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How do I Delete a TireTraker Sensor?
There are many reason to delete a sensor from your TireTraker TPMS.  If you have a faulty sensor or if you are moving your sensor to a new rig you may need to delete a sensor.  It is also recommended to delete and reinstall sensors if you install a signal b...

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Do I need a WiFi Booster or a Cell Booster?
We received a support call the other day and the question
was about our Wi-Fi booster products. The customer was saying she needed to boost
the Wi-Fi signal in her RV. I proceeded to explain to her about our awesome Wi-Fi
products including the Desktop

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How do I Delete and Install TireTraker Sensors? (Video)
Check out our latest YouTube video explaining how to delete and install TireTraker sensors: We also uploaded a video on how to set your baseline tire pressure: Check them out!  If you don't have a TPMS and are in the market, call us to talk about the advant...

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Why is my TireTraker displaying "NOS" on the monitor?
Have you ever lost signal
from your Tire Traker monitor to your Tire Traker sensors? We get calls from customers asking this about their systems on occasion. There are a few
troubleshooting measures you can take to assist with this problem. Sometimes
the Ti...

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Can I Boost My WiFi Signal from my Jeep's UConnect System?
We recently had a support
call come in about the WiFi feature that comes on 2015 Jeep Wranglers. The
newer Jeeps come with a WiFi hotspot through its Uconnect system, and this
customer was on the Sprint network. The question he was asking was if the WiFi

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How do I Install a New Sensor on a TireTraker Tire Pressure Monitoring System?
This is a common service question we get at TechnoRV. There are many reasons you may need
to install a new sensor on a  TireTraker Tire Pressure Monitoring
System .  Maybe you have a new rig and you want to transfer the
sensors from your old rig. If you are...

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Setting up WiFi on the Rand McNally 7730 for Weather and Gas Price Features
In order to utilize the functions of the weather
and gas price features of the Rand McNally 7730 GPS **, you must be connected to
WiFi; therefore, you must have a WiFi connection available in your RV or
vehicle.  This could be achieved through a MiFi card o...

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WiFi Booster Tube Installation
We received a great letter from a customer the other day showing us his WiFi Booster Tube installation and just wanted to share.  Thanks for sharing, Mark!  We appreciate your business. Eric, Attached is a picture of my WiFi Booster Tube installation.  I mo...

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Surge Protectors vs. Electrical Protection Systems
Let’s talk electricity. For those that are experienced RVers, you have certainly experienced power problems at various RV parks. We need the power to run our RVs, but the wrong amounts of power can be catastrophic to the components of your RV. It is not opt...
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