed for Japan. The astronauts on the space station have been taking simply incredible pictures of the storm system, and their jaw-dropping beauty belies the typhoon's danger.
People on the main island of Japan are preparing to get hit by the strongest cyclone the Western Pacific has seen in the 2014 season: Typhoon Neoguri. It has already passed over Okinawa, and its 190 kilometers per hour (118 mh) gusts left widespread damage and at least one person...
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I really was being facetious, awaiting the troll-fest to know they'll come out of the woodwork.
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Philip Plait

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Hey news media! Stop putting crackpots on your shows!

In a move that makes my evidence-based sciencey heart sing, the BBC is told to stop putting anti-science cranks on their programs. If only US media would let that sink in as well.
In very welcome news, BBC journalists have been told to stop inviting crackpots on news shows in the name of balance. Oh, I do so love this. It’s precisely the right thing to do, sorely needed and sorely overdue. In this specific case, back in 2012 the BBC was criticized...
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+safeer alam 2+2=4 not 5 , an expression of something being misrepresented :) to many subtleties to get into :) 
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Philip Plait

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Putin Huilo!

Vladimir Putin is a dickhead. It's (literally) written in the stars.
I may be known for standing up in public and telling people Don’t Be A Dick… but sometimes you have to tell people when they’re being one. As you can imagine, folks in Ukraine aren’t terribly happy with Russia, especially in the form of its President, Vladimir Putin. I would...
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Russian and Ukrainian married with kids.
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The lights above, the lights below

Lush, gorgeous time-lapse video of bioluminescent dinoflagellates glowing cerulean blue under the stars.
When you go outside at night, it’s easy to think that the big show is going on over your head. But sometimes there may be just as much going on if you look down … especially if you visit Wilsons Promontory National Park in Victoria, Australia. Tiny creatures that live...
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Awsome!!! Good job on ' The History Channel '  Monday, as a amateur Astronomer since i was given a big old 10" Cassegrain Reflector over 35 years ago, I still get butterflies in my stomach when I'm searching the night sky.
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Philip Plait

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Watching Earth Breathe

NASA's Orbiting Carbon Observatory satellite will trace sources and sinks of CO2 with amazing resolution both in time and space. 
On Wednesday July 2, 2014, NASA launched a new satellite into orbit: The Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2*, designed to study atmospheric carbon dioxide. OCO-2 will be able to measure the levels of CO2 in our air with incredible accuracy and on very small regional scales, something that’s never been able to...
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I'm for charging corps extra money for polluting our planet. I'm against being a slave to industries who profit big but say they can't pay to clean up after themselves. I'm for future generations to breathe cleaner air. Does polluting less lead to less pollution? Resounding YES!
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Living on the Edge

A spectacular photo of an edge-on galaxy gives me a chance to talk about dust, stars, and living inside our own Milky Way.
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Philip Plait

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Around the same time Mars and the Moon were making each other’s acquaintance earlier this week, two other solar system bodies were prepping to do the same thing: Ceres and Vesta, the two biggest asteroids in the solar system, got pretty close together, too. That two-frame animated GIF is from...
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From the perspective of the image they seem to share trajectories and their speed looks similar too...
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Philip Plait

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I shot the Moon! Mars, too.

Last night, the Moon passed very close to Mars in the sky as seen from my Boulder hometown, and I got some pretty nifty pictures of it through my 'scope.
Last night (July 5, 2014), the geometry of the heavens swept the Moon past Mars in the sky. This happens every month, but last night the fleeting encounter was closer than most. From my location in Boulder, Colorado, they got a mere 10 arcminutes apart; about 1/3rd the size of...
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Very nice photos indeed
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Philip Plait

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Hurricane Arthur is currently slamming the east coast of the United States. Having lived through a number of such tempestuous events, I hope everyone affected is staying safe. If you’ve never been in one, the sheer violence of a hurricane is difficult to imagine. The lashing winds, the sideways rain,...
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Philip Plait

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Today is the Fourth of July, Independence Day in the States. By a charming coincidence, an image was released today of a comet passing the Earth, and it happens to be red, white, and blue! That is comet C/2012 K1 (Pan-STARRS), which is currently sweeping around the Sun. The image...
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i like this
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